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British Fashion Council Appoints Priyanka Chopra As Ambassador For Positive Change

British Fashion Council has announced that they have decided to choose popular actress Priyanka Chopra as its Ambassador. She will be working together with the company in bringing about the positive change that the company is expected to be undergoing in the upcoming days. Prior to this, she has been working as a Brand Ambassador for many multinational companies from which she has earned millions of dollars in promoting their new products in her social media platforms and other offline media like a press release. She has a strong knowledge of promoting the products and working as a brand ambassador for a long period of time.

It looks like the actress will step forward in taking many strategies in supporting the entire organization’s efforts which are framed to change the role of the fashion industry aimed for better progress and also to inspire a future generation through their products and social values. While sharing this information with the social media platform, Priyanka Chopra added some of the importance of fashion in everyday life which is more related to the culture and tradition of the individual. Mostly the big MNC companies will be hiring celebrities as their ambassadors with a motive to reach their product for millions of people through the online platforms.

The actress will be taking forward to the new role in encouraging the new changes that the company which is planning to increase its profit.  She will also take forward the awareness programs that the organization is planning to do in the future. She has been a part of few non-profitable organization which was basically framed to support the young kids and women by teaching life skills. She has also added that “Fashion has always been the pulse of the pop-culture, and can be a powerful force with the ability to connect cultures and bring people together. I look forward to celebrating the incredible diversity and creativity of the industry.”

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has also expressed her happiness in joining the new organization. While sharing this information with her followers through the Instagram post, she added that “I am honored to be the British Fashion Council’s Ambassador for Positive Change while I’m living and working in London over the next year. We’ll have some really exciting initiatives to share soon, and I look forward to bringing you on this journey with me.”. It looks like Priyanka Chopra will have to take forward some of the important events conducted by the British Fashion Council in the upcoming days.

London Fashion Week and The Fashion Awards are the two major events that the council is engaging their employees with their customers in bringing about the new positive change in society. It looks the council will be conducting more such television programs and events in and around Europe. Along with this, the actress has been actively involving in performing in major Hollywood films and television series which are expected to be released during the start of the next year. It looks like the actress will be singing multiple projects from the Indian entertainment industry in the upcoming days which is currently in talks with the production companies.