V Wars Season 2 Possible Release Date and Storyline

Ian Somerhalder is all set to come up with the next season of V Wars on the platform Netflix. The show is a 2019 American science fiction-horror television series, which is based on the eponymous anthology series book, which is written by Jonathan Maberry. The protagonist of the show revolves around the story of the physician and scientist Dr. Luther Swan, played by Ian Somerhalder, and his best friend Michael Fayne, played by Adrian Holmes. The doctor and his friend face the evolving crisis of a horrible outbreak of deadly events that feature an opposing war between humans and vampires. Now, the cast and creators of the show are ready to come up with another season for the audience to binge-watch. Let’s get into more details.

There is an official word about the releasing date of Season 2. It was first said that the show is canceled after its first season, but then the main actor Ian Somerhalder said that it is not the end of the series yet. As the first season of the show was premiered on December 5th, 2019, we can expect the new season to drop sometime in the next year if Netflix decides to pick it up again.

V Wars follows the human character of Martin Luther as a deadly disease as it continues to turn several folks around the world into vampires, along with his ally Michael Fayne. Both of these characters become blood-sucking vampires, which eventually escalate a horrifying war between the two. Following the latest news of the next season, Ian Somerhalder told IANS that the whole of V Wars is very excited to come on board with two new Indian characters in the upcoming season of the show where the relationship of a father and a daughter are to be explored in the coming times.

The show will continue the story from where season one left off. Also, it is not confirmed about season 2 whether the makers of the show will follow the second comic overview of V Wars: Heart and Blood, where a restless and uneasy peace which was created between humans and vampires will be shattered, and vampires will once again engulf the world.

The main protagonist of the show, Ian Somerhalder, will return to the blood-sucking world once again as Dr. Luther Swann and his best friend Adrian Holmes as his one and only vampiric best friend, Michael Fayne. The rumors say that Peter Outerbridge, Laura Vandervoort, and Kyle Breitkopf will also return to the show. A few new entries will also be made, as told by Ian Somerhalder to IANS, that two Indian characters will also be introduced in the upcoming season of the show, demonstrating the relationship between a father and a daughter in the show.

It will be interesting to watch in the next season how Dr. will save the society which is already torn apart as the disease ravages and ends the human population, pitting factions of humans and blood-sucking creatures which will fight against each other in a war of supremacy and sustenance.