‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Episode 168 Release Date

Boruto and Sarada were barely saved due to the timely effort of Mitsuki after the heavy defeat against Deepa. Mitsuki activated the Sage Mode to retrieve both of them and get away from Deepa by letting him take the Hashirama Cells. We have no idea what Deepa and Victor want with the Hashirama Cells but they were willing to kill for this tool. Both of them got away after defeating the entire Konoha team along with the land of Haze ninja. We also saw that they still need something else for whatever Victor wants to do with the Hashirama Cells.

Konohamaru and Mugino are looking into that after recovering for a bit at Konoha while the rest of the team is training till they come back. Mitsuki was the most injured after this incident as Sage Mode has a lot of bad effects on his body. He lost his organs and there was no way for the ninja to heal him. This is why he was sent to Orochimaru to heal for a while. He needs full regeneration and a lot of care from his creator. I hope he can use Sage mode more effectively after he is rebuilt by Orochimaru.

Boruto was looking for Sasuke to teach him a better form of Rasengan but Sasuke is not a master at that. He refers him to Kakashi because Naruto is too busy in his Hokage job. Kakashi was the sixth Hokage at one time but he just slacks off now because Naruto took over. It is nice to see that Kakashi will be teaching some new stuff to Boruto for a change. As for Sarada, she needs to master her Sharingan to use it during a battle for longer. There is no one else more suited for this training than Sasuke.

The next episode features these training sessions. Boruto Episode 168 is expected to come out on October 4, 2020.  You can watch the anime on the streaming service of Crunchyroll.

Deepa and Victor are connected to Kara and they have insight into that organization. Konohamaru and Mugino are going after them on their own which could be dangerous. Someone like Sasuke could get more deep into this matter if he realized that. From their conversation, it seemed like they are in bad terms with the members of Kara but we will see about that. This is anime canon stuff so we have little idea how this is connected to the people of Kara.

So, in this mostly anime stuff, we are about to get to the original manga stuff. It is nice to see team 7 doing normal missions while the manga is an all-out battle overall. But we need to get to the Kara Arc. There are 3-4 such episodes before the people from Kara start appearing again. For now, we see these shinobi train for the intense battles coming their way later. The encounter with Deepa will look safer after the main brass of Kara start showing up. We will get the appearance of Kawaki first after all.

One Piece Episode 944: Release Date and Preview

For the next episode of One Piece, the focus will be on the uncontrolled rage of Big Mom towards anyone that comes in her way. Her hunger will only be satisfied if the Red Bean Soup is given to her. We have seen how Big Mom behaves at such occasions and she will go wild on everyone especially Queen and Luffy. One Piece Episode 944 is scheduled to release on 4 October 2020,

Most of us were looking forward to the fight between Queen and Luffy in the latest episode 943 of One Piece but its getting interrupted now. In the earlier tease, we got to know that Big Mom lost her memory when she fell from her ship on the way to Wano Island. She met Chopper and he led her to the place where Luffy is being kept right now. She is hungry so Chopper has promised that she will find Red Bean Soup at this place. However, as we know, Luffy and others already devoured all of the Red Bean Soup. Poor Big Mom, she got another reason to get mad at Luffy now.

Anyhow, Big Mom has made it to the place right when Luffy and Queen were on the verge of fighting all out. Queen started a competition called Sumo Inferno to punish the bad behaving prisoners at this prison which holds thousands of captives of Beast Pirates. Luffy is powerless because of the exploding cuff around his neck which will kill him if he steps out of the ring. Queen doesn’t know that Luffy knows how to disarm this device and go all out on him. He was about to do that but that won’t be necessary anymore. Queen has bigger things to deal with.

On the other side, the Straw Hat crew was successfully able to rescue Otoko when she was about to be killed by Shogun. Yasuie had to die unfortunately but his sacrifice will be crucial for the further plan of the Samurai. Zoro had to face Kyushiro while Sanji engaged X Drake. Kyushiro was able to keep up with Zoro but he bailed when the Oniwabanshu showed up. These groups of the ninja are not that strong but they do cause some problems for the group. Eventually, Sanji knocks the Dinosaur Drake and the crew is mostly out of trouble. Law was cornered by Hawkins because his group is now hostage to Hawkins and this means he will be captured along with his crew as he cannot kill his crew members.


Due to the sacrifice of Yasuie, Kinemon and Inu will be able to recruit Ashura Doji, who is trying to avoid them for a while. We still don’t have all nine revealed in the manga but the main attack will commence after they are all together. Yasuie has let them expand their operation and his new posters have pointed to a new meeting place for the Samurai. On the day they have agreed, a huge force will gather for their last stand against the evil Kaido and Orochi.

One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers: Jack Almost Died

One Piece Chapter 991 is expected to release tomorrow while we bring you the early spoilers for the chapter. This chapter featured two main battlefields in the current conflict between Kaido and Straw Hats. The Tobi Roppo just lost one of their members as X Drake decided to join Straw Hat in his quest to take down Kaido from the throne of the emperor of the Sea.

In that context, the first battle concerns X Drake. Queen found out that X Drake is a traitor in the Beast Pirates crew. We already know that X Drake is undercover active member of Navy despite formely retiring as the Rear Admiral previously. In flashback panels of the latest manga chapter, we know that X Drake knew Coby back in the navy days. This points to the connection of Drake with Monkey D. Garp as well.

Anyhow, Drake got away from Queen at first and managed to take down a number in the process. We know now that Numbers are a group of 10 ancient gaints like Oars serving under Kaido. The three that appeared recently were all drunk and very easy to take down but others could cause problems soon enough. Most of the Straw Hat crew advised against trusting Drake but Luffy was not concerned and he will fight Queen with the rest of them. Queen has got a very peculiar weapon that could cause massive problems. There was no mention of the death predicted in the previous chapter but we will find out soon enough.

The Release Date for One Piece Chapter 991 is 27 September 2020, and the chapter will be available on the Manga Plus platform at 3PM (GMT). The title for for this chapter is “Please Let us Die”.

The title points to the instance when the “Akazaya Samurai” challenge Kaido to let them die and take him down with them. They have had enough of the evil schemes of Kaido that have ruined the Wano Country, striped it from the beloved Shogun Oden and affected most of the people in Wano. They are willing to lay their lives in order to kill Kaido and free the country. As a matter of fact, they are not doing bad.

When these Akazaya attacked Kaido for the first time, Jack came to protect kaido along with many other minions. This is when the minks decided to active Sulong which gave them huge advantage over their opponents. The two mink lords became so powerful that they defeated Jack with relative ease. Both of them together are a force to reckon with, even without the Sulong. Other minks were also impressive and took down many of the minions.

Just as Jack is on the verge of death, Kaido steps up. Minks are pretty much done with their part in this fight as Sulong has a huge toll on their bodies. Kaido attacks with a fire attack from his belly towards the Mink lords and this is when Kinemon gets involved. Being the fire Samurai, he slices through the fire like its nothing. Kaido is left with all nine Akazaya Samurai (Izo took the place of Kanjuro) to face and the battle is just getting intense.

Amazon has called for “The Boys” Spin-off along with Season 3

After the successful second season of “The Boys” this September, Amazon has announced a spin-off series to follow it. This is in addition to Season 3 that is expected to start production in 2021. This news came with the newest episode of Season 2. Amazon has gained a double audience compared to the first season for their original series and they want to expand this franchise.

The executive producer of The Boys wrote this spin-off series for the series that features a Supe School run by Vought International. This untitled spin-off is expected to be the same R-rated series that features the conflicts and physicalities between Superheroes that are restricted to a single building. There will be different stakes as compared to the original series but it is nice that Amazon is going for another original series that rivals the mainstream superhero movies.

The Boys is an over-the-top superhero movie that takes superheroes from Marvel and DC and makes them super-evil. In this world, the top superhero group called “The Seven” are celebrities for the business of a pharmaceutical organization called Voght International. Vought made a chemical called Compound V which was used to make artificial superheroes and recruits the strongest to work in “The Seven”. They do not care about the mental states of these recruits and most of the superheroes in this organization are pure evil.

The makers of this show have blasted the evilness of these heroes on us since the start. It is essentially an Adult show that shows how DC movies should have been. DC tried to make their movies with a lot of seriousness involved but Amazon took it another level. “The Boys” comic is a best seller that was chosen to be the competitor of a movie like Deadpool. Turns out, the satire is done in a better way and The Boys series is here to stay.

In this show, The Boys are the anti-hero that holds grudges against the deed of the top superheroes. The squad of MM, Frenchie, and Butcher are the original members of this group. Hughie joined in after his girlfriend was killed due to the hero called A-train. His girlfriend got destroyed because A-Train could not control his speed. Kimiko and Starlight are the latest additions to this squad as both of them do not like the behavior of Vought when their superpowers were used for bad stuff.

The main villain is  Vought for this show. We can expect that someone in the school featured in the spin-off will also decide to go against the controlled environment practiced by Vought. We will let you know about the further details as they come but you can expect the spin-off at the end of 2021 along with Season 3 of the show. There is so much conflict in the current season of The Boys that we will have a lot to look forward to in the next season. As this is the biggest thing that runs on the Amazon Prime platform, we can expect a lot of media related to it in the future.

‘Enola Holmes’ is Now Available on Netflix

Sherlock Holmes is the most popular detective personality of all time. He is based in the early 20th century England, solving crimes with his impressive intuition and superhuman intelligence. For Enola Homles, Sherlock was played by the much handsome, Henry Cavill, who was honestly too good looking for this role. But, more importantly, Elona Holmes was about the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock was played as a side character. Millie Bobbie Brown played the role of Elona, the sixteen-year-old sister who has the wit matching the famous Sherlock Holmes. However, she is reckless and inexperienced with the outside world as she spends most of her time with her mother.

Enola Holmes was initially released on September 23, 2020. There was no cinematic premiere because of the pandemic going on in the world. However, the movie is available for the audience of Netflix for streaming online.

Enola Holmes is not an original character and was not present in the novels featuring Sherlock written by Sir Arther Coyle. Despite being a fictional character, Sherlock Holmes has existed for more than a century. There have been many writings based on him over the years. Enola Holmes is taken from the series of novels called “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” written by Nancy Springer. The screenplay for this movie was written by Jack Thorne based on the novel.

Enola Holmes is the youngest child in the Holmes Household. Her mother Eudoria has taken care of her since childhood while her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft were away for most of her life. Her life changes when her mother suddenly leaves the house leaving her alone at home. This is when her brothers arrive to take care of her. Enola was always studying books, training to fight, and learning mind games with her mother. She is intelligent, insightful, and full of energy. But her brothers see it as a disgrace and want her to behave like a proper lady. This is why she decides to leave the house and look for her mother herself.

Movie Trailer

This movie was made with the trademark “Sherlock holmes” plot in mind that was mixed with the typical struggles of a teenage girl of that era. Moreover, Elona is not the usual girl. She inherited the same wit as her brother, the famous Sherlock Holmes, and her mother trained her to be a fighter. It was a struggle when her mother decided to leave and she was left in the care of her brothers. The more strict was Mycroft Holmes who wanted Elona to look and behave like a proper lady. But Sherlock positively helped her and she was able to learn the ways of life on her own.

Enola Holmes is a great story overall. You may not like how Enola and her brothers were depicted in this movie but this is how it used to be in the 1900s society. The actress Millie Brown did a phenomenal job in depicting Enola as the witty sister of Sherlock Holmes. Stay tuned for a full review of the movie on our site as well.

The God of High School Finale: What to Expect

As you know, The God of High School is going to air its final episode at the end of this week, at least for this season. The Release Date for GOH Episode 13 is 28 September 2020. This is one of the Crunchyroll originals and the episodes premiere directly on their website. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming finale of the season.

This will be a rushed ending for a very rushed anime and leave too many plot holes. You would think that so much stuff cannot be fitted in an anime of only 13 episodes but they did it. As a result, a lot of stuff was entirely skipped from the story. GOH was a tournament of power to bring the strongest people against each other to find the extraordinary fighters. But before the tournament could get interesting, a lot of interference came from a mysterious organization called Nox which turned it into a conflict between very powerful individuals.

Teak is a powerful participant in the Tournament who is known for his violence and greed for power. As we saw, he made sure to leave his opponents with a considerable amount of damage while overpowering them with his unusual Charyeok. He showed the true potential of his power in the latest episode of GOH where the monsters inside him came out with their full power. There is a key that came out of Park Illpo which granted Jegal even more power and he has now transcended into a godly form ready to destroy everyone that comes in his way.

Jeon of the Six

Moments before this, a huge battle took place between The Six and the main leader of Nox. Among the Six, a strong old man made his appearance against Nox leader. He was too strong in reality. There was a huge Arsenal of nuclear weapons launched towards Korea to destroy the entire conflict of Charyeok users as it was getting out of hand at this point. The Nox leader had summoned a lot of minions and God himself to destroy everything in existence. This is when “Jeon of The Six” showed up. He destroyed all these threats instantly, teleported every single person in the country to another place, and died in the process.

All the members of The Six are awfully strong but they have been through very intense battles. Taek is threatening to destroy everything now and there is essentially no one to stop him. No one but Jin Mori. The thing to look forward is the power of Jin Mori that was foreshadowed in the fight against Illpo in Episode 11. From the brief look at his Charyeok, we know that Jin Mori possesses a godly power that is not seen in the anime yet. It will be revealed in the final battle coming up. So, GOH will be wrapped up and we can expect a new season in the coming year. I would say that rushing a story like this was not optimal. This could have been a lot more interesting if fewer subplots were going on at the same time. Also, the fights would have been much more enjoyable if we knew the background behind them.