Halsey Expresses How Mac Miller’s Death Has Changed Her Lifestyle

Singer Halsey shared his experience after Mac Miller’s death which made her take some of the important life steps by staying away from bad relationships. Most Hollywood celebrities are facing stress these days mainly due to the depression and other negatives that surrounding them during the time of their acting carrier. This has caused terrible losses both for the fans and their family members because it might lead them to end their life once and for all. Singer Halsey shared her experience during the Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast that Mac Miller’s death encouraged him to come out of the stressful situation which made him come out of the bad situations and which might have led her to life-threatening problems.

Halsey added that Mac’s death gave her glimpses of an idea about the ‘reality check’ that she was looking for a couple of years due to her wrong consumption of narcotics and other illegal products. Many celebrities from various fields of the industry have been attracted to these kinds of expensive high drugs which later become an addiction. These drugs are sold by the dealer which have a strong distribution network around the world where they operate undercover transporting these illegal materials from one place to another. It’s estimated that more than 1 billion transactions happened around the world over the illegal drug trade.

Mac miller
Mac Miller

Singer also stated that it might look odd adding a positive statement over the tragic death of Mac but she wished to express his change that brought many pleasant feelings both mentally and physically. Halsey stated that ‘positive connotation on a heinously tragic event’. She felt like  ‘I think it probably did the same for a lot of other people too’. While sharing her current situation with her audience and fans she stated that she was pretty lucky enough to put a stop to the things which she was not much interested in taking forward throughout her life. It looks like every celebrity’s life at one point in time needs to undergo some kind of severe stress and pressure to excel in their carrier which might lead them to the addition of these illegal materials.

Halsey expressed that she was aware of the situation before things get out of her hands, she also shared some experience where her friends have undergone in the past while dealing with drugs and other such elements. Halsey ahead his experience with his ex-boyfriend where he used to take drugs while being together, where she was also asked to enjoy having those illegal elements. This pushed her towards those products where she thought that avoiding them might cause her boyfriend to hook up with someone else. She added that she was emotionally a control freak where she handles such complex situations by controlling her emotions.

Mac Miller’s death shook the industry where many popular singers and stage performers expressed their concerns over the depression that many celebrities are undergoing these days. On September 7, 2018, Miller was announced that he’s has been a death due to the accidental overdose which he was consuming over the years.