The Spell: Release Date and Plot Details

The spell is an American horror feature film that revolves around the story of a wealthy father who survived a disastrous private plane crash in the areas of rural Appalachia. An elderly couple rescued the man and took him along to the nurse, and fed him well. The main plot reflects the paranoia and suspicion of the father, who starts doubting the elderly couple who take him in to treat him back to health. The movie is directed by Mark Tonderai, which features renowned movie starts like Omari Hardwick, Loretta Devine, and Andre Jacobs. The chosen date for the release of the movie is 30th October 2020, where it will be released by Paramount theatrically and on at-home VOD (Video on Display). For all the horror fans, be ready to witness the scariest night of the year with the movie ‘SPELL.’

The protagonist of the movie, Marquis (Omari Hardwick), met with a catastrophic accident where his plane crashed while he was flying to rural Appalachia for his father’s funeral. The plane was carrying him and his whole family, where an intense storm results in losing control of the plane and resulted in a horrifying accident. The after events occur when he awakens from the accident, wounded, deserted, and trapped in Mss. Eloise’s attic. The lady claims that she has the power to heal him and bring him back to health with the help of the Boogity, a Hoodoo figure which she has made from her skin and blood.

The man was trapped, badly injured, and helpless to call for help. The after plot revolves around the efforts of Marquis, who desperately want to outwit and get himself free from the dark magic of the woman and thus rescue his family to enter into an internal trap of sinister rituals and spell.

Omari Hardwick

The movie stars Omari Hardwick is in the lead role. He plays the character of a man who got injured in a plane crash and ended up being trapped in an elderly woman’s attic, where he combats the dark magic and adverse effects associated with it. The second main cast of the movie features Loretta Devine, who portrays the character of an elderly woman. She is the lead person who is responsible for getting Marquis into dark, gloomy, and destructive situations whose repercussions are not easy. Another main role is played by Andre Jacobs.

On a scoring scale of bad, good, and okay, the movie rates an okay in terms of the straightforward horror and thrill demonstrated in the trailer. The movie might have some big scares and shouts, but elements of surprise, amazement, and shock might not be there as witnessed in the movie trailer, which pretty much laid out the entire movie in a clear manner. However, it sure looks like a well-made film and will most likely be a decent watch for horror fans or enthusiasts for the horror genre.