Tom & Jerry Feature Film Releases in 2021, Check Out The New Trailer

Among the classic 2D cartoon from the 1950s, “Tom and Jerry” remains the one of the top-watched shows. It was a brilliant children’s cartoon with short episodes, with a mix of fun and comedy. The show is still among the favorites for the current generation of kids. Warner called for a new feature film based on the cat and mouse show back in 2018 and Tim Story took up the task to develop the film. It was planned to be a 2D hybrid film with the live-action format, bringing the characters to real life. The film started production in 2019 where Chloë Grace Moretz, Colin Jost, and Michael Peña joined the cast. Now, Warner Entertainment has dropped the first trailer for the film, watch it below,

This newest feature film for Tom & Jerry is scheduled to release in March 2021. As you witnessed in the trailer, the film is made in the same format as the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” or “Smurfs” style of animation. The 2D/3D cartoons interact with real-life people while having their own interactions in real-world places. The animations are computer-generated while the actors have to pretend that these characters somehow traveled into the word. This type of movie is guaranteed to gain much popularity among the young generation.

The plot for the movie is as follows: Our dear cat, Tom is kicked out of his house after destroying the owner’s house in the rivalry with the mouse, Jerry. With that, Jerry also decides to leave, and both characters part ways in a friendly manner. Only to come up against each other, again, shortly. Jerry resides at a hotel, causing all sorts of problems for the staff and guests. The new employee Kayla (played by Chloe) finds herself competing against this mouse, and to remedy the interference from Jerry, she hires Tom to eradicate the problem. Jerry is thrilled to see Tom facing off against him and the competition starts between them. Everything Tom & Jerry do, bring more destruction to the hotel. As their shenanigans threaten Chloe’s Job, the three of them get to good terms. A new conspiracy unfolds, involving Chloe’s Boss and this is when differences are put aside and the final act begins.

This film is going to be one of its kind as the production teams bring the classic stuff from a long series to something entirely new. The main focus is still on Tom and Jerry as they continue their original rivalry while bringing new stuff when interacting with the live-action. The voice for Tom and Jerry is brought through archival voices of William Hanna, Mel Blanc, June Foray along with Frank Welker supervising the entire process. The animators had to get creative with the 2D/3D representation and it took quite the effort to retain originality according to the Framestore Studio.

The trailer is a nice representation of the effort that went into the film. It brings nostalgia to us who have grown up watching these characters, jumping in joy and laughter. The current generation is sure to love the fun of this film when it comes out.