Indian Youtubers with Fastest 10 Million Subscribers

There are a lot of people who have gained fame through their Youtube Videos. Having 10 million subscribes earn you a diamond play button, and it is a huge accomplishment in this industry. Here are the top Youtubers from India who crossed this mark in the last few years and did it independently.

Amit Bhadana

Amit bhadana owns a YouTube channel renowned for this name became the fastest to hit another 10 million subscribers last year. He made a record in Indian history, proving a tough competition to these rivals. He released the song “Parichay,” mentioning all struggles which turned into success today. His videos are mostly comedic.

Currently, 26 years old, makes fun video showcasing their originality ground. With the team support, he has been putting efforts into this platform since 2012. Presently, he is booming up with 21.4 million subscribers holding a diamond play button.

BB ki vines

BB, aka Bhuvan Bam, a South Delhi boy who was not so good in studies, made a youtube channel featuring comedy skits. He gave Amit Bhadana a tough competition where Bhadana got the lead and trashing him to be in 2nd position. His work was very fresh and new when he joined youtube in 2015 but got viral mainly in 2018. Managing all stuff alone, whether it is acting or scripting, proved to be successful, delivering mostly teenage content, which offended our parent’s generation too. He is now at 19.3 million subscribers.

Ashish Chanchlani

A boy born and brought up in Maharastra first completed his graduation as a civil engineer. But he was interested in acting in movies. He tried hard but reaching the film industry was not easy, so he started posting vines on Facebook, which the public appreciated. Later on, he shifted to youtube, making a proper team for managing all things. As time passed by, he entered the 10 million zone. And now, gaining more popularity holds 20.7 million subscribers. His song came up as the celebration of the 20M family. He is also famous for his comedic style.

Carry Minati

Carry is a young boy in over 10 million group. Referring to his past life, he was never a good scorer in school times and failed 12th. Nevertheless, he tried his luck on other platforms as well and see now. Apart from his main channel, he proves to be a solid gamer in India. He streams many games like pubg, the last of us, and getting over it. Along with that, he got his recent fame when he started roasting, making him unique and stands out. He has 25.8M supporters to date.

Technical Guruji

Guruji urf Gaurav Chaudhary resident of Dubai, currently holds a name in the famous Indian YouTubers list. He started his youtube career by enhancing technical knowledge and posting videos of unboxing mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatch, and posting reviews. Although other people are presenting Tech on YouTube as well, he gathered much more attention with 19.1 million fans.

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