Netflix ends 30-day Free Trial after 200 Million Subscribers

Netflix offered a pretty amazing one-month free trial to its subscribers, which people were in love with. Most of us have benefitted from the one-month free trial offer. Recently, Netflix has terminated this offer as it hit 200 million subscribers count on a global level. The official site suggests that the free trial offer does not exist anymore.

It seems like Netflix is done with attracting new customers through a free-tag, which also means that it has more faith in its content. When a platform believes in quality content, it doesn’t need to depend on offers and discounts as it trusts that audience will still be there for the content. This develops a sense of loyalty between the company and the consumers of its products.

The one-month free trial was pure bliss for content lovers as they could continue streaming and downloading stuff free of any cost. The users needed to log in or sign up for Netflix. It was followed by an option to claim the free trial period of one month. After entering the payment details, the subscribers could continue to enjoy the free month of content streaming and downloading without any issues. The best part was that the free trial could be chosen under any plan. So, even if a person wishes to continue with the basic plan, he could use the premium plan while running the free trial and change the plan whenever he wanted to do so.

This was an amazing offer for Netflix lovers as they could enjoy all the available features for one month without having to pay anything. A lot of people had been using this free trial for their benefit. The plan of stacking up shows to watch and binge-watching them in the free month trial is not something new to hear about.

Cancellation of Netflix’s free trial

Well, the decision was not a once and for all decision. Netflix had already started canceling this feature for a lot of international markets. Slowly and gradually, it had made the free trial feature unavailable for several countries over time since 2018. Although the audience has many options to avail of the free trial service from many streaming platforms, Netflix is not the only one to end the free trial service. Sometime back, Disney+ also canceled its 7-day trial. The viewers will now have to pay from the get-go as Netflix has become more of an original content platform than just a streaming platform for already popular shows.

Watch Free feature

A new feature has been added to Netflix. A watch for free section has been added on Netflix where viewers can watch some specific shows and some selected episodes of popular shows available for a free watch without having to subscribe or join. A small set of shows are under the watch free option for people who wish to watch free content.

MI 10T and MI 10T Pro Release Date and Expected Features

The MI 10T series is Xiaomi’s latest showcase for 2020, which claims to bring all high-end specifications and features. The series is all set with its amazing camera capabilities and reasonable price points to hold in the market. MI 10T series is more of the second mainstream flagship of Xiaomi, following the MI 10 release from earlier this year.

Over the last few years, Xiaomi has succeeded in following a bi-annual refresh pattern for its flagships and showcases. Even with the year 2020, it has managed to be a setback by following the same philosophy and approach. The product is of primary importance for the Chinese tech-giant as it aims to reach for its roots in the high-end smartphone industry.

On September 30th, the company held the worldwide unveiling of the great series, and right after the massive launch, Xiaomi confirmed that the MI 10T series made its debut on October 15th.

Cutting to the chase with some important details

  • What is the MI 10T series? It is the successor to the flagship of MI 10.
  • When will this series be out in the market? It is already released on 15th October in India.
  • What will it cost? The phone starts at Rs. 35,999.

Design and Display of the phone

The entire MI 10T series moves to a display of a 6.67 inch LCD Panel with a Full HD+ resolution. The look is completed with the curved edges, and a new AdaptiveSync feature has also been added to switch the refresh rates between 30Hz, 48Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz, which is mainly based on the content to have a perfect balance between smoothness and power consumption of the phone.

Another exciting thing is the 144Hz panel, which is in both MI 10T and MI 10T Pro, the highest on any smartphone in the market. Also, talking about features such as MEMC, True Colour, P3 color gamut, and a new reading mode are also to be experienced by the users.

The series will also feature a familiar glass back design where the cameras of the phone will be housed in a large canvas with the primary sensor located on the top side of the phone. The MI 1OT series will have the fingerprint sensor embedded within the power button on the right side of the phone. Also, the front, back, and the camera are shielded by Gorilla Glass 5.

Specifications and Features

Both MI 10T and MI 10T Pro support 5G connectivity, where the series is all ready to go on the next-gen connectivity in phones. As far as chipsets are concerned, both the phones will have Snapdragon 865. RAM options include 6 and 8 GB LPDDR5 RAM, along with the option of upgrading it up to 256 GB UFS 3.1 storage.

The phones will come with large 5000mAh batteries with support for 33W MMT charging with the option of super-fast charging in an hour. The camera features will include a 108MP primary camera, followed by a 13MP ultra-wide shooter and a 20MP front camera resolution. It is also paired with interesting shooting modes such as AL SkyScaping, Clones, Astrophotography, dual other, and others with the option of 8k recording as well.

Gandi Baat Season 5 Release Date

ZEE5 Club and Alt Balaji are all set to come back with season 5 of Gandi Baat one more time. Ekta Kapoor’s series has been a huge hit ever since it was released for the first time, where it managed to make a big splash on the OTT platform. Going back to the season 4th of the show, the show received a good response from the audience and gathered love and popularity from every corner. Once again, Ekta Kapoor is bringing the next season of the series, which will soon be available for the fans to enjoy.

After 4 consecutive successful seasons of the Gandi Baat series, Balaji is all set to come up with the next season. The viewers and audiences of the show do not have to wait for much longer for the next season as Ekta Kapoor has announced the release date of the new season. The hit erotic-themed show is ready for the next season, just nine months after the schedule of season 4 wrapped up.

The show is an OTT platform-based series which is coming for the fifth time on the screens.  Alt Balaji announced the release date and time of the show by sharing a poster on social media handle, mentioning the releasing date in the caption, which is set to be released on 8th October at 12 noon IST.

Episodes in Season 5 of Gandi Baat?

The confirmation has not been made by the sources about the number of episodes in the upcoming season. However, in the most-liked scenario, the season will probably have 5 episodes. With the high popularity and demand of the show, it can be calculated that ZEE5 or Alt Balaji will aim to produce as many episodes as possible so that the viewers can enjoy the show with each upcoming season. Also, it has not been confirmed either whether all the episodes of season 5 will release at the same time on the same day or not. If we look at the previous seasons, Alt Balaji has dropped all episodes at the same time. That is why it is expected that they will follow the same pattern as the previous ones. However, no confirmation can be made out of this.

Season 5 Poster

Story review

The series is an erotic show which is to be watched by viewers of 18+ of age. The show’s main focus is on rural India, where each episode is themed on a new plot with new faces and characters coming on the big screens. The series depicts the desires and eroticism of young people who come alive with a  lot of excitement and wanting from the other side.

Much-heated controversy

Ever since the show came out, Ekta Kapoor has been consistently in the news headlines. The show had to face a lot of opposition from the army due to an erotic shot in season 4 in Indian Army Uniform. After a strong enmity and hatred from the army people and the general public, Ekta Kapoor was forced to delete that scene. Further, she apologized to people for the chaos it created among the audience.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Release Date

Mob Psycho 100 has been very popular amongst the manga audience. It is written and illustrated by ONE. The manga series became so popular that an anime television series was produced inspired by the manga. A drama series was also produced, looking at the popularity of the manga series. The manga series also got a spin-off in 2018. In 2018, the manga got approved for English production, and the anime got approved for English dub. Over 1.2 million were sold by 2016, and it also received Shogakukan Manga Award.

It was announced on 2nd December 2015 that the manga would be adapted into an anime television series produced by Bones and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. The scriptwriting was done by Hiroshi Seko. The first season of the series aired from 12 July 2016 to 27 September 2016. It also aired on HBO Max in the United States.

In 2018, a special episode of 60 minutes was released. It was a compilation along with some new scenes. During the same time, the second season was announced at the end of an event. The second season aired from 7th January to 1st April 2019. It was also dubbed in English. The original video animations were released on 25th September 2019. The anime series got appreciated by a lot of people. It was also called one of the best anime series in 2016.

Season 3 Release date

Season 1 was released in 2016, while season two came in 2019. With the current pandemic, it would be a little difficult for it to get released before 2021. Even after that, we have no official news from the team, so it is impossible to say for the predictions about the third season of Mob Psycho 100 season 3.

Since the anime did amazingly well, hence it seems that there still is room for production of season 3. Unfortunately, season 2 ended on quite an ending, and continuing the series form could be difficult. We don’t know what the future holds for Mob psycho 100 seasons 3 but what we can do is expect for the series to get released for the fans. Let’s hope to get official confirmation soon.

The plot

Shigeo Kageyama is a normal usual schoolboy in the middle who is called mob by everyone because of having a lack of presence of mind. However, he is actually a powerful guy secretly with a heightened sixth sense. He keeps his powers shackled inside him in fear of losing control over them. He goes to a self-proclaimed psychic to learn how to control his powers. With the suppression of his emotions, his frustration increases, and his powers begin to get out of his own control. He faces other powerful humans and fights with them. We witness Shigeo struggling to keep his powers intact without harming anyone.

iPhone 13 Release Date and Early Leaks

While Apple’s iPhone 12 just came out, Apple also has some amazing deals stored for you in the year 2021. If iPhone 12 with all its outstanding features is not your upgraded option and is not your call, then you may likely be interested in what the company has to offer next year with the iPhone 13. As per the latest reports and rumors, the company plans to launch the next line up of iPhone in the next year. Let’s dig deeper to gather all the information about iPhone 13.

There’s no official word by the company regarding the release date of Apple’s iPhone 13; however, we can still make a close guess. Hinted by the previous releases, then we might be able to get our hands on the latest release of apple somewhere in September 2021. However, the worldwide pandemic has adversely affected the market, and thus, the release date can delay. In that case, we might have to wait till the end of 2021 to see it roll out and hitting the markets all over the world.

If we talk in dollars, then the iPhone 12 series start from the price range of $699 for the mini version. Now addressing the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the most expensive phone of the series, the price goes up all the way to $1099. In this scenario, we should expect the iPhone 13 to be somewhere between $699 to $1099.

iPhone 13 Features

According to the latest information, Apple is planning to launch four distinct models of iPhone 13 next year.  As per the sources, the iPhone 13 series would likely get integrated panels based on Samsung’s Y-Octa technology. The phone will also support 5G connectivity with OLED panels in all four models of the phone. Here are a few outstanding features of the iPhone 13, which will drive the audience to want it more.


Talking about the iPhone 12 has returned to flat sides with a new design, which explains that the iPhone 13 will not likely change the external appearance much.  The 2021 model of the iPhone is expected to have a reduced touch on it, where it could either take less vertical space or have a smaller width on the other hand. It must be noted that reducing the notch area of the phone will ultimately require smaller Face ID sensors.


As per the rumors from a supply chain consultant, the display in 2021 will optimize the viewing content and may also necessitate the use of LTPO technology so that the phone’s life can be longer and better. It has also been claimed that the company wants its Pro model to have 120Hz refresh rates, which would be accompanied by LTPO backplanes.


Another big-rumored improvement is for the camera of the iPhone 13. The reports suggest that the iPhone 13 pro version will most likely feature a Time-of-Flight camera, along with a triple-lens configuration. The phone will also receive a boost on the camera feature from the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

‘Chippendales’ casts Dev Patel as the Lead

Dev Patel is all set to cast in a long-gestating movie about a murder mystery in the iconic stripteasing franchise Chippendales. The film will set its focus on Somen Banerjee’s rise and fall in order to pursue his American dream, right from the founding of the multi-dollar Chippendales to being accused and charged with a conspiracy to kill three of his business colleagues. After that, Banerjee also indulged himself in hiring hitmen to take out Chippendales’competitors and also allegedly conspired in the murder of the company’s dance choreographer Nick De Noia. The film also reflects the story of Banerjee’s partner, Paul Snider, who is the husband as well as the killer of Playboy model Dorothy Stratten with a few other members who got twisted in Chippendales’ brutal and violent history.

Deadline officially reported that Dev Patel and the director of the movie, Craig Gillespie, is now completely engaged with the project. Dev Patel will play the character of an Indian immigrant, Somen “Steve,” who bought an absolutely failed Los Angeles club in the late ’70s, named Destiny II and, transformed that club into Chippendales. The club is a flat out male strip club which is mainly targeted at female audiences in the United States of America.

The further plot of the story revolves around the ultimate success of the club, where it became a multi-million dollar brand in America. Banerjee succeeds in making a lot of money from the club, including calendar sales and touring performances. However, the silver lining of his business starts to disappear gradually, where Banerjee is involved in plots of murdering his two former Chippendales dancers.

Craig Gillespie is set to direct this biography movie, who is recognized for his Oscar-winning film “Tonya.” The film has been planned for almost two decades now by Permut Productions’ David Permut. The movie is all set to be produced by Bold Films, where Craig Williams has authored the newest draft of the film.

When Banerjee entered the states, he decided to buy a failed club in the late ’70s, which was located in Los Angeles, America. Banerjee decided to turn it into a women’s mud-wrestling male strip club, mainly targeted for the female audience. The man succeeded in turning the club into a big hit and a revenue-generating place for himself, which unfortunately did not last long. Since the actor is a renowned star globally and has won many awards and the hearts of millions of people out there, it would be interesting to see him as Banerjee, completely nailing the character one more time.

Director: Craig Gillespie

The actor’s breakthrough position came with his Oscar-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire, which was released back in 2008. After that, Dev Patel has starred in a lot of high-profile motion pictures. His role in the movie Lion gained him worldwide recognition and designation all around the world. Starred in Armando Iannucci’s interval comedy, “The Personal History of David Copperfield,” the Chippendales movie and David’s Lowery’s upcoming medieval fantasy “The Green Knight” are popping out soon.