Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Release Date

Mob Psycho 100 has been very popular amongst the manga audience. It is written and illustrated by ONE. The manga series became so popular that an anime television series was produced inspired by the manga. A drama series was also produced, looking at the popularity of the manga series. The manga series also got a spin-off in 2018. In 2018, the manga got approved for English production, and the anime got approved for English dub. Over 1.2 million were sold by 2016, and it also received Shogakukan Manga Award.

It was announced on 2nd December 2015 that the manga would be adapted into an anime television series produced by Bones and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. The scriptwriting was done by Hiroshi Seko. The first season of the series aired from 12 July 2016 to 27 September 2016. It also aired on HBO Max in the United States.

In 2018, a special episode of 60 minutes was released. It was a compilation along with some new scenes. During the same time, the second season was announced at the end of an event. The second season aired from 7th January to 1st April 2019. It was also dubbed in English. The original video animations were released on 25th September 2019. The anime series got appreciated by a lot of people. It was also called one of the best anime series in 2016.

Season 3 Release date

Season 1 was released in 2016, while season two came in 2019. With the current pandemic, it would be a little difficult for it to get released before 2021. Even after that, we have no official news from the team, so it is impossible to say for the predictions about the third season of Mob Psycho 100 season 3.

Since the anime did amazingly well, hence it seems that there still is room for production of season 3. Unfortunately, season 2 ended on quite an ending, and continuing the series form could be difficult. We don’t know what the future holds for Mob psycho 100 seasons 3 but what we can do is expect for the series to get released for the fans. Let’s hope to get official confirmation soon.

The plot

Shigeo Kageyama is a normal usual schoolboy in the middle who is called mob by everyone because of having a lack of presence of mind. However, he is actually a powerful guy secretly with a heightened sixth sense. He keeps his powers shackled inside him in fear of losing control over them. He goes to a self-proclaimed psychic to learn how to control his powers. With the suppression of his emotions, his frustration increases, and his powers begin to get out of his own control. He faces other powerful humans and fights with them. We witness Shigeo struggling to keep his powers intact without harming anyone.

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 4 Release Date

Nanatsu no Taizai is finally back with a new season, after the much-awaited third season that last released in March 2020. Based on a Japanese fantasy manga series,” Nanatsu no Taizai,” whose writer and illustrator is none other than Nabaka Suzuki. Also known as The Seven Deadly Sins, it is also on Netflix. The series debuted on MBS and other Japan News Network stations on 5 October 2014. Season 4 will cover the “Dragon’s Judgement” arc.

Last season ended with the comeback of Meliodas, as he killed Fraudrin, the commander of the Ten Commandments. Later, we get to know that Melodias is cursed with immortality, and he is Demon King’s son. Demon king schemes to feed on the emotions, thus gaining the power to return and conquer the human realm. After killing Fraurdrin, Meliodas is troubled. He expresses his anxiety to Elizabeth that he enjoyed killing Fraudrin and is worried he may have to revert to the demon. Elizabeth held him in her arms and told him that she would never leave his side no matter what happens.

Some things we can expect for the new season are to show the connection between Meliodas and Elizabeth. It is a very mysterious but trustworthy connection, and it is becoming a significant part of the plot. As Meliodas takes risks to protect Elizabeth, this connection could take the story in a completely different direction. Will we see him finally surrender to his demon form?

Release Date

According to rumors, The Seven Deadly Sins Season four was initially scheduled for July 2020, but Netflix caused some serious confusion within the anime community. Netflix released ‘The Imperial Wrath of the Gods arc’ as the Season 4 of the anime on their site. The actual season 4 of Seven Deadly Sins was delayed to 15 October 2020. For the Netflix audience, this will be the Season 5 of Seven Deadly Sins. It has 24 episodes in total in season 4. Furthermore, We have no idea when we can see the next season as it is postponed to January 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But anime lovers, let’s hope it releases soon.


  • Meliodas is the protagonist of the Nanatsu No Taizai anime/manga series. He’s the leader of the team; he has a dragon symbol, owner of the Boar Hat bar.
  • Diane is a friendly person and has immense confidence in her abilities. She used to be a Holy Knight. She is a giant over 30 feet tall.
  • Ban characterizes the sin of greed and has a fox symbol on his body. He shares a unique friendly-rivalry relationship with Meliodas. Ban was imprisoned and was sent to Baste Dungeon after the disbandment of Seven Deadly Sins. However, he escapes when he hears the news Meliodas was still alive.
  • King has a grizzly bear symbol and signifies the Sin of Sloth among the seven deadly sins. His real name is Fairy King Harlequin. He was king of fairies and around 1300 years old.
  • Gowther signifies the Sin of Lust and has a symbol of a goat on his body. He has a love of books and mostly seen reading during his free time.
  • Merlin signifies the Sin of Greed and has the symbol of a boar on her body. She is one of the best magicians, and she has a research lab for her magical artifacts and items.
  • Escanor is the only regular human in the group. He has a symbol of a lion on his body and represents the Sin of Pride. There’s a unique inherent quality known as Sunshine that he becomes immensely powerful during the daytime and weak and fragile as soon as the dusk sets in.

One Piece Chapter 992 Spoilers: The Party has Started

One Piece manga went for a two-week break after the delay in the new chapter due to the author, Eiichiro Oda’s health issues. From the reports, he was sick when Chapter 991 was released and could not work on the next chapter. One week after that, his staff came out with an official announcement that Oda has recovered and he is working hard to deliver the next chapter on time. One Piece Chapter 992 is scheduled on October 17 at midnight JST for release on the Manga Plus site. We have some spoilers for this chapter ahead of that.

Kinemon and the Scabbards planned the Raid at Ongashima for the night of the Fire Festival. This is the night when Kaido and his subordinates will party hard and get drunk while having no idea that a large force approaches. The attack comes and the Beast Pirates are caught by surprise. They thought that the rebellion is suppressed, and there is nothing to worry about, but the Pirates and Samurai are in front of them for the showdown. As usual, our main character, Luffy, is the main force here, and he wants to fight Kaido himself to liberate the Wano Country.

The Scabbards beat Luffy to it, and they are currently fighting on the roof of the Ongashima Castle against Kaido. Reinforcements came in the form of Jack and others, but the Minks went Sulong and beat everyone with the beastly strength. This is when Kaido intervenes, and it is now Kaido vs. The Scabbards. Scabbards pledged to lay down their lives to rid the country from Kaido and avenge their mentor Oden.

Down in the main festival celebrations, the real party has started. Straw Hat Crew is taking on the Beast Pirates, and they look very confident even though the opponent is an emperor’s crew. As Franky said, they should act like the crew of the Pirate King. Luffy recruited yet another ally for the cause in the form of X Drake. Most of the initial duels are set, and it’s a War for the future of this Samurai country.

Chapter 992 Spoilers

The main focus of this chapter will be the fight between Kaido and the nine Scabbards. Their captain, Kinemon, will take the main stance against Kaido while the rest throw their attacks to back him up. Kiku and Izo are also seen in action. This group is powerful, and they have the confidence to take an Emperor head-on. Not sure how long they can keep it up though.

Yamato chases after Momonosuke to convince him to trust ‘his father.’ Yamato takes his role of ‘Oden’ way too seriously. Still, this means that Momonosuke is safe for the time being. Black Maria makes her appearance in the chapter. Ulti and Page One try to chase after Yamato again, but Nami and Usopp will successfully hold them off. One Piece is not on break next week, and Oda seems to have recovered now. Despite that, he has many breaks planned later this year, making everyone wonder, “Can Oda reach the 1000 chapters mark in 2020” I say, probably No!

Dr. Stone Chapter 170 Release Date and Preview

The story of Dr. Stone is moving to another new land as Senku suddenly decided to go to South America. The Kingdom of Science came to the United States of America to use corn as a way to revive people. They were not expecting anyone to live in this place, but they found a whole another Kingdom here that was run by another scientist, Dr. Xeno. He was a proper NASA scientist originating in America, and he laid the foundation for this huge scientific marvel that takes the destroyed world back to its glory. However, even Xeno was not able to figure out the Revival Fluid. It is unknown how he gathered his small force, but Xeno was unaware of Nital before now.

Senku and most of his team are heading to South America. The continent that has countries like Brazil and Argentina. They left some of their people on the Aircraft carrier and gave the revival formula to one of the subordinates of Xeno. Senku wants them to revive the million people themselves and do that without their trusted Xeno. This is a diplomatic solution that Senku came up with. The other party cannot disagree with much of this stuff, and they are bound to use the Nital formula to bring a lot of people back. Some of the members of the Kingdom of Science, like Yuzuriha, were captured, and they will stay as the representatives of Japan till then. The conflict is now postponed. 

The adventure on the North American Continent is now done. The crew is headed towards South America, which is known to be the source of the petrification beam that turned everyone into Stone. This is where they will find yet another challenge and maybe some clue to the reasons and motivations behind this attack. We know that many people woke up without the petrification device, and they have lived for long times too. It is highly likely that another civilization is introduced in the upcoming brand-new adventure. 

The war setup that went on in the last few chapters was brilliant. The stakes were higher as Senku was targeted early on, but Xeno and his trusted assassin Stanley were completely caught off-guard. Not only did the team have a backup scientist, but they also built an entire tunnel through to Xeno’s HQ and gained a crucial advantage. In the end, the writer did a great job with the setup and finishing act of this arc. 

Next is a new adventure, another sea journey with mysterious circumstances and risky stakes at play. The team was separated into two, and each team needs to survive on their own to have a chance of meeting each other again. The plot completely skipped the built-up of a new society in America because this is not what this manga is about. It is about the adventure of visiting new places and finding the means to get to the moon eventually. Along with that, the whole petrified world needs to wake up, even if a thousand years too late. 

Chapter 170 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 170 is scheduled to release on October 17, 2020, at midnight (JST). You can find the latest updates for this manga on the official source – Manga Plus. The next chapter will take us through the journey to the continent of South America. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 170 Release Date

Boruto anime brought back the powerful villain named Deepa back into the plot through a mission related to the Land of Wind. The ninja from Konoha, Shikadai, had an encounter with a powerful puppet during his previous mission to the Sand Village. That puppet was never found again, so the team of Shikadai is tasked to find it with team Shinki from the Sand Village. On the way, Shikadai’s team 10 makes a stop at a popular eating place mainly due to ChoCho. But here they find a massacre done by Deepa, yet another encounter with Leaf Ninja in such a short amount of time.

The required puppet was easily found, but Deepa suddenly appeared and asked the team to give him the puppet. This is the object that Victor wanted Deepa to recover. Deepa is once again no match for these young ninjas and trounces them. As he is about to leave with the puppet, Shinki destroys it so that it cannot be used. Deepa still leaves without any further action leaving everyone in surprise. Deepa may not be as loyal to Victor’s cause as it was previously seen. This is where the mission ends, and Konoha is still left unclear about Deepa’s appearance at these places.

On the other side, Boruto and Sarada are continuing their training. Boruto has hit a wall as his chakra is not enough for a powerful Rasengan. He tried incorporating his element into the mix, but it is still not good enough for him. Kakashi gave him a few tips, but without having chakras like Naruto or Minato, it doesn’t work. Boruto should train his chakra instead of focusing on developing a new Rasengan.

Nevertheless, Shikadai will help him out in the upcoming episode. Sarada is still struggling to keep the Sharingan useful for a reasonable amount of time, and she is running into a similar chakra deficiency. Boruto Episode 170 will release on October 18, 2020, and you can watch it on Tokyo TV or stream it on Crunchyroll. This episode will take the training further for team 7.

When will the Fillers end?

The anime is currently in the episodes that are considered ‘Anime Canon.’ This is one of the arcs that are not from the manga, and you can notice certain irregularities in the story. These episodes are part of the Kara Actuation Arc that is slowly taking the story towards the introduction of Kara. So, when will the manga content start in the anime?

For the next two upcoming episodes, the story will continue on the training of Boruto and Sarada, and they will not be involved in anything further. Other non-manga plots will continue for at least 5-7 more episodes. Boruto anime has lost its popularity due to such poorly written Anime-only content that contributes little to the plot. There have been multiple arcs like this, and it has become the norm for Boruto to introduce them to build up for the actual manga content. Still, we eagerly wait as the story of these episodes keeps hinting at the future manga plot, along with the extra stuff.

One Piece Episode 946 Release Date and Preview

Big Mom suddenly appeared at the Udon Prison, causing havoc to get the ‘red bean soup’ that she was promised in this place. Chopper ran into Big Mom with no memory of herself and only hungry for food. When Big Mom arrived at Udon, Queen was holding a contest to push Luffy and old man Hyogoro to the limit in a Sumo match. Captain Kid and his first mate, Killer, also found themselves involved in the stakes, submerged in the water drowning to death. Queen was also the first to engage Big Mom, transforming into his brachiosaurus form and telling Big Mom that there is no red bean soup for her.

As the classic Big Mom would react, the memoryless Olin also goes mad at Queen. Using her incredible power, she throws one strong attack after another defeating Queen in an Instant. This is the type of power you would expect from a Yonko. With Queen knocked out, Big Mom finds the pot of red bean soup she was looking for, not knowing that it is empty. The rage goes even worse when Luffy claims that he ate all of it, and it was delicious. From that point, Big Mom is just blindly attacking Luffy and Hyogoro.

They both have an exploding collar around their neck for the sumo match, and as Big Mom destroys the ring, things get desperate. This is when Luffy activates a powerful form of Armament Haki to destroy the collars. It totally happened on instinct, but Hyogoro pushes him again to use it against Big Mom to practice and activate it on will. Luffy is up against a Yonko again, and it is Big Mom this time. This is where we will know the progress made by the training done in his time at Udon.

One Piece Episode 946 is scheduled to release on October 18, 2020, as per its weekly schedule. The latest episode is released on Fuji TV along with the streaming site, Crunchyroll. Big Mom is not listening to anyone until she is given her favorite food. As Luffy took it from her, he is now the focus of the rage. Even though Luffy is ready to take her on, his technique is not perfect, and it will not even slow the Yonko down. Luffy has to make a run for it and let the Beast Pirates handle her.

Queen will actually make another move after recovering for a bit. The dinosaur type of Zoan users are known for their stamina, and Queen will be back for more. From the preview, it looked like Queen will bait Big Mom to a Red Bean Soup pot and attack her with full power as she is distracted by the pot. Big Mom is known for her endurance, and it won’t get much of a result in the end. The communication system of Udon is already taken down due to work by Caribou and Raizo in the background. Kaido doesn’t know what is happening in Udon right now. He is the only person on the island with enough power to take on someone like Big Mom.