Bill Cosby Was Not Granted Early Release, Considered Violent

William Henry Cosby, Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and a convinced sex offender claimed by the public. Cosby began his career as a stand-up comedian and then started landing roles in television shows, which was later followed by his own sitcom The Bill Cosby Show, which ran for two seasons altogether from 1969 to 1971. After that, he worked in several TV shows and movies and earned recognition and popularity over time.

However, Cosby’s reputation was destroyed and tarnished during the mid-2010s when numerous women confronted Cosby and made sexual assault accusations against him, stating that several times he attempted sexual assault, rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, and child sexual abuse to which he denied all of the accusations. Later, Cosby found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. The after events of his life concluded in a way that he was sentenced to three to ten years of jail in September 2018. Bill Cosby is currently incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution – Phoenix in Pennsylvania.

Found guilty in an April 2018 retrial, the officially designated sexual predator is now serving up to 10-year confinement in prison for the rape of Andrea Constand. Up to this date, Cosby tried to play innocent and has taken to portray himself as a de facto political prisoner and the victim of a “set-up” in the public where his unsuccessful subsequent attempts across various jurisdictions were dismissed and ultimately, the judgment reversed. Cosby was found guilty on multiple sex crime charges, accused by several women.

Bill Cosby’s Current Status

Now his lawyers have been trying hard to see him out of prison where around two months ago, they filed another motion to get the man who was once labeled “America’s Dad” out of his misery and prison for the 2004 rape accusation of a Temple University employee. His lawyers are now trying to achieve a motion where they plead to the court about the release of Cosby from the prison and rather place him under house arrest for his arrest’s total duration. The comedian’s longtime publicist and crisis manager, Andrew Wyatt, officially remarked that the lawyers are now focusing on whether states are getting an early release to elderly inmates from prisons due to the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus, which could turn into a valid legal argument for Mr. Cosby.

The latest update of the case is that the designated sex predator will not be granted an early prison release date despite Pennsylvania’s plan to release some convicts to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The Government of Pennsylvania ordered that the inmates’ temporary release were considered non-violent, and those convicts would be eligible for release within the next nine months. He further added that all those who are more prone and are at high risk for coronavirus complications would get a release warrant within 12 months. However, Mr. Cosby is not eligible for an early release since he was assaulted of a violent offense (aggravated indecent assault) and was deemed to serve three to 10 years in prison as his punishment sentence.