Top 7 ‘Amazon Prime Video’ Shows Releasing This October

Once again, Amazon Prime Video is up with something new. However, some days have passed for October. You can still expect a lot of surprises with these upcoming series on the platform. The list for the shows and movies is long, but we have selected some of the best for you here:

Batman: Death in the Family

This is a short film from DC Comics, and the wait for the fans ends here. The film is interactive as you get the choice to decide the fate of Jason Rudd, aka Robin. The main villain is played by Joker, and the story will move in different directions as you make different choices. This movie will release in Blu-ray and DVD format along with the digital release.

Release Date: October 13


Fatima relates the spectator of the religious vision, mainly emphasizing Christianity. You will encounter a girl, hardly even a teenager fighting against the odds during World-War I events in Portugal. The whole set of drama is very beautifully portrayed as three kids go against their families and government official based on their apparitions.

Release Date: October 13

Halal Love Story

Coming up in the Malayalam language on Prime, this film shows the struggle of a group to depict a love story in the form of a movie while adhering to the guidelines of their religion Islam. It carries a comedic theme as the passionate group tries to make a decent movie for their community.

Release Date: October 15


The movie is a documentary based on a real story that is all about the passage of time when a wife waits for her husband to return. He was jailed for sixty years after committing a bank robbery in desperation, and each day seemed like a year for the couple.

Release Date: October 16

Mirzapur Season 2

As a sequel of Season 1 airing in 2018, the story of the gangster will be carried forward with new twists and turns, welcoming new characters and story points. Things turn violent as the stakes get higher. Mirzapur’s power is still in the hand of Kaalin Bhaiya.

Release Date: October 23

Soorarai Pottru

Translated as Praise the brave, this film comes up from the Tamil industry based on G. R. Gopinath’s life story as a biopic featuring south Indian actors. It was to be released earlier, but due to the pandemic, it shifted almost a year. It features the journey of Gopinath to become a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Air Deccan.

Release Date: October 30

Truth Seekers Season 1

The creators tried to deliver a fusion of horror-comedy. It deals with some supernatural powers and unfolding a lot of mystery where investigators also get involved. It is a new kind of horror that you would surely love.

Release Date: October 30

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