Lucifer Final Season Release Date and Preview

Since lockdown is in the hype, people do have a lot of free time, and mostly it is found that people are busy investing time on social media, and the rest are busy watching web series or movie stuff. NETFLIX has made a massive name in the past few years and having a glance at the web series corner, and we find plenty amount of shows. One such show is “LUCIFER,” which is still hovering on the hit list. This is a popular drama about the urban legend of devils and angels with the addition of comedy. The main character possesses supernatural abilities but stays on Earth as a helper for the police.

Lucifer started on January 25, 2016, with its first season airing on FOX, and till now, it is up with season 5, whose part 2 is still to come. Based on DC Comics, this American show is set up by Tom Kapinos. Netflix surprised us all by announcing that they are planning to return for a sixth and final season for Lucifer with rumors spreading all over the social media, without even an official announcement, which later on proved to be real with season 6 featuring casts as:

  • Lauren German played the role of Detective Chloe Decker
  • Kevin Alejandro played role of Detective Daniel “Dan” Espinoza
  • B. Woodside played the role of Amenadiel
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt played the role of Mazikeen
  • Rachael Harris played the role of Dr. Linda Martin

The story centers on the star Tom Ellis as “Lucifer.” He is a devil who has left his old monotonous schedule and shifted to Los Angeles, where he serves as a consultant for the Police Department.  You can expect many things up on the screen, such as Charlie’s mortality, the relationship between the guard and Lucifer, but one is for sure that Lucifer, along with his love, Chloe, is going to be the main focus of the show. This will be the final season for all of the cast, and they have their plans for the future. People are hoping for a green light for further continuation, but this time the show is not coming back. Also, the season six will be summed up in eight episodes despite the fans crying for more.

Expected Release Date

There isn’t much news about the release date for the sixth season because it is very uncertain to say anything. Season 5 came with its second part recently, and the new season was ordered in June 2020. All the seasons are readily available on NETFLIX, but if you want to start from the initial season, then you can also go to Amazon Prime as you can find the first three seasons there. The production was affected when the pandemic came, and the next season is expected sometime in the year 2021.

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