Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 170 Release Date

Boruto anime brought back the powerful villain named Deepa back into the plot through a mission related to the Land of Wind. The ninja from Konoha, Shikadai, had an encounter with a powerful puppet during his previous mission to the Sand Village. That puppet was never found again, so the team of Shikadai is tasked to find it with team Shinki from the Sand Village. On the way, Shikadai’s team 10 makes a stop at a popular eating place mainly due to ChoCho. But here they find a massacre done by Deepa, yet another encounter with Leaf Ninja in such a short amount of time.

The required puppet was easily found, but Deepa suddenly appeared and asked the team to give him the puppet. This is the object that Victor wanted Deepa to recover. Deepa is once again no match for these young ninjas and trounces them. As he is about to leave with the puppet, Shinki destroys it so that it cannot be used. Deepa still leaves without any further action leaving everyone in surprise. Deepa may not be as loyal to Victor’s cause as it was previously seen. This is where the mission ends, and Konoha is still left unclear about Deepa’s appearance at these places.

On the other side, Boruto and Sarada are continuing their training. Boruto has hit a wall as his chakra is not enough for a powerful Rasengan. He tried incorporating his element into the mix, but it is still not good enough for him. Kakashi gave him a few tips, but without having chakras like Naruto or Minato, it doesn’t work. Boruto should train his chakra instead of focusing on developing a new Rasengan.

Nevertheless, Shikadai will help him out in the upcoming episode. Sarada is still struggling to keep the Sharingan useful for a reasonable amount of time, and she is running into a similar chakra deficiency. Boruto Episode 170 will release on October 18, 2020, and you can watch it on Tokyo TV or stream it on Crunchyroll. This episode will take the training further for team 7.

When will the Fillers end?

The anime is currently in the episodes that are considered ‘Anime Canon.’ This is one of the arcs that are not from the manga, and you can notice certain irregularities in the story. These episodes are part of the Kara Actuation Arc that is slowly taking the story towards the introduction of Kara. So, when will the manga content start in the anime?

For the next two upcoming episodes, the story will continue on the training of Boruto and Sarada, and they will not be involved in anything further. Other non-manga plots will continue for at least 5-7 more episodes. Boruto anime has lost its popularity due to such poorly written Anime-only content that contributes little to the plot. There have been multiple arcs like this, and it has become the norm for Boruto to introduce them to build up for the actual manga content. Still, we eagerly wait as the story of these episodes keeps hinting at the future manga plot, along with the extra stuff.

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