Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3: Release Date, Episode Plot, and Leak

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David Production’s ‘Fire Force’ anime started on 3rd July 2020. The anime is based on a manga series by Atsushi Okubo with the same name. The book has twenty-three tankobon volumes as of May 2020. Season 1 was aired in July 2019 and went on till December of the same year. Season 2 was recently premiered and people have a lot of expectations from the series. Let us have a look at what the anime holds for us in the future.


Firstly, the story is based on a fire disaster that occurred 250 years ago and the world was destroyed by the event. Therefore, the survivors go on to take refugees under Tokyo Empire and they form a special fire brigade called Fire Force. The fire force is formed by combining people of various powers. Now a third-generation kid, Shinra Kusakabe gets the power to ignite his feet and is called ‘Devil’s Footprint’. He goes on to join the special forces and joins Company 8 which deals with investigating other companies for corrupt activities.

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A still from the 2nd season of ‘Fire Force’.

The White Cloaks approach Shinra and Sho (Shinra’s brother) to enact a scheme in order to repeat the Great Disaster. Shinra learns various facts from his brother’s abduction to the fire that killed his mother. It was all because of a doomsday cult behind Infernal attacks. As a result, it is opposed by Company 8 and their allies.

Fire Force Season 2 Trailer:

The second season was announced in December 2019. In May 2020, a teaser was released as the promotional activity of the anime. Later on, in June 2020, an official trailer for season 2 was posted on Funimation’s official YouTube channel. The trailer has already crossed 7000k views. Previous director Yuki Yase was replaced by Tatsuma Minamikawa for direction. The second season will consist of 24 episodes and is streaming on Funimation Now, Aniplus Asia, and will soon premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami from 27th July. On 7th January 2020, a theatre adaption has also been announced running from 31st July 2020 to 2nd August 2020 in Osaka. Running will be done also in Kanagawa from 7th August till 9th August. Hikaru Makishima will be playing the protagonist Shinra Kusakabe. You can watch the trailer for Season 2 below.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date:

Episode 1 and Episode 2 for season 2 were aired on 3rd July and 10th July respectively. The third episode is scheduled to be aired on 17th July 2020 titled ‘A New Flashpoint’. For more such updates, stay tuned.

Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet Release Date, Cast and All You Need to Know

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Koshi Tachibana’s official Twitter account recently announced an anime adaptation called ‘Date A Live Fragment: Date a Bullet’ from Yuichiro Higashide’s spinoff novels. The movie is a combination of comedy, harem, and serious elements and has a huge fanbase. The movie is said to be divided into a two-part thriller. One is on Dead set and the second on Nightmare set. Geek Toys Animation Studios is the producer company. Let us have a look at the pilot and the production news regarding the movie.


The story revolves around a character Hibiki Higoromo who faces amnesia. One day, she wakes up in a neighboring world and meets Tokisaki Kurumi. Kurumi wants to kill the mysterious girl. So, she takes the girl with her to school where a group of girls gathers together. The group identifies themselves as semi-spirits which leads to a battle between Higoromo and Kurumi.

Production and Media:

The movie is adapted from a series of novels with the same name which was published by Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko 18th March 2017. The series has six volumes to date. On 23rd September 2019 the anime adaptation was announced. But, afterward, on 18th May 2020, they said that the series will act as a prequel to the novel.

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A still from the movie ‘Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet’.


Mentioned below is the list of characters and their voice overcasts.

  • Kurumi Tokisaki as Asami Sanada
  • White Queen as Saori Onishi
  • Hibiki Higoromo as Kaede Hondo
  • Tsuan as Mariya Ise
  • Panie Ibusuki as Rina Hidaka
  • Yui Sagakure as Asami Seto
  • Isami Hijikata as Natsumi Fujiwara

Date A Bullet Trailer:

The trailer introduces the characters in their school while they show off their charms and their friendship and the battle between them. After getting a look at the trailer, we can surely say that the show is going to be a thrill for all the fans who have been waiting for the movie eagerly. You can watch the trailer below.

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Date A Bullet Release Date:

As we know, the movie is going to be released into two parts. The first part ‘Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet’ will premiere on 14th August 2020 whereas the second part ‘Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen’ will premiere on 13th November 2020. If there are any changes in the dates, we will update you guys. They already have such a huge and loyal fanbase. Hence, the movie is bound to be really successful. For more such updates, stay tuned.

Sen Cal Kapimi: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

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Sen Cal Kapimi, if you’ve heard the name, you must be a Turkish drama fan. Since the last few years, people have been binging TV series from different genres to different languages. Be it Indian, English, Korean or Turkish. One such show is Sen Cal Kapimi which is one of the best romantic and comic dramas, a creation of the Turkish drama industry. Let us dive further into the article to know more about it and find out its next episode’s release date.


A girl named Eda who wants to pursue her education ahead in Italy. During this she confronts Serken Bolat, a rich and powerful businessman. Serkan cancels Eda’s scholarship for international education and tells her he will grant it back again if she pretends to be his fiancee for two months. Eda initially rejects the offer out of hatred for him but later on accepts it as she really wants that scholarship. When the two-act committed to each other they start developing feelings and caring about each other. This is really a unique story and has already impressed the fans with its pilot episode. Let us see what the creators have for us in the coming episode.

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A still from the Episode 1 of Sen Cal Kapimi.


The cast consists of many famous and talented artists. Earlier also, these stars have given stellar and memorable performances. The cast itself tells us that the show is worth watching. Some of them are:

  • Eda Yildiz (played by Hande Ercel)
  • Serkan Bolat (played by Kerem Bursin)
  • Aydan Bolat (played by Neslihan Yeldan)
  • Selin Atakan (played by Bige Onal)
  • Kaan Karadag (played by Ismail Ege Sasmaz)
  • Engin Sezgin (played by Anil Ilter)
  • Ayfer Yildiz (played by Evrim Dogan)
  • Ceren Basar (played by Melisa Dongle)
  • Ferit Simsek (played by Cagri Citanak)


The trailer for the Episode 2 of Sen Cal Kapimi was dropped 3 days ago on Serba Dizi2’s official YouTube channel. It has already crossed 68k views.. The trailer shows how Serkan’s mom disapproves of Eda when he introduces her as his fiancee. Eda starts developing feelings for Serkan while her friend convinces her that it is wrong. The episode will bring many twists and turns and the will be a thrilling rollercoaster ride for all the fans. You can watch the trailer below.

Sen Cal Kapimi Release Date:

Episode 2 of Sen Cal Kapimi will be released on 15th July 2020 with English subtitles. The audience has highly appreciated the show and it is looked forward to as a Turkish drama that will break many records. Having taken a look at the pilot episode and the cast, undoubtedly, it will be one of the best shows from the Turkish industry. Fans who have been eagerly waiting will be delighted to see what the show brings for them in the future. For more such updates, stay tuned.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Release Date And More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

In this article, let’s take a look at what the constantly changing world that Epic Games has created “Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4” has in store for us with its new season on the horizon. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 was hugely popular with all the players and showed a great spike especially during the lockdown period during the ongoing pandemic. The release of Chapter 2 Season 3 in just a couple of days has players on edge, waiting to dive in and explore the new content. However, with Chapter 2 Season 4, just a few months away from its release, we bring to you in this article, everything you need to know about this next season that seems so exciting that everyone is already anticipating its premiere!

New Weapons

Like any Fortnite season, this is the time when Epic Games tends to go all out and add/ remove weapons into the game. In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, one can expect much the same when the season releases, and perhaps we might also see the return of the beloved Spike Traps!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Theme 

The theme is always an interesting and new change in the game feature, one that I’m sure many look forward to. However, it is virtually impossible to speculate what exactly the theme might be, let us take a look at all the past themes from the previous seasons’.

  • Season 1- Theme- No Theme
  • Season 2 – Theme – Medieval
  • Season 3 – Theme – Space
  • Season 4 – Theme – Super Heroes
  • Season 5 – Theme – Worlds Collide
  • Season 6 – Theme – Halloween
  • Season 7 – Theme – Winter
  • Season 8 – Theme – Pirates
  • Season 9 – Theme – Future
  • Season X – Theme – Time
  • Chapter 2, Season 1 – Theme – Doppelgangers
  • Chapter 2, Season 2 – Theme – The Agency
  • Chapter 2, Season 3 – Theme -?

Another striking feature in the different seasons is the various map changes that accompany it. So it is almost certain that the new season will have some significant map changes, making it only more interesting. One can only be certain of its exact nature after the release of Season 3 as this could determine the future of certain map POIs.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4  Leaks And Rumors And More! 

At this point, there is not yet any information or news regarding Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite, but we are sure to get some clarity in the next few days right after the release of Season 3.

Since the cancellation of the 2020 Fortnite World Cup, we know the entire competitive road map for the rest of the year. Epic Games has outlined the future of competitive events for the next couple of seasons, so let’s take a look at what they are. In Chapter 2, Season 3, one can expect Solo FNCS with Trio Cash Cups and with Chapter 2, Season 4 – Trio FNCS with Solo Cash Cups.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4  Release Date

As soon as Chapter 2 Season 3 releases, keep your eyes peeled as we will be sure to update you with any news. More specifically the clever Fortnite data miners will be certain to find the end date of the current season, as they have done for every season in the past! However, as of right now, there is no information on when Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite will be released. Chapter 2 Season 3 is slated to end on August 27th, 2020, and the release of Chapter 2, Season 4 is presumed to be August 28th, 2020 as reported by HYPEX.

Fortnite Chapter 2

Full Challenges 

It appears Epic is following the same model that they used since the beginning of Chapter 2. Expect the challenges to rotate every week or two and you will always have something to do as the season progresses. Whether or not these challenges will grant you further progression towards your customizable umbrella is unknown as of now.


As always, the rewards are quite an enticing factor to complete the challenges and Epic has made it clear that they are not going to let you complete all of these challenges for nothing. Players will be able to earn around 35,000 XP for completing each challenge as well as other expected awards.

If you want to pick up the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass to unlock all of the additional rewards it provides, you’ll need to spend 950 V-Bucks. If you want to boost your start and get 25 Tiers of the Battle Pass included, you can upgrade and get the Battle Bundle, which costs 2,800 V-Bucks. If you are wondering how to get free Fortnite V-Bucks, you can earn them throughout the current season, so just make sure that you’ve got 950 in the bank by the time the end of Chapter 2 Season 3 rolls around.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 – Release Date, Trailer, and Plot

“The Promised Neverland” written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu aired its first season in 2019 on Noitamina.  In February, the anime was awarded “Best Fantasy” at Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Many other reviewers gave the best reviews to the anime. This meant that the next season was soon to be announced and produced.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Trailer

The Release Date of “The Promised Neverland” is January 2021. You can stream the new season on the Crunchyroll or Funimation when it comes out. The trailer also revealed that the anime was coming out earlier but it was delayed to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Plot

It starts in the year 2045. Emma is living in Grace Field House along with many other orphans. The house is very well maintained and the kids enjoy their lives with great food and all sort of games. Their caretaker “Mama” Isabella loves them all. They have regular exams and studies at the house. Hence, they are not allowed to venture outside the premises of the house anytime. No contact with the outside world. Emma has two best friends, Ray and Norman.

One day, one of the kids is set to be adopted. He is going to leave the house. This gives Emma and Norman the opportunity as they want to return her stuffed toy and ultimately to follow her. Soon afterward, they find out the secret of their orphanage. They are well-fed only to be sacrificed for creatures known as Demons. The kids are butchered and sold as meat. After finding this out, the kids are scared. However, they make plans to get out of this hell before the falling victim.

The Cast

  • Emma by Sumire Morohoshi
  • Norman by Maaya Uchida
  • Ray by Mariya Ise
  • Mom Isabella by Yūko Kaida
  • Sister Krone by Nao Fujita

The Setup for Season 2

Emma is one of the oldest kids in the orphanage at 11. Ray and Norman are also the same age. This means that they are at the greatest risk. The plan these kids made fails as they are unable to escape.

At the end of last season, many kids have escaped the wall that keeps them. Norman was taken before that and his whereabouts are unknown. Isabella had accepted defeat and the kids had seen the sunshine of outside for the first time.

The problems of the kids have not ended with this escape. The world these kids live in is full of such orphan houses that do the business. The great Demons that devour these kids need have great influence. These kids will get chased and taken back to the facility if they don’t stay smart. It will also be difficult for them to live in the wild as they had everything before.

The forces that chase them with show no mercy. There will be consequences for each one of them. They have to hurry. Whatever happens next, is going to be even more thrilling. Be sure to watch it when it comes out. Let me know you thought about this anime in the comments below.

Daredevil Season 4 – Release Date, Production Details, and Cast

Daredevil is one of the hit TV shows backed directly by Marvel Entertainment. It is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring a similar type of production style. The show initially started in 2015 and released three seasons since then. The break happened in 2018 when the fourth season was canceled. This is an update on Daredevil Season 4. According to some speculations, it was filmed in 2019. That meant that it will air sometime in the current year. However, the release has become even less probable because of the ongoing pandemic. If the production is complete, you can expect it in the mid of the year 2021.

Cast and Production Team

The original character “Daredevil” was featured in the comic made by Stan Lee and Bill Everett. The series is created by  Drew Goddard. His notable works are The Martian and World War Z. The series is mainly distributed on Netflix Streaming Service.

The Main Cast of the show is

  • Matt Murdock/ Daredevil by Charlie Cox
  • Karen Page by Deborah Ann Woll
  • Franklin Nelson by Elden Henson
  • James Wesley by Toby Leonard Moore
  • Ben Urich by Vondie Curtis-Hall
  • Leland Owlsley by Bob Gunton
  • Vanessa Marianna-Fisk by Ayelet Zurer


Daredevil is one most well-known superheroes from comics. He may not be an alien-like Superman or as rich as Tony Stark but he has a cool superpower. He is blind since birth but the rest of his senses are elevated to superhuman levels. Daredevil can presume his surroundings by sound, smell, and touch. Along with his martial arts skills and super reflexes, he has a strong sense of Justice. Matt Murdock is a lawyer when he is not a vigilante. Fights crime both inside and outside the court. His powers are attributed to a radioactive substance falling in his eye blinding him.

His crime-fighting puts him against the crime lord, Wilson Fisk also known as KingPin. Wilson wants to spread his business in New York using any means necessary. When Matt makes this difficult, this is when the fights start. Daredevil ends up defeating him multiple times in the process. He remained the main antagonist for most parts of the three seasons.

Along with fisking, he faces many challenges ghat strengthen him over time. He becomes more involved in stopping the crimes that attract enemies. Murdock also crossed paths with the Punisher in the second season. This showed the continuity in the Marvel Seasons and should have been given a green light for Daredevil Season 4.

Daredevil Season 4 Predictions

The Daredevil series had produced a master class in terms of depicting a live-action of one of the most popular comics. It acted as a revival for a wonderful character. After a good amount of screentime, the cast has developed themselves. Daredevil Season 4 should have been a master class.

However, it was delayed. It got canceled due to the deals between streaming sites. Later, there was news of production which are just rumors at this point. The fans are eagerly waiting for a conclusion to this series which could take two more seasons. Do you like Daredevil? Let me know in the comments!

Bendy and the Dark Revival Chapter 1 – Release Date, Plot and Details

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‘Bendy and the Dark Revival’, better known as ‘BatDR’ is the next game from the core series of Bendy franchise. It is under development by Joey Drew Studios Inc. and Kindly Beast in collaboration.


The exact plot has not been revealed yet but it was stated that the game would take place in the same dimension and universe as the previous one. The only thing different would be that it will not be a prequel or a sequel to ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’. It will be a first-person horror game and as stated by the developers it will be scarier than their previous creation, Bendy and the Ink Machine. You can expect huge twists and turns in the plotline and it is promised to be more interesting than the previous one. The lead character of the game will be named as Audrey. It will consist of five different chapters whose names have not been revealed yet.

Bendy and the Dark Revival
Bendy and the Dark Revival Poster.


The game will be available on various console systems like PS4, Xbox One. It will also be available to gamers via PC and smartphones.

Bendy and the Dark Revival Trailer:

The game’s official trailer was released nearly a year ago on 24th June 2019. The trailer was released on the given date as it marked the second anniversary of the Bendy games. You can watch the trailer below.

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Bendy and the Dark Revival Release Date:

The game was set to release in early 2020 but the release was postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Recently, on 1st June 2020, Joey Drew Studios Channel announced on its official Twitter handle that the game will be released with all of its five chapters at once. This added to the sense of thrill and patience of the fans who are eagerly waiting for the game to be released. We will update you as soon as we get any information or details regarding the release. Hence for further updates, stay tuned.

The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne – Release Date and All You Need to Know

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The upcoming documentary or biopic known as Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne will soon be releasing. The fans are pretty excited as they have been waiting for this for a very long time. Let us dive further into the article to learn more about the movie and its release date.


The movie is a documentary/biopic on the life of English singer, songwriter, TV personality and actor Ozzy Osbourne. Even though his real name is John Michael Osbourne, he is better known by his stage name of Ozzy Osbourne. He hit fame in the 1970s as the lead vocalist of a heavy metal band called Black Sabbath. The film will be an 86-minute journey into the life of one of the most famous singers, TV personalities. The movie will be covering the story of his life from the beginning of his childhood to his rising as a star. It also focuses on his solo career as an artist.

The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne
A still of Ozzy Osbourne from the movie ‘The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne’.


The cast consists of various actors, singers, and artists. Some of them are:

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Jack Osbourne
  • Post Malone
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Rob Zombie
  • Rick Rubin
  • Ice-T
  • Marilyn Manson

The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne – Trailer:

The trailer was released by A&E on 17th January 2020 on its official YouTube channel. The trailer has already gathered around 120k views. In the trailer, Ozzy takes a look at some of his old photographs. He laughs and talks about them while he reminisces the old memories. It also has commentary and voiceovers from Jack, Sharon, and Kelly Osbourne talking about him. You can watch the trailer below.

The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne – Release Date:

The movie was originally scheduled to premiere during the South By Southwest Film Festival in March 2020 but the release had to be delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Osbourne Media and Critical Content are the co-producers of the biopic based film. The documentary based biopic was set to be released on A&E after its premiere at SXSW. As of now, no official release date has been announced. But, as soon as we get any details, we will update you. So for further updates, stay tuned.

One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date, Updates and Predictions

One Piece is one of the most popular manga featured in the Weekly Shonen magazine in the current time. The two-decade-long story of young pirates aspiring to become the greatest crew ever is written by Eiichiro Oda. It is the adventure of Straw Hat “Monkey D. Luffy”, whose goal is to become the king of the pirates. The manga will complete its 1000 chapters by the end of this year.

Wano Country Arc

The One Piece story is currently focused on the Wano Country that is the land of Samurai. It is ruled by the Shogun Orochi who is evil and inconsiderate. Orochi is backed by Kaido, one of the four Youko (Emperors of Sea). Kaido runs one of the biggest Pirates Crew, the Beast Pirates. It mainly consists of a fighter who transforms into a strong beast using devil fruit powers. Impressive thing is that the captain Kaido can transform into a huge dragon.

Straw Hat’s Objectives

Luffy met Trafalgar law at Punk Hazard. Both of them allied to take down Kaido. The first step was to stop the supply of Smile to Beast Pirates. They defeated Doflamingo who supplied Smile to Kaido under the alias Joker which was the first step towards the main objective. Luffy met some Samurai during his journey who have gathered a huge army to overthrow the rule of Orochi and Kaido. Luffy’s Objective is to defeat Kaido and free the Wano Country. He and His crew also need the road ponyglyph in the possession of Kaido. This will be the key in their journey for the last island, Raftel.

The Current Situation

The alliance against Kaido has gathered over 6000 fighters. Their objective is to overthrow Orochi. The previous Shogun was Kozuki Oden. The Samurai wants revenge for the brutal murder of Oden at the hands of Kaido and Orochi. They also want to bring Momonosuke (the son of Oden) to the throne. The ultimate goal would be to open the Wano Country to the outside world.

Some of the Minks from Zou are also involved in this raid. Marco and Izo, two commanders of Whitebeard Pirates have also arrived. Before the raid was underway, another new character was introduced. Kaido’s daughter has made contact with Luffy. Her name is Yamato. She explains that when Oden was executed, she was very impressed with his ideology. That is why she has become the Self Proclaimed Kozuki Oden. People call her the “Son of Kaido”.

Significance of Yamato

Yamato knows her father well. She has shown that she can use strong Haki like her father. As she is imitating Oden, she uses some of the Samurai tactics as well. Luffy wants to defeat Kaido to end his plague of the Wano Country. He cannot do this without a new key move. Kaido has the armament Haki that far exceeds Luffy. If Yamato is to help Luffy out, he is talented enough to learn to cope with Kaido. We will see how that fight turns out.

One Piece Chapter 985 is gonna shed further light on Yamato. We will know about her connection with Ace. She mentioned that Luffy reminds her of Ace. If there is a romantic connection between Ace and Yamato, there is a possibility of a Child. That would completely throw everyone off guard. Could it be O-Tama? This possibility can only be confirmed or denied in the next chapter. Stay tuned for further news. Let me know your thoughts about the upcoming chapter!

One Piece Chapter 985 Release Date

The Release Date for One Piece Chapter 985 is July 17, 2020. You can read it on the official source, the VIZ manga release site when it comes out.