All American Season 3 Release Date and Other Details

“All American” is a TV drama that is inspired by the life of a former NFL player Spencer Paysinger. The sports drama showcases the high school cultural clashes and somewhat brutal rivalries of his school life to test him at every step on the path of his life. The drama has witnessed a successful response from the fans all over the globe and has grabbed the attention and excitement of many people. Well, the good news is that the drama series is all set to come out with another season to hit the screens. The life of Spencer Paysinger will continue to run into season 3, as confirmed by the CW.

The first two seasons of the series were released back to back in October 2018 and 2019 respectively. However, due to unlikely and unpredictable events, the show is not able to follow the releasing pattern to hit the screen in 2020. Yet, the CW has announced its flexible plans to release the next season in 2021, with unexpected and unforeseen variables. In September, the actors had already begun filming for the third edition of All American in Los Angeles when one of the actors tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the shooting has come to a halt and is expected to resume its activities somewhere in October 2020.

Talking about the first two seasons, the drama has 16 episodes per batch, and due to its immense popularity, the fans were hoping to see a more extended season with more episodes this time. The CW, however, couldn’t reach the point where they could have agreed to telecast 22 episodes. Thus, the bad news for the fans is that season 3 will also consist of 16 episodes and you have to quench your thirst for another season in the face of 16 episodes only. Nonetheless, it is expected to come out in January 2021 where fans can see the whole order of the drama.

By the season 2 finale, the life of our NFL player has turned upside down with pretty much shocking decisions taken by every important character in the show. The events had overlapped in a somewhat destructive way which had ended season 2 of the series. Talking about the upcoming season, it is likely going to be the aftermath of the many events that took place in the second season where the story will revolve around the action-packed and exhilarating lives of the characters of the show. There will be answers to many cliffhangers left behind in season 2 and more questions to arise once the new season rolls in the tv/laptop screens of the audience.

Characters struggling with substance abuse, cancer, violence are a bit on the loose thread and fans can expect anything to happen in the coming season. As of now, the show is returning with all of its prominent cast members with nervousness and excitement at the same time as to what could happen to any of them. This is the way things happen on this show. More detail on the show will be revealed when the production is complete. Stay tuned for the updates.

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