Dr. Stone Chapter 170 Release Date and Preview

The story of Dr. Stone is moving to another new land as Senku suddenly decided to go to South America. The Kingdom of Science came to the United States of America to use corn as a way to revive people. They were not expecting anyone to live in this place, but they found a whole another Kingdom here that was run by another scientist, Dr. Xeno. He was a proper NASA scientist originating in America, and he laid the foundation for this huge scientific marvel that takes the destroyed world back to its glory. However, even Xeno was not able to figure out the Revival Fluid. It is unknown how he gathered his small force, but Xeno was unaware of Nital before now.

Senku and most of his team are heading to South America. The continent that has countries like Brazil and Argentina. They left some of their people on the Aircraft carrier and gave the revival formula to one of the subordinates of Xeno. Senku wants them to revive the million people themselves and do that without their trusted Xeno. This is a diplomatic solution that Senku came up with. The other party cannot disagree with much of this stuff, and they are bound to use the Nital formula to bring a lot of people back. Some of the members of the Kingdom of Science, like Yuzuriha, were captured, and they will stay as the representatives of Japan till then. The conflict is now postponed. 

The adventure on the North American Continent is now done. The crew is headed towards South America, which is known to be the source of the petrification beam that turned everyone into Stone. This is where they will find yet another challenge and maybe some clue to the reasons and motivations behind this attack. We know that many people woke up without the petrification device, and they have lived for long times too. It is highly likely that another civilization is introduced in the upcoming brand-new adventure. 

The war setup that went on in the last few chapters was brilliant. The stakes were higher as Senku was targeted early on, but Xeno and his trusted assassin Stanley were completely caught off-guard. Not only did the team have a backup scientist, but they also built an entire tunnel through to Xeno’s HQ and gained a crucial advantage. In the end, the writer did a great job with the setup and finishing act of this arc. 

Next is a new adventure, another sea journey with mysterious circumstances and risky stakes at play. The team was separated into two, and each team needs to survive on their own to have a chance of meeting each other again. The plot completely skipped the built-up of a new society in America because this is not what this manga is about. It is about the adventure of visiting new places and finding the means to get to the moon eventually. Along with that, the whole petrified world needs to wake up, even if a thousand years too late. 

Chapter 170 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 170 is scheduled to release on October 17, 2020, at midnight (JST). You can find the latest updates for this manga on the official source – Manga Plus. The next chapter will take us through the journey to the continent of South America. 

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