VALORANT Introduced a New Character

Valorant made its entry in 2020, which highly depends on the agents as they add more value and interest.  It was decided to launch a new agent named “Skye” in Act 3. Skye has actually leaked 2 or 3 days ago for the official look by Riot Games.

The trailer of Skye was launched on Youtube by riot games, which is the official developer of Valorant. The trailer showed that Skye is a tribal who has called by the sage for help, but she denied due to her affection for her land and her duty to protect it. Even after the denial, sage managed to call her out for help. In the latter half of the video, the abilities of Skye was shown. Being a forest girl, her abilities revolve around the forest animals and plants.

Skye is an initiator with a bunch of abilities helping crew mates dominate the match. Thus she is one of the most powerful leaders for a team like Sova, which is also an initiator. Skye might be hard to master, but once then, it would be easily dominating in a match. Thus we are really excited to have hands-on with this brand-new agent.


Skye is a unique initiator with really powerful abilities. Her first ability is Regrowth, which allows her to heal her teammates in a given radius. It is a unique ability as she is the only agent to heal more than 1 teammates but can’t heal herself. This ability adds really good value for the agent.

Her second ability is Trailblazer, which comes up with a Tasmanian tiger that can be controlled by Skye for six seconds.  In this duration of time, if an enemy is found, then the tiger jumps on it and giving 30 HP damage and paranoid attack with decreasing gunfire rate, which is an absolute charm for the team which would work for giving the location of the enemy and also giving an upper hand for the crewmate to rush and kill the enemy.

The third ability is Cureveable, which is the flash of Skye which comes up in the form of a bird which can be controlled by Skye and this is said to be the most powerful flash of valorant as it can be totally controlled by Skye neither side to side but also upside down which would allow her to flash an enemy sitting in a safe corner.

Her ultimate is Seekers, who are similar to twin wolves orb from spike rush. It comes with 3 seeker trinkets that give the location of the enemy as well as blinding them at the same time. This prevents the camping of the enemy as well as giving the upper hand in pushes for the allies.

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