Call of Duty 2: Reliving The WW2 Centric First-Person Shooter Game

Are you the type of person who developed a fascination for the history of WW2 through playing COD?? Do you feel that the present-day first-person shooter games don’t do justice to the true essence of warfare? Do you feel that modern FPS games lack the originality and ingenuity which WW2 centric games in the mid-2000s had? If you’re that kind of person then worry not, because the perfect solution exists for you. One can take a trip down memory lane and relive the essence of warfare gaming by playing Call of Duty 2.

Even though this advice might come off as shocking or at the best weird, it is still worth considering. Call of Duty 2 might not be at par with the weaponry and graphics of the latest games in the COD series, but it has a sense of originality within it, which is unparalleled. The user is bound to enjoy the experience of feeling immersed in the heat of WW2 combat.


Developed by Infinity Ward, the game was released by Activision in 2005. Like most Call of Duty games centered around WW2, it has 3 campaigns. The American, British and Soviet campaigns. The game has a total of 27 missions. The gameplay is that of a typical first-person nature, though it can be felt that the ease of maneuverability is far more when compared to the first installment in the series. Both enemies and comrades are visible on the compass in the corner of the screen. The ability to swipe weapons from fallen soldiers and acquire grenades and ammunition from them is quite an enjoyable and enthralling aspect of the gameplay. Sadly, the game does not have a health bar, rather it consists of the much dreaded regenerative health feature, i.e. when taking refuge from shooting for a short duration leads to health being recovered. Sadly the health bar is one nostalgic aspect of first-person shooter gaming, which Call of Duty 2 fails to offer. Planting explosives, maneuvering tanks, and commandeering anti-aircraft guns are fascinating aspects of Call of Duty’s gameplay.

Soviet campaign:

Private Vasili Koslov is the character the player adopts in the soviet campaign. Our character is initially involved in the defense of Moscow. During this mission, the Soviets vow to hit back at the Germans in their lands one day. The Soviets can live up to this claim but in other installments of this game. The next missions revolve around combatting the Germans in the streets of Stalingrad. The campaign ends with our Soviet comrades annihilating the last German strongholds in the iconic city of Stalingrad and successfully liberating it from Nazi occupation. Raw urban warfare in densely built-up cities, door to door close-range shooting, and hand to hand combat at times are the most noticeable features of this campaign.

British campaign:

The British campaign has a completely different setting from the Soviet campaign. Sergeant John Davis from the 7th Armored Division, under the command of our beloved Captain Price, fights in the deserts of North Africa. One of the most common themes of this campaign is the ambush and destruction of German supply stations. This also happens to be the first mission in this campaign. The next nerve-wracking mission in this campaign comprises of defending a town in North Africa from wave after wave of German attacks. Defending the town demands the player to shoot at approaching infantry by climbing on rooftops, as well as destroying incoming tanks by the use of artillery. Fighting through trenches and neutralizing machine gun crews is a prevalent theme in this campaign. Maneuvering tanks in a tank battle amid the desert is a unique experience of this campaign as well. The British campaign ends with a battle for the control of a crucial town in rural France.

American campaign:

In the American campaign, the player takes on the role of Corporal Bill Taylor from the 2nd Ranger Battalion. This campaign starts with the iconic D-Day landing at Normandy which is the most focused upon and cinematized aspect of World War 2. Destroying German artillery positions and holding them against intense German counterattacks is a prominent feature of this campaign. The fighting takes place in beautiful yet deserted towns of rural France. Like the previous two campaigns, the player also has to snipe our mortar crews here to ensure the safety of their reinforcements. This campaign ends with the Americans crossing the river Rhine to enter Germany and take the fight to the Nazi’s homeland.

While Call of Duty 2 might not live up to the standard of the present-day first-person shooter games in some ways, it is a brilliant option for those willing to relive the experience of classic Call of Duty WW2 centric games.