Insecure Season 5 Release Date – Comedy Drama Series Makes Comes back for New Season

Comedy is a remedy. Isn’t it? Of course! And, that is why we all have a fan of comedy inside us. It gives us a laugh ride with no cost at all. Yeah! Makers know this and that is why we have so many good shows around the world that are purely based upon comedy content. Yes! We have dramas, series, movies, etc. Insecure is one of the shows that has successfully made its position among the audiences as a fun show. In this article, we will be discussing the Insecure season 5 release date and other important details. 

Insecure is a series filled with drama and comedy and it is based on Awkward Black girl, partially. Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore are the proud creators of the series. Since 2016 when it got it’s released, the show has not looked back. It has made a place in the audiences’ hearts. This English language series has also got good ranking and reviews from the critics too. So, now we have one more reason to appreciate it. 

The series has a total of 4 seasons till now and people are waiting for the fifth season. Coming to the cast of the series, Issa Rae is playing the character of Issa and Yvonne Orji has portrayed Molly really well. Martin Lawrence Walker is played by none other than Jay Ellis. The show has a run-time of around 27 to 40 minutes. As we already mentioned that there are 4 seasons to date but what about the fifth one? We do not want you to wait anymore and will be telling you the Insecure season 5 release date. 

Insecure Season 5 Release Date

Insecure season 5 release date is not announced yet. But, you must be extremely happy that it is confirmed that season 5 is definitely going to be there. For the dates, you will have to wait for a little for the official confirmation. It will be really interesting to see what will happen with the friendship of Issa and Molly. Will it be the same? As for now, the performances of the cast are extremely well and widely appreciated.


For the 4 seasons, the total number of episodes is 34. It will be highly amazing to know that the show has got 11 nominations for the Emmy awards. The show gives successful scenarios of the different experiences of a woman who has to undergo various situations. Yes! Isn’t that superb? Surely it is. This show is much more than just a comedy or a drama. You can feel connected to at least one of the characters and sometimes, that is we all want from the entertainment, no? 

Now, when you know the Insecure season 5 release date, we are sure that the excitement has reached on the top. Of course! We will be extremely happy to see Issa and Molly go through different experiences. Makers have done a great job in the previous seasons. It will be great to see if the same continues or not. But, for a show like Insecure, we cannot expect anything lesser than the top. 

The Cleaners Release Date – Sci-Fi Series coming to Amazon

The Cleaners is going to be a sci-fi short story that is developed as a television series for Amazon, which is written by Ken Liu, and the OA writer is Dominic Orlando with Orlando Bloom as the executive producer. There are plans which are going to activate soon. The purpose and the plot of the series are very scientific and exciting. There are people who are overburden with the memories of their past. This story is also all about this; it focuses on relieving people from their emotional burdens that they carry with their memories.

The name of the series is decided to be “The Cleaners,” and it will tell how we will able to an inanimate object which carries the memories shortly. It is all about inanimate objects which are connected with memories of people’s experiences. The basic idea of this series is that the cleaners are the specialists who are hired to sanitize the object, and you know that in this, there would be only a small number of people who will have the ability to relive the moments only by touching. A young man plays the main role in the story.

The whole story revolves around him, and he is the center of the story, handles the upcoming challenges very well. He is helping his family by inheriting the family’s cleaning business. He invested some years in this business, and after some time, he sets his mission. He takes on this mysterious new commission after inheriting his family’s business.

Adam Karasick being exec producer, Orlando, and Liu also with the same work, are working hard for this series. Amazon Studios produce the series. They are not alone in the production of this series; they did this with the association with Bloom’s Amazing Owl and Bloom. This will be his second series with Amazon. As the series is Amazon original, so you can only stream it on Amazon Prime videos. You can still watch this series without having Amazon Subscription, but for that, you have to wait for over a month. And who can wait to watch this series? I cannot.

Every cast and the writers are renowned in their work, and it is going to be a hit in the market. Amazon’s original is known for its dynamic series, and this is according to the user’s expectations. So, get ready to enjoy this series. Not actually a series but a short story.

The director of the series had also worked for Amazon before as he teamed up on a series with a human rights lawyer, Jared Genser, which is known as “The Extractor.” This series’s plot was also straightforward, and the whole story revolves around how the main character has helped free political prisoners in the hot zones around the world. You will surely enjoy this movie.

Top 7 ‘Amazon Prime Video’ Shows Releasing This October

Once again, Amazon Prime Video is up with something new. However, some days have passed for October. You can still expect a lot of surprises with these upcoming series on the platform. The list for the shows and movies is long, but we have selected some of the best for you here:

Batman: Death in the Family

This is a short film from DC Comics, and the wait for the fans ends here. The film is interactive as you get the choice to decide the fate of Jason Rudd, aka Robin. The main villain is played by Joker, and the story will move in different directions as you make different choices. This movie will release in Blu-ray and DVD format along with the digital release.

Release Date: October 13


Fatima relates the spectator of the religious vision, mainly emphasizing Christianity. You will encounter a girl, hardly even a teenager fighting against the odds during World-War I events in Portugal. The whole set of drama is very beautifully portrayed as three kids go against their families and government official based on their apparitions.

Release Date: October 13

Halal Love Story

Coming up in the Malayalam language on Prime, this film shows the struggle of a group to depict a love story in the form of a movie while adhering to the guidelines of their religion Islam. It carries a comedic theme as the passionate group tries to make a decent movie for their community.

Release Date: October 15


The movie is a documentary based on a real story that is all about the passage of time when a wife waits for her husband to return. He was jailed for sixty years after committing a bank robbery in desperation, and each day seemed like a year for the couple.

Release Date: October 16

Mirzapur Season 2

As a sequel of Season 1 airing in 2018, the story of the gangster will be carried forward with new twists and turns, welcoming new characters and story points. Things turn violent as the stakes get higher. Mirzapur’s power is still in the hand of Kaalin Bhaiya.

Release Date: October 23

Soorarai Pottru

Translated as Praise the brave, this film comes up from the Tamil industry based on G. R. Gopinath’s life story as a biopic featuring south Indian actors. It was to be released earlier, but due to the pandemic, it shifted almost a year. It features the journey of Gopinath to become a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Air Deccan.

Release Date: October 30

Truth Seekers Season 1

The creators tried to deliver a fusion of horror-comedy. It deals with some supernatural powers and unfolding a lot of mystery where investigators also get involved. It is a new kind of horror that you would surely love.

Release Date: October 30

Netflix’s Serious Men Release Date and Plot Details

Serious Men made its premiere on Netflix on 2 October 2020. A very well crafted story under the direction of Sudhir Mishra made a compact movie of nearly 2 hours. Its inspiration came from Manu Joseph’s novel, where the difference between the upper and lower class was evident. It wants to reflect on the injustice that exists between the people of class. The movie’s main protagonist is a small boy of age 9 or 10 years, while Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the role of a child’s father. Nawaz gets the most attention from the audience since he has become popular with movies like “ Gangs Of Wassepur” and other amazing work. Although he has done many series now, he is still the desired actor for the big screen.

Diving into the movie, Nawaz plays the role of a man from Madrasi’s lower caste family, Ayyan Mani, that works as an assistant to an astronomer. Despite the job, he lives in a slum. In a reasonable comparison, he makes the analogy that in the current world of ‘4G’ (fourth generation), he and his wife are still ‘2G’ while their child in ‘3G’. He says his child cannot compete with today’s world as the demand for the latest ‘4G’ remains on top. Nevertheless, he promises himself to support his son in every possible capacity and provide him with the best education.

Cutting to the main plot, his child grows up and gets rejected by a prestigious school because he is not meritorious as required. At this point, Ayyan teaches Aadi some scientific things to represent him as a genius. When Aadi tells things that are not understood by normal people, his popularity grows. He even outsmarts his teacher by telling him about photosynthesis, which is way out of his syllabus, and the teacher leaves the class with frustration. This little boy who lives in a slum becomes a genius in the eyes of people. Media covers some of his interviews, and he gets into an exam back into the school, and he passes it with distinction. The training that his father planned worked, and fame keeps growing. However, Aadi is only pretending to be smart by memorizing scientific terms, and the secret could be out anytime. At some point in the plot, even politics get involved, and things get really frustrating for Ayyan.

Ayyan came out with this story in frustration, and the kid doesn’t have the capacity to handle this much pressure. The attention from everywhere got to an incredible level, and it could ruin everything if someone figures it out. What happens at the end? Did everyone learn the truth, or Nawaz’s character handle the whole thing after all? To know that, you need to watch it out yourself. One thing is for sure that story will keep you engaged at every point.

Vampires Vs. the Bronx – Everything You Need to Know

Vampires vs. the Bronx- Everything that you should know.

Among the latest content released by Netflix this month, one movie is Vampires vs. the Bronx, which was released on 2nd October 2020, on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. This is a horror-comedy that involves vampires as the primary supernatural beings. These vampires are angry that the human interfered in their territory, and hence they are attacking everyone in sight. It is written by Osmany Rodriguez and Blaise Hemingway while Osmany Rodriguez was the director. Vampires vs. the Bronx made its bold release this week featuring:

  • Jaden Michael as Miguel Martinez
  • Gerald W. Jones III as Bobby Carter
  • Gregory Diaz IV as Luis Acosta
  • Sarah Gadon as Vivian
  • Cliff “Method Man” Smithas Father Jackson
  • Shea Whigham as Frank Polidor

The main character is Miguel, an active and helpful kid in the neighborhood. His friends were surprised when Miguel came to them to tell that he has witnessed a Vampire in the community. They are attacking people in the area at night and drink their blood. Those people go missing afterward. There are a total of 4 vampires that haunt this place, and Miguel and his friends are left with no choice but to defend against them. Most people don’t believe these kids, and they are left with mediocre and pop-culture tools to protect against these powerful beings.

People’s Reaction to “ Vampires vs. the Bronx”

A considerable amount of reviews have come, and most people are not sure about the movie. This is essentially a kids movie made with lighter content in mind, and most adults will be unimpressed. The current IMDB rating is average at 5.2, with only about 3000 reactions. This means that the movie is not popular despite being released for a week now. The kids involved in this plot are a lot weaker as compared to the Vampires involved. None of the adults believe them despite the missing people everywhere. They are forced into a situation where there is next to no chance of winning. Still, they end up coming on top. This is a cliche plot that can only attract a limited amount of audience.

Aside from that, the cinematography is spot on for the movie. The screenplay is done by a prominent artist, and the comedy lines are on the point most of the time. If you are into the goofy and comedic style of movies, you will find it enjoyable. The horror for this movie is off, and you will find a clear pattern of cliche related to vampires. There is a courthouse up for sale, and it is turning into apartments. Some vampires were living inside the abandoned courthouse, and they are terrorizing the neighborhood to save their house. How many times have we seen such a plot? Just this time, it is funny.

Enola Holmes 2: Is Netflix planning a Sequel?

If you ask anybody about Detectives, a prominent name that comes to their mind is Sherlock Holmes. He has earned a big reputation with the Robert Downey Jr.’s version and the TV Series in 2016 starring Benedict Cumberbatch. In the same way, the studio came up with a movie called Enola Holmes. Unlike the previous media based on Sherlock, he is not the central character for this film.

The inspiration for the film came from a book by Nancy Springer that revolves around a girl named “Enola.” She is Sherlock’s younger sister, trained to be witty and sharp, just like her brother. Enola Homles was directed by Harry Bradbeer, and the movie was released on September 23, 2020, on Netflix, along with limited theatre screenings in America.

A still from Enola Holmes

The film gives us the most-unladylike heroine, Enola, played by the charming Millie Bobbie Brown, while the rest of the main cast was:

  • Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes,
  • Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes,
  • Louis Partridge as Viscount Tewkesbury

The story focuses on Enola from the start. She is a sixteen-year-old girl living with her mother in the mansion of the great Holmes family. Her life changes when her mother disappears, leaving her to live on her own. Her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, learn about the disappearance and return home to take care of her. Enola does not like the strict behavior of her elder brother, Mycroft, and leaves the house to find her mother on her own.

Enola is formally unschooled, but she is an expert at ciphers and very knowledgeable due to reading many books. Enola finds herself in the midst of adventure when she goes out in the world after the disappearance of her mother. On the way to a known destination of her mother, she runs into Tewkesbury, a boy on the run from his family, and hunted by an assassin. So, she makes it her task to help Tewkesbury and finds her mother along the way.

Enola and Her Lover

There no doubt that the way this young girl’s power was reflected created a good contrast on the screen. Apart from detective scenes, there is a tincture of a love story. We can also see Enola rebelling against all those who wanted to control her while she tried to act independently and stay like she was with her mother. Here, Sherlock was not someone impressive as he was distant most of the time and her admiration for her brother turned into anger when he didn’t support her initially. Nevertheless, Enola has the intelligence of her brother, and she will be sufficient on her own.

Enola Holmes 2?

The studio did a great job with the film in terms of cinematography and suspense throughout. It gave the vibe of a ‘Sherlock’ film. However, the audience came out with mixed responses about the film. Some admired the diversity of the film, but others criticized the lack of depth in the driving plot. Still, this is a potential franchise for Netflix, and the cast could be called back for a sequel in the next few years. There was no immediate announcement for a sequel. But if a new movie happens, it may move the plot towards the revolutionary women involved in the film. We have to wait for the official words here. Stay tuned for updates on the topic.