Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 171 Release Date

‘Boruto,’ which is considered to be a direct sequel of ‘Naruto Shippuden,’ had premiered its first episode on April 5, 2017, and since then, a series of episodes were released. The newest episode 171 was launched on October 25, 2020, with a title named, ‘The results of Training.’ Some viewers watch this series compared to Naruto, while others may find it interesting as a standalone anime show. Nevertheless, both of these series are equally appreciated among the fans. Like Naruto, this is also a Japanese manga series that is written by Ukyõ Kodachi along with the illustration of Mikio Ikemoto under Masashi Kishimoto’s supervision. When the official preview trailer was out, it displayed Shoshoji as Boruto’s opponent. The trailer took a glance at the battle between Shoshoji and Boruto. Meanwhile, it also hints at the update on Miyuki’s condition, which was the most discussed topic among the audience.

In episode 171 of the show, it appears that Sakura will chip in for Sarada’s training, which will not involve any vile character but will still be as challenging as she is going to face one of the strongest kunoichi’s in Konoha, which is her mother, Sakura. While Sasuke will take a back to lay low as the mother and daughter duo train in combat. It will be intriguing for the audience to see how their training will last since there had been a wave of tension stirring between them, as shown in the last episode. As Boruto and Sarada train arduously, they gain the confidence to face a strong enemy. However, Boruto continues to struggle with his Rasengan practice. Later, Inojin, Shikdai, along Chouchou from Team 10, reach out to help in his training.

After that, Boruto declares that he has mastered Rasengan. Towards the end, Boruto will be seen placing his Rasengan against a powerful opponent. When Boruto informs Kakashi that he is going to use a new method to practice Rasengan, Kakashi gets doubtful about the outcome and thus, tests his skills against Shoshoji, a formidable opponent who has been serving time in prison for his horrific crimes. The outcome of this practice battle will determine whether Boruto is ready to fight Deepa and other Kara fighters or not. Besides this, the episode will highlight Orochimaru’s lab, where he will see checking up on Miyuki, one of the test pillars. It is certain that if the third member is still inside the pillar, then he is yet to recover after almost dying from the same fight against Deepa, where he had to rescue Boruto and Sarada.

Overall, it is agreeable that this upcoming episode has a lot of nail-biting scenarios for the audience, which is worth the hype. This latest episode is available for streaming on various platforms. On Crunchyroll and Hulu, the episode is available with its original Japanese audio (English subtitles). In the USA, the English dubbed version is available for streaming on Viz media, while viewers from Australia and New Zealand can stream its English dubbed version on Animelab.