iPhone 13 Release Date and Early Leaks

While Apple’s iPhone 12 just came out, Apple also has some amazing deals stored for you in the year 2021. If iPhone 12 with all its outstanding features is not your upgraded option and is not your call, then you may likely be interested in what the company has to offer next year with the iPhone 13. As per the latest reports and rumors, the company plans to launch the next line up of iPhone in the next year. Let’s dig deeper to gather all the information about iPhone 13.

There’s no official word by the company regarding the release date of Apple’s iPhone 13; however, we can still make a close guess. Hinted by the previous releases, then we might be able to get our hands on the latest release of apple somewhere in September 2021. However, the worldwide pandemic has adversely affected the market, and thus, the release date can delay. In that case, we might have to wait till the end of 2021 to see it roll out and hitting the markets all over the world.

If we talk in dollars, then the iPhone 12 series start from the price range of $699 for the mini version. Now addressing the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the most expensive phone of the series, the price goes up all the way to $1099. In this scenario, we should expect the iPhone 13 to be somewhere between $699 to $1099.

iPhone 13 Features

According to the latest information, Apple is planning to launch four distinct models of iPhone 13 next year.  As per the sources, the iPhone 13 series would likely get integrated panels based on Samsung’s Y-Octa technology. The phone will also support 5G connectivity with OLED panels in all four models of the phone. Here are a few outstanding features of the iPhone 13, which will drive the audience to want it more.


Talking about the iPhone 12 has returned to flat sides with a new design, which explains that the iPhone 13 will not likely change the external appearance much.  The 2021 model of the iPhone is expected to have a reduced touch on it, where it could either take less vertical space or have a smaller width on the other hand. It must be noted that reducing the notch area of the phone will ultimately require smaller Face ID sensors.


As per the rumors from a supply chain consultant, the display in 2021 will optimize the viewing content and may also necessitate the use of LTPO technology so that the phone’s life can be longer and better. It has also been claimed that the company wants its Pro model to have 120Hz refresh rates, which would be accompanied by LTPO backplanes.


Another big-rumored improvement is for the camera of the iPhone 13. The reports suggest that the iPhone 13 pro version will most likely feature a Time-of-Flight camera, along with a triple-lens configuration. The phone will also receive a boost on the camera feature from the iPhone 12 Pro Max.