One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers: The Party has Started

One Piece manga went for a two-week break after the delay in the new chapter due to the author, Eiichiro Oda’s health issues. From the reports, he was sick when Chapter 991 was released and could not work on the next chapter. One week after that, his staff came out with an official announcement that Oda has recovered and he is working hard to deliver the next chapter on time. One Piece Chapter 992 is scheduled on October 17 at midnight JST for release on the Manga Plus site. We have some spoilers for this chapter ahead of that.

Kinemon and the Scabbards planned the Raid at Ongashima for the night of the Fire Festival. This is the night when Kaido and his subordinates will party hard and get drunk while having no idea that a large force approaches. The attack comes and the Beast Pirates are caught by surprise. They thought that the rebellion is suppressed, and there is nothing to worry about, but the Pirates and Samurai are in front of them for the showdown. As usual, our main character, Luffy, is the main force here, and he wants to fight Kaido himself to liberate the Wano Country.

The Scabbards beat Luffy to it, and they are currently fighting on the roof of the Ongashima Castle against Kaido. Reinforcements came in the form of Jack and others, but the Minks went Sulong and beat everyone with the beastly strength. This is when Kaido intervenes, and it is now Kaido vs. The Scabbards. Scabbards pledged to lay down their lives to rid the country from Kaido and avenge their mentor Oden.

Down in the main festival celebrations, the real party has started. Straw Hat Crew is taking on the Beast Pirates, and they look very confident even though the opponent is an emperor’s crew. As Franky said, they should act like the crew of the Pirate King. Luffy recruited yet another ally for the cause in the form of X Drake. Most of the initial duels are set, and it’s a War for the future of this Samurai country.

Chapter 992 Spoilers

The main focus of this chapter will be the fight between Kaido and the nine Scabbards. Their captain, Kinemon, will take the main stance against Kaido while the rest throw their attacks to back him up. Kiku and Izo are also seen in action. This group is powerful, and they have the confidence to take an Emperor head-on. Not sure how long they can keep it up though.

Yamato chases after Momonosuke to convince him to trust ‘his father.’ Yamato takes his role of ‘Oden’ way too seriously. Still, this means that Momonosuke is safe for the time being. Black Maria makes her appearance in the chapter. Ulti and Page One try to chase after Yamato again, but Nami and Usopp will successfully hold them off. One Piece is not on break next week, and Oda seems to have recovered now. Despite that, he has many breaks planned later this year, making everyone wonder, “Can Oda reach the 1000 chapters mark in 2020” I say, probably No!

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