Toya Todoroki is Dabi? Everything you need to know

My Hero Academia was trending on the internet as new spoilers involving Dabi and Todoroki Family were confirmed. A villain named Dabi is seen in the MHA story from the very start. He was a major antagonist from the League of Villians and one of the main threats in the Forest Training Arc. In a major spoiler for chapter 290 of MHA manga, which releases on November 8, Dabi is revealed to be Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavor, the Current No.1 Hero. This means that Dabi is also the older brother of Shoto Todoroki. Toya was known to have died in an accident long ago.

In a flashback arc from the manga, Kohei Horikoshi, the author of MHA, took us back to the childhood of Shoto. Endeavor has four children that were all encouraged to become strong heroes, just like their father. The first child was Toya, having strong flame powers held back by his mother’s traits, he was ignored until he died in the accident. Shoto was brought up separate from the rest of his siblings, and he knew little about his elder brother. After all that time, when Shoto has developed a good sense of heroism with his team, he will face his own prodigy brother. At the same time, Endevour also failed to recognize his son, and his reaction will also be worth watching.

Toya/ Dabi may have a deep grudge against his father as he was treated like an experiment rather than a family in the early days. The premise behind his disappearance is also a mystery. Dabi has remained a strong villain since the start. Curiously, he didn’t want to work with others and relied mostly on his own destructive power. His Blue Fire Quirk is unlike anything Endevour or Shoto can use, and it burns hotter than the normal fire. Dabi is among the highest-ranking people in the League of Villians. He completely dominated the No.2 Hero Hawks in the battle before this. Now, it’s time for a new showdown, and it looks like he will reveal his true identity in the new chapter.

In the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Heroes and Villians are at fighting an intense battle at the home base of the Paranormal Liberation Army. Tomura has activated his Quirk that carries All for One’s will and brings the most power out of Midoriya. This is when Dabi and others intervene as the showdown is imminent. Tomura is wreaking havoc on his opponents with overwhelming strength. Even a hero like Endevour was not able to break through the barrier of the Tomura. Yet, the power is too great, and it is now running out. Deku and all the heroes gathered need only one more push to break through the Liberation Army ranks. Dabi will be an obstacle because of his monstrous strength but let’s see if Shoto can engage him and put some reason into him to bring him to the good side. He looks like he has been through a lot.