One Piece Episode 946 Release Date and Preview

Big Mom suddenly appeared at the Udon Prison, causing havoc to get the ‘red bean soup’ that she was promised in this place. Chopper ran into Big Mom with no memory of herself and only hungry for food. When Big Mom arrived at Udon, Queen was holding a contest to push Luffy and old man Hyogoro to the limit in a Sumo match. Captain Kid and his first mate, Killer, also found themselves involved in the stakes, submerged in the water drowning to death. Queen was also the first to engage Big Mom, transforming into his brachiosaurus form and telling Big Mom that there is no red bean soup for her.

As the classic Big Mom would react, the memoryless Olin also goes mad at Queen. Using her incredible power, she throws one strong attack after another defeating Queen in an Instant. This is the type of power you would expect from a Yonko. With Queen knocked out, Big Mom finds the pot of red bean soup she was looking for, not knowing that it is empty. The rage goes even worse when Luffy claims that he ate all of it, and it was delicious. From that point, Big Mom is just blindly attacking Luffy and Hyogoro.

They both have an exploding collar around their neck for the sumo match, and as Big Mom destroys the ring, things get desperate. This is when Luffy activates a powerful form of Armament Haki to destroy the collars. It totally happened on instinct, but Hyogoro pushes him again to use it against Big Mom to practice and activate it on will. Luffy is up against a Yonko again, and it is Big Mom this time. This is where we will know the progress made by the training done in his time at Udon.

One Piece Episode 946 is scheduled to release on October 18, 2020, as per its weekly schedule. The latest episode is released on Fuji TV along with the streaming site, Crunchyroll. Big Mom is not listening to anyone until she is given her favorite food. As Luffy took it from her, he is now the focus of the rage. Even though Luffy is ready to take her on, his technique is not perfect, and it will not even slow the Yonko down. Luffy has to make a run for it and let the Beast Pirates handle her.

Queen will actually make another move after recovering for a bit. The dinosaur type of Zoan users are known for their stamina, and Queen will be back for more. From the preview, it looked like Queen will bait Big Mom to a Red Bean Soup pot and attack her with full power as she is distracted by the pot. Big Mom is known for her endurance, and it won’t get much of a result in the end. The communication system of Udon is already taken down due to work by Caribou and Raizo in the background. Kaido doesn’t know what is happening in Udon right now. He is the only person on the island with enough power to take on someone like Big Mom.

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