‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Episode 168 Release Date

Boruto and Sarada were barely saved due to the timely effort of Mitsuki after the heavy defeat against Deepa. Mitsuki activated the Sage Mode to retrieve both of them and get away from Deepa by letting him take the Hashirama Cells. We have no idea what Deepa and Victor want with the Hashirama Cells but they were willing to kill for this tool. Both of them got away after defeating the entire Konoha team along with the land of Haze ninja. We also saw that they still need something else for whatever Victor wants to do with the Hashirama Cells.

Konohamaru and Mugino are looking into that after recovering for a bit at Konoha while the rest of the team is training till they come back. Mitsuki was the most injured after this incident as Sage Mode has a lot of bad effects on his body. He lost his organs and there was no way for the ninja to heal him. This is why he was sent to Orochimaru to heal for a while. He needs full regeneration and a lot of care from his creator. I hope he can use Sage mode more effectively after he is rebuilt by Orochimaru.

Boruto was looking for Sasuke to teach him a better form of Rasengan but Sasuke is not a master at that. He refers him to Kakashi because Naruto is too busy in his Hokage job. Kakashi was the sixth Hokage at one time but he just slacks off now because Naruto took over. It is nice to see that Kakashi will be teaching some new stuff to Boruto for a change. As for Sarada, she needs to master her Sharingan to use it during a battle for longer. There is no one else more suited for this training than Sasuke.

The next episode features these training sessions. Boruto Episode 168 is expected to come out on October 4, 2020.  You can watch the anime on the streaming service of Crunchyroll.

Deepa and Victor are connected to Kara and they have insight into that organization. Konohamaru and Mugino are going after them on their own which could be dangerous. Someone like Sasuke could get more deep into this matter if he realized that. From their conversation, it seemed like they are in bad terms with the members of Kara but we will see about that. This is anime canon stuff so we have little idea how this is connected to the people of Kara.

So, in this mostly anime stuff, we are about to get to the original manga stuff. It is nice to see team 7 doing normal missions while the manga is an all-out battle overall. But we need to get to the Kara Arc. There are 3-4 such episodes before the people from Kara start appearing again. For now, we see these shinobi train for the intense battles coming their way later. The encounter with Deepa will look safer after the main brass of Kara start showing up. We will get the appearance of Kawaki first after all.

One Piece Episode 944: Release Date and Preview

For the next episode of One Piece, the focus will be on the uncontrolled rage of Big Mom towards anyone that comes in her way. Her hunger will only be satisfied if the Red Bean Soup is given to her. We have seen how Big Mom behaves at such occasions and she will go wild on everyone especially Queen and Luffy. One Piece Episode 944 is scheduled to release on 4 October 2020,

Most of us were looking forward to the fight between Queen and Luffy in the latest episode 943 of One Piece but its getting interrupted now. In the earlier tease, we got to know that Big Mom lost her memory when she fell from her ship on the way to Wano Island. She met Chopper and he led her to the place where Luffy is being kept right now. She is hungry so Chopper has promised that she will find Red Bean Soup at this place. However, as we know, Luffy and others already devoured all of the Red Bean Soup. Poor Big Mom, she got another reason to get mad at Luffy now.

Anyhow, Big Mom has made it to the place right when Luffy and Queen were on the verge of fighting all out. Queen started a competition called Sumo Inferno to punish the bad behaving prisoners at this prison which holds thousands of captives of Beast Pirates. Luffy is powerless because of the exploding cuff around his neck which will kill him if he steps out of the ring. Queen doesn’t know that Luffy knows how to disarm this device and go all out on him. He was about to do that but that won’t be necessary anymore. Queen has bigger things to deal with.

On the other side, the Straw Hat crew was successfully able to rescue Otoko when she was about to be killed by Shogun. Yasuie had to die unfortunately but his sacrifice will be crucial for the further plan of the Samurai. Zoro had to face Kyushiro while Sanji engaged X Drake. Kyushiro was able to keep up with Zoro but he bailed when the Oniwabanshu showed up. These groups of the ninja are not that strong but they do cause some problems for the group. Eventually, Sanji knocks the Dinosaur Drake and the crew is mostly out of trouble. Law was cornered by Hawkins because his group is now hostage to Hawkins and this means he will be captured along with his crew as he cannot kill his crew members.


Due to the sacrifice of Yasuie, Kinemon and Inu will be able to recruit Ashura Doji, who is trying to avoid them for a while. We still don’t have all nine revealed in the manga but the main attack will commence after they are all together. Yasuie has let them expand their operation and his new posters have pointed to a new meeting place for the Samurai. On the day they have agreed, a huge force will gather for their last stand against the evil Kaido and Orochi.

One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers: Jack Almost Died

One Piece Chapter 991 is expected to release tomorrow while we bring you the early spoilers for the chapter. This chapter featured two main battlefields in the current conflict between Kaido and Straw Hats. The Tobi Roppo just lost one of their members as X Drake decided to join Straw Hat in his quest to take down Kaido from the throne of the emperor of the Sea.

In that context, the first battle concerns X Drake. Queen found out that X Drake is a traitor in the Beast Pirates crew. We already know that X Drake is undercover active member of Navy despite formely retiring as the Rear Admiral previously. In flashback panels of the latest manga chapter, we know that X Drake knew Coby back in the navy days. This points to the connection of Drake with Monkey D. Garp as well.

Anyhow, Drake got away from Queen at first and managed to take down a number in the process. We know now that Numbers are a group of 10 ancient gaints like Oars serving under Kaido. The three that appeared recently were all drunk and very easy to take down but others could cause problems soon enough. Most of the Straw Hat crew advised against trusting Drake but Luffy was not concerned and he will fight Queen with the rest of them. Queen has got a very peculiar weapon that could cause massive problems. There was no mention of the death predicted in the previous chapter but we will find out soon enough.

The Release Date for One Piece Chapter 991 is 27 September 2020, and the chapter will be available on the Manga Plus platform at 3PM (GMT). The title for for this chapter is “Please Let us Die”.

The title points to the instance when the “Akazaya Samurai” challenge Kaido to let them die and take him down with them. They have had enough of the evil schemes of Kaido that have ruined the Wano Country, striped it from the beloved Shogun Oden and affected most of the people in Wano. They are willing to lay their lives in order to kill Kaido and free the country. As a matter of fact, they are not doing bad.

When these Akazaya attacked Kaido for the first time, Jack came to protect kaido along with many other minions. This is when the minks decided to active Sulong which gave them huge advantage over their opponents. The two mink lords became so powerful that they defeated Jack with relative ease. Both of them together are a force to reckon with, even without the Sulong. Other minks were also impressive and took down many of the minions.

Just as Jack is on the verge of death, Kaido steps up. Minks are pretty much done with their part in this fight as Sulong has a huge toll on their bodies. Kaido attacks with a fire attack from his belly towards the Mink lords and this is when Kinemon gets involved. Being the fire Samurai, he slices through the fire like its nothing. Kaido is left with all nine Akazaya Samurai (Izo took the place of Kanjuro) to face and the battle is just getting intense.

Attack On Titan Season 4: When and What To Expect?

Attack On Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin is a story that started centuries ago. Mankind is near extinction by monstrous humanoid creatures called titans. The fear of titans forced humans to hide behind enormous concentric walls. Titans eat humans, not because of hunger, but out of pleasure. It is said that titans don’t need food to survive and they still eat humans which makes them truly terrifying. To survive humanity began living within defensive barriers, resulting in one hundred years without a single titan encounter. But the long-lasting peace is not for so long colossal titan manages to breach the supposedly impregnable outer wall, reigniting the fight for survival against the man-eating abominations.

In the wake of seeing a terrible individual misfortune on account of the attacking animals, Eren Yeager commits his life to their annihilation by enrolling in the Survey Corps, a first-class military unit that battles the savage humanoids outside the assurance of the dividers. In view of Hajime Isayama’s honor winning manga, Shingeki no Kyojin follows Eren, alongside his embraced sister Mikasa Ackerman and his beloved companion Armin Arlert, as they join the merciless war against the titans and competition to find a method of vanquishing them before the last dividers are penetrated.

Attack On Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin a rating if 8.8 on IMDb and 4.7 on Crunchyroll.

Attack On Titan Season 4 release date

Attack on Titan season 4 will premiere on December 7th on NHK in Japan and “later this year” on Crunchyroll and Funimation. A significant number of us were expecting Attack on Titan season 4 to debut in October, however, on August sixth, the Animate Times eliminated the last season from their Fall Season plan – demonstrating that a mid-2021 debut was presented probably. Yet, it has now been uncovered that the fourth and last period of Attack on Titan will debut on December seventh in Japan and “not long from now” on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The Plot for Attack On Titan Season 4

The last period of AOT focuses on Eren and his re-visitation of the town along with his different titans. In any case, the connivance is generally about Eren with the assistance of Armin Mikasa and Ackerman who will hope to recapture their lost magnificence to spare the essence of humankind.

Season 4 will follow the story in part 91 of the manga arrangement and at the first spotlight on what happened to Eren and his group in the prompt outcome of season 3. This difference in condition has been affirmed in the uncover trailer, which shows a totally new scene that takes after a World War-esc front line.

We likewise observe a few new titans and while we don’t expect these to assume the principle part in season 4, they may for sure impact the last fight with Marley. In spite of the fact that there are likewise thunderings that a fresh out of the plastic new titan capacity will have an enormous influence in season 4.

The Cast of Attack On Titan Season 4

  • Eren Yeager is played by Yuki Kaji.
  • Mikasa Ackerman as Yui Ishikawa.
  • Maria Inoue plays the role of Armin Arlet.
  • Levi is played by Hiroshi Kamiya and so on.

You can watch previous seasons of Attack On Titan on Crunchyroll official website.

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Black Clover Episode 145 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch the Anime Online?

Black Clover anime is the new Big three of the current shonen. The anime is performing really great as an ongoing anime with loads of fans all around the globe. With the recent anime-only arc, the anime is gaining traction from the manga fans too. And why not? Who wouldn’t like watching an arc that is going to be exclusive to anime only?

The anime recently released the fourth episode to this arc, or do we say Episode 144 of Black Clover. As usual, the pace is slow, Asta and co. are looking for Secre aka Nero everywhere. And with the location device detached it became all the harder for them. And, I wouldn’t call it a gut feeling, but it seems the main villain to this arc of Black Clover is somebody else.

The Magic Knights managed to reach the town called Tiulyu in the common realm with the help of the tracking device but since it is off now. Things are getting tough for even the Magic Squad Captains to trace the location of both Nero and Marie. On the other hand, Gauche is getting out of hands, since Marie is in trouble this time.

Black Clover Episode 145 –

What lies beyond this arc is the Spade Kingdom arc and the information on Devil we all are looking forward to. There are high chances of us getting to know about Asta and Yuno’s past. Whatsoever, let us save that for later. For now, let us have a look at the events that will take place in the upcoming episode, i.e, Black Clover episode 145 – here is what we know so far.

The 145th episode of Black Clover anime is titled, “Rescue”. Gauche says, “Execution?! Like hell I’m ever gonna let that happen! I will personally send anyone who scares Marie to hell!”. And as it may seem, Gauche, Asta and others will finally save both Marie and Nero from the so-called Devil Panickers. Here is the preview for the upcoming episode –

The Black Clover anime drops a new episode every Tuesday. You can watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll. We highly condemn the usage of an illegal anime or manga streaming website. Black Clover Episode 145 will be out on Tuesday, 29 September 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. Note that the time is in Japanese standard time. The anime will be made available on online streaming websites roughly an hour later the actual time.

As of now, there isn’t any leak coming out of the upcoming episode. But as usual, at some point, the anime will either have to introduce a new opponent in this arc. If not, there are high chances of the anime being discontinued midway. That sums it up, this is what we have for the upcoming episode for now. Stay tuned to our other posts for more such articles.

Black Clover is an anime adaptation of a popular Japanese manga with the same name, written and illustrated by the popular mangaka, Yuki Tabata. The manga started airing back in February 2015 and has been a part of Weekly Shonen Jump since then. As for the anime, it dropped the first episode in October 2017. Here is the trailer –

Ahiru no Sora Episode 50 Release Date, Updates, Where to Watch?

Ahiru no Sora, the popular Basketball anime is about to reach a milestone of a total of 50 episodes on air. There have been countless issues between the anime and manga of the show, however, the staff did its job very leniently. In order to get the anime on par with the manga. Recently, the anime released its 49th episode. And while nearing its climax, fans are eagerly waiting for the series epitome. So, in this post, we have included all the details you need to know about the upcoming episode, i.e, Ahiru no Sora Episode 50. Please note that this post includes general information like the release date, streaming sources as well as spoilers from the past few episodes. So, if being spoiled is not for you, you may stop reading now.

The episode covers up the intense match between Yokohama leading Fuwa. By the end of the episode, the score difference between the two teams was over 45 points, which is now at this point is impossible to beat. And, guess what Kuzu High finally lost to the other team by the score of 119:74. Both the teams had a great time, and they look forward to having an official match together.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 50 –

Like every other time, the anime dropped a preview for the upcoming episode. And as usual, the preview reveals, the title and the post-match moments of everyone –

What “redemption” really means is not something you do for yourself. It means going to the people who love you, and the people who looked out for you and pay back the debt of gratitude you owe to them. It would be best if you never forgot that. As the school’s officials, we will assign you a new advisor. Your new team is officially recognized as of now. Next time on Ahiru no Sora, “Bridge”.

As per the preview of the upcoming episode, Ahiru no Sora Episode 50 is titled as “Bridge”.

Episode 50 of Ahiru no Sora anime will be released on Wednesday,  30 September 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. The latest episode of this Anime is released every Wednesday. You can watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll or HIDIVE. We highly condemn the usage of an illegal anime streaming website.

Ahiru no Sora anime adaptation is based on a popular Japanese manga with the same name. The series is written and illustrated by Takeshi Hinata. The series is part of Weekly Shonen Jump since December 2003. And as of now, the series has aired a total of 51 volumes. As for the plot it follows, Sora Kurumatani made a guarantee to his mom, “I will dominate my first high school competition”.

Yet, as he joins the basketball club subsequent to entering Kuzuryū High School, he discovers that it’s become a favorite spot for deadbeats. A spot where everything except for basketball is done, however with Sora’s authentic enthusiasm for basketball, things start to mix. Join him on his journey on becoming one of the greatest basketball players in Interhigh and Nationals! Here is the trailer for the anime –