Toilet-Bound Hanako kun Season 2: Release Date

Toilet-bound Hanako kun is a Japanese anime, an adaptation of original manga series written by Iro Aida, which has received massive applaud from the audience and critics for its season 1, which was ended on March 26, 2020, with a total of 12 episodes. The first episode of the show was premiered on January 10, 2020. As season 1 came to its inconclusive end, there was an uncertainty for season 2 return. Many fans of the series were confused with its status, but not for long because the insanely popular series is set to release its season 2 in the January of 2021.

The producers were aware of its popularity among the audience and seemed to agree that the series is bound to get a second season. Although no official confirmation has been made yet, it is estimated to take a few months (considering the ongoing Covid19 pandemic) to unveil it to the viewers. Thus, it is anticipated to be released in the Spring of 2021. Till then, season 1 of the anime is available right now for streaming on Hulu and Wakanim with Japanese audio (English subtitles), whereas on Funimation, it can be streamed in English. It is also available on Amazon prime video with its original Japanese version (without any subtitles).

The story of ‘Toilet-bound Hanako kun’ introduces a girl named Nene Yashiro, who is a student at Kamone academy, which is a school popular for its ‘seven mysteries.’ In the desire to find a boyfriend, she comes to the seventh mystery ‘Hanako-san of the Toilet,’ albeit somehow ends up as his assistant in the show, along with a humorous adventure. This adventure steadily progresses towards the plot of interconnecting all the mysteries with each other while changes the lives of the characters in the lead.

As it further develops with the volumes, it drastically transforms from comedy to a subtly horror anime due to the underlying mysteries of the school, which are delved further in the season. However, the first season comes to an end with a cliff-hanger, where Nene, Hanako, and Kou are still in the middle of exploring the remaining undiscovered Seven mysteries of Kamone academy, while the Hell of Mirrors arc has reached its climax.

Considering its popularity among the masses, there is quite the possibility of a sequel to this hit series. Speculations are being made that season 2 will undergo even extreme adventures along with many twists and turns throughout the show. But, it is still a confounding mystery among the audience that whether this sequel is going to be a comedy or a horror or will have a total shift from its previous season. Well, the viewers just have to wait for its official confirmation and a trailer launch to get a glimpse of season 2.

This Masaomi Andõ directed anime is a true adaptation of the original manga, currently having 12 volumes being published, out of which season 1 covers almost 7 volumes, leaving considerable space for its season 2 and potentially season 3. So, it is just about the time when the fans will be hopefully treated with these new seasons.