Best Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix

Are you heading to watching some thrill movies? Here is all that you are waiting for, Netflix has plenty of horror shows to check out, turning all your nightmare into reality in front of your eyes and to lift your imagination into believing in the existence of ghost, and here comes the haunting show by Netflix that a true horror movie would really admire:

Creep 2

Going up by the storyline, Arnold, the main character, presents himself as a serial killer and tells people about it for his survival so that a documentary could be made. The mystery behind the documentary will lead you to other dimensions. It portrays something different, making it a must-watch movie in horror.


The twist in the life of a girl who aims to be a writer loses her sense of vision and hearing, making this center the story ahead with her journey of isolation. She is cut from everything, from the regular world and gets busy in her own life involving a killer that remains mysterious.

Silence of the Lambs

The serial killer, with the name, Hannibal, appears on the screen. It all starts up with the FBI’s training academy and the interaction of a student with an experienced killer who was even imprisoned for his sins. The story moves very smoothly towards cannibalism and mass killings, and the setup will keep you engaged until the end.

It Comes at Night

This movie is depicting a monster that has the ability to spread disease. To protect themselves, two families starts supporting each other in terms of housing under a very peculiar situation. This ends up on a weird note when the family member starts killing each other, thinking that the monster is here. It was put on the screen in 2017, yet it still holds a good sense of horror to date.


A partnership of a sibling is shown, who scam the people by performing some fake tasks and prove it to be real. They make money by this, and everybody starts believing that they have the ability to detect ghosts and paranormal activities. It delivers a good amount of Sci-fi, and the jerks of a classic cult are also impressive. It was a version of a book published long ago, and seeing the people’s reaction to the book. The story was adapted into a movie.

The Witch

Got on-screen in 2015, the story is quite simple as it depicts a family that starts with the disappearance of people one by one. The parents unknowingly blame the eldest daughter thinking to be her fault for all this. Later on, the spicy interaction with the witch is added and creating horrifying scenes. Little did they know that the area was haunted.

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