The Boys Season 3: Possible Plot and Other Details

The Boys Second season ended dramatically and left the audience with the promise that more is coming. The Third Season for The Boys was planned even before the second one was out. Amazon Prime Video is the core streaming site for this series, and they already knew the response for the show. The show was a massive hit despite its aggressive and gory tone. It is no surprise that they want to keep the show going. But where will you go in the upcoming season, and what should you look forward to?

The Boys left us, two main antagonists, to expect in season 3 of the show. First is the superman knockoff, Homelander, aka John, who loses control with every new season. Homelander tried his best to train his son to become the ideal successor and create a positive relationship. However, Ryan was not convinced, and he rejected Homelander in the end. Queen Maeve used the footage of the air crash to hold Homelander off, and Butcher and his team were spared. However, Homelander still holds the grudge, and he will be back for revenge in no time. He is close to losing control one of these days.

The second villain was the congresswoman, Victoria Neuman. She is the person undercover for vought working in the government. In the world, she acts as the number one opposing Vought, but she is not what she seems. Victoria’s known power is to explode heads through some ability using her vision. She needs to be seeing her victim in person and needs close contact for the power to work. This is not physical power, but it can kill anyone, even a supe, with ease. Even a hero like Homelander could not tell Neuman doing it while she was exploding heads on live television. It is an extreme power. Hughie just joined Neuman as an employee, not knowing that she is Vought’s biggest asset and a scary liability at some stage.

Homelander and Victoria Neuman

 I think Edgar knows about Neuman, but no one else really does. She is the back up for the organization when nothing else is working. She also tricked the boys into revealing the traitors against Vought and executed them on live television. Neuman could probably lead a coup against the American Government to set up a government that fully supports Vought. Even the president could be in danger. Having an invincible hero like Homelander would be very convenient to enforce this company’s rule. 

This is where the boys will come in. It will start with Hughie figuring out about Neuman or catching her in the act. Butcher is offered a job to work for the government to keep a tab on the supes. If he accepts the job, an internal conflict could start, and Butcher is not the one to play by the rules. He will do anything to bring Neuman down. There will be another encounter with Homelander at some time, and I feel like he is destined to get killed by Butcher. Stay tuned for the latest updates about the show. 

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