Gran Turismo 7, The PS5 Racing Game To Look Out For

Are you fortunate enough to have purchased the newly released Play Station 5? Do you have a passion for playing racing games, that too on gaming consoles in particular? Then Gran Turismo 7 is the upcoming racing sensation you need to stay on alert for. Developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game is expected to be released by April 2021. It was announced in June 2020. This game is the eighth installment in the Gran Turismo series. One of the most anticipated features of this game is the return of the SIM racing mode.


The format of GT Sport is comprised of an internationally organized racing event. This event comprises of races organized on an international level by the FIA. The FIA is an international body responsible for the management of motorsports all over the world. The number of cars available had been somewhat dialed down in this version of the game. Unfortunately, the classic Gran Turismo circuits could not make their way to the GT Sport version of the game.

However, with the GT7 a return to the traditional Gran Turismo campaign mode is guaranteed. A world style map interface will also be available to the players in this version of the game. A maintenance shop, tuning shop, and used car dealership also seemed to be featured in GT7. This is a welcome move which will be appreciated by the game’s fans as it is a return to the classic Gran Turismo infrastructure. For veteran Gran Turismo players who have a nostalgia associated with the earlier versions of GT, this upcoming game is good news. Trial mountain, a renowned Gran Turismo track, is featured at the start of the game.

The return of simulation mode for this version of the game is also a breakthrough. PS5 features like Dual sense controller and ray-tracing hardware are expected to play a crucial role in supporting the nature of Gran Turismo’s gameplay experience.


As mentioned earlier, Gran Turismo is such a game that puts Sony’s hardware to test. Meaning that the game has such high spec requirements, that the hardware must be of top-notch quality to fulfill them. This game is a great way to push PS5 hardware to its limits. The developers of the game have expressed a desire to operate the game’s graphics at 240 frames per second. That is four times the standard which Gran Turismo games run at. Even if they end up providing 120 frames per second, it will be quite an achievement and will result in much smoother gameplay. However, frame rates and resolutions are unconfirmed as of now.


The fact that GT7 is being released a few months after the launch of Play Station 5 is a boost for the game. This game generates a massive amount of revenue for Sony. Gran Turismo series has been one of the best-selling games on the Play Station platform. This is even though racing games aren’t that popular in the mainstream as they used to be.