Bill Cosby Was Not Granted Early Release, Considered Violent

William Henry Cosby, Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and a convinced sex offender claimed by the public. Cosby began his career as a stand-up comedian and then started landing roles in television shows, which was later followed by his own sitcom The Bill Cosby Show, which ran for two seasons altogether from 1969 to 1971. After that, he worked in several TV shows and movies and earned recognition and popularity over time.

However, Cosby’s reputation was destroyed and tarnished during the mid-2010s when numerous women confronted Cosby and made sexual assault accusations against him, stating that several times he attempted sexual assault, rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, and child sexual abuse to which he denied all of the accusations. Later, Cosby found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. The after events of his life concluded in a way that he was sentenced to three to ten years of jail in September 2018. Bill Cosby is currently incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution – Phoenix in Pennsylvania.

Found guilty in an April 2018 retrial, the officially designated sexual predator is now serving up to 10-year confinement in prison for the rape of Andrea Constand. Up to this date, Cosby tried to play innocent and has taken to portray himself as a de facto political prisoner and the victim of a “set-up” in the public where his unsuccessful subsequent attempts across various jurisdictions were dismissed and ultimately, the judgment reversed. Cosby was found guilty on multiple sex crime charges, accused by several women.

Bill Cosby’s Current Status

Now his lawyers have been trying hard to see him out of prison where around two months ago, they filed another motion to get the man who was once labeled “America’s Dad” out of his misery and prison for the 2004 rape accusation of a Temple University employee. His lawyers are now trying to achieve a motion where they plead to the court about the release of Cosby from the prison and rather place him under house arrest for his arrest’s total duration. The comedian’s longtime publicist and crisis manager, Andrew Wyatt, officially remarked that the lawyers are now focusing on whether states are getting an early release to elderly inmates from prisons due to the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus, which could turn into a valid legal argument for Mr. Cosby.

The latest update of the case is that the designated sex predator will not be granted an early prison release date despite Pennsylvania’s plan to release some convicts to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The Government of Pennsylvania ordered that the inmates’ temporary release were considered non-violent, and those convicts would be eligible for release within the next nine months. He further added that all those who are more prone and are at high risk for coronavirus complications would get a release warrant within 12 months. However, Mr. Cosby is not eligible for an early release since he was assaulted of a violent offense (aggravated indecent assault) and was deemed to serve three to 10 years in prison as his punishment sentence.

Indian Super League 2020-21: Teams and Playoff Details

The wait for the seventh edition of the Indian Super League (ISL) is finally over as it is scheduled to start in less than a month. This time around, the excitement level is much higher due to the long delay and unfaithful events due to COVID-19. The officials have finally announced that the ISL 2020-21 schedule is out for the fans. All the matches will be played across three different stadiums, where proper safety guidelines and measures will be strictly followed. Season 7 of the Football League will run for a time period of four months, which will feature matches of different leagues and playoffs.

ISL seventh edition will run from November 20, 2020, to March 21, 2021. However, the final schedules for ISL 2020-21 league games, semifinals, and finals are not decided yet and will be finalized afterward. All the ISL seventh edition matches will be broadcasted live on Star Sports and Disney+ Hotstar app. The seventh season is claimed to be the biggest edition of the league as a total number of 11 teams will be competing with one another for the title.

Moreover, the matches are scheduled to be held without any spectators, and all the teams will be in a bio-secure bubble due to the risks and uncertainties which are associated with the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the world. The teams that will be playing in the seventh edition of the Indian Super League have already started their pre-session training in these tough circumstances in Goa and are looking forward to getting in shape with whatever time has left for the start of the tournament.

The interesting news is that there will be an exciting change in the game where two Kolkata giants – Mohun Bagan and East Bengal will be joining the tournament, which will ramp up and enlighten the interest and engagement of the game among the audience to a higher level. The new change will also improve the popularity and love for football in the state of West Bengal.

Indian Super League has officially announced that the seventh edition of the 2020-21 games will commence on November 20th, 2020. The fixtures of the competition have not been revealed to the audience yet. It is expected to be released super soon so that the much-awaited audience can enjoy the game without any further delay.

The whole ISL format remains the same, just like the previous times where the top four teams will play the playoffs at the end of the final round-robin stage. A total of 11 teams will be competing with one another, which includes Mumbai City FC, Delhi Dynamos, Bengaluru FC, Northeast United FC, Jamshedpur FC, Kerala Blasters, Chennaiyin FC, FC Goa, East Bengal, and lastly, ATK Mohun Bagan.

The seventh edition of the Indian Super League 2020-21 will feature 90 matches in total in the league stage before commencing the knockout matches where all of the matches are scheduled to start at 7:30 PM IST in three different stadiums, namely, The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, The Tilak Nagar Stadium in Vasco da Gama, and the GMC Athletic Stadium in Bambolin respectively.

The Undoing: Hot New HBO Drama Series To Watch

Phoenix Buchanan is all set to star in the upcoming HBO limited series “The Undoing.” The series is made by the filmmaker Susanne Bier which is based on the novel “You Should have Known” by Jean Hanff Korelitz. Talking about the latest trailer for the moody yet mysterious drama from David E. Kelly’s writing, the show is starring Nicole Kidman in the lead.

According to the press release from HBO, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant play a married couple whose lives are upended in a completely new Big Little Lies style of a drama, which is titled “The Undoing.” It is a brand new series by David E. Kelley, which primarily revolves around the story of a woman who has a successful and high-profile life, which begins to fall apart when her husband suddenly disappeared and leaves a trail of a horrific chain of events in his wake. Among them, the most shocking is the murder of a young mother.

Based on one of Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novels, the series features a star-studded cast, which includes Donald Sutherland, Edgar Ramirez, and Noma Dumezweni. Analyzing and judging the engagement of the trailer released by Sky and HBO, the fans are eagerly waiting for the show, and it can be said about the series that it is going to be a gripping watch for the audience. The initial date was delayed by the global pandemic due to COVID-19. However, the new releasing date for the drama is set to be on 25th October, Sunday, where it will be arriving on HBO and HBO Max(in the US). The series is a six-part limited show which will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV platforms the following day after the releasing day in the US, which is Monday 26th of October.

The protagonist of the show is Nicole Kidman, who plays the character of Grace Fraser is a very successful and renowned therapist and lives in the city of New York with her husband Jonathan, whose character is played by Hugh Grant. The couple also has a young son in the family and have a pretty much perfect and happy life together. Jonathan is an oncologist by profession and is a devoted and loving father to his child where. He fulfilled his son’s demands and wishes and sent him to one of the finest schools in the city. The perfect life of these three characters suddenly come to a halt where Grace’s husband disappears, and people start questioning the true identity of her husband.

One of the releasing platforms, Sky, tells us about the show that after the abysmal events that took place in her life, Grace must get ready to create a new life for her child and for herself as well. The official trailer of the series was released in September 2020, and it pretty much revealed the catalyst for the show, which is a gruesome and frightful murder of the mother of a fourth-grade student. The show will reveal how the couple got connected to the murder and what will be the after events that will turn their lives upside down.

V Wars Season 2 Possible Release Date and Storyline

Ian Somerhalder is all set to come up with the next season of V Wars on the platform Netflix. The show is a 2019 American science fiction-horror television series, which is based on the eponymous anthology series book, which is written by Jonathan Maberry. The protagonist of the show revolves around the story of the physician and scientist Dr. Luther Swan, played by Ian Somerhalder, and his best friend Michael Fayne, played by Adrian Holmes. The doctor and his friend face the evolving crisis of a horrible outbreak of deadly events that feature an opposing war between humans and vampires. Now, the cast and creators of the show are ready to come up with another season for the audience to binge-watch. Let’s get into more details.

There is an official word about the releasing date of Season 2. It was first said that the show is canceled after its first season, but then the main actor Ian Somerhalder said that it is not the end of the series yet. As the first season of the show was premiered on December 5th, 2019, we can expect the new season to drop sometime in the next year if Netflix decides to pick it up again.

V Wars follows the human character of Martin Luther as a deadly disease as it continues to turn several folks around the world into vampires, along with his ally Michael Fayne. Both of these characters become blood-sucking vampires, which eventually escalate a horrifying war between the two. Following the latest news of the next season, Ian Somerhalder told IANS that the whole of V Wars is very excited to come on board with two new Indian characters in the upcoming season of the show where the relationship of a father and a daughter are to be explored in the coming times.

The show will continue the story from where season one left off. Also, it is not confirmed about season 2 whether the makers of the show will follow the second comic overview of V Wars: Heart and Blood, where a restless and uneasy peace which was created between humans and vampires will be shattered, and vampires will once again engulf the world.

The main protagonist of the show, Ian Somerhalder, will return to the blood-sucking world once again as Dr. Luther Swann and his best friend Adrian Holmes as his one and only vampiric best friend, Michael Fayne. The rumors say that Peter Outerbridge, Laura Vandervoort, and Kyle Breitkopf will also return to the show. A few new entries will also be made, as told by Ian Somerhalder to IANS, that two Indian characters will also be introduced in the upcoming season of the show, demonstrating the relationship between a father and a daughter in the show.

It will be interesting to watch in the next season how Dr. will save the society which is already torn apart as the disease ravages and ends the human population, pitting factions of humans and blood-sucking creatures which will fight against each other in a war of supremacy and sustenance.

Will There be Masamune-Kun no Revenge Season 2?

For all the anime fanatics who love to watch romantic anime comedy series, then the Masamune-Kun is just the right series for you. The drama is a Japanese romantic comedy anime television series whose story is based on a manga series of the same name. The series is written by Hazuki Takeoka and further illustrated by Tiv. In 2016, the manga series was adopted as anime when the publisher announced the good news to the audience. The anime series is produced by Silver Link and directed by Mirai Minato. The amazing and brilliant script of the series is written by Michiko Yokote and Kento Shimoyana, whereas the music of the show has been given by Lantis. Season one of the series was released in January 2017 and was a big hit among the fans who love to watch romance on big screens. Ever since the first season came out, fans have been eagerly waiting for the second season, which is expected to release soon.

As the name suggests, the series is a revenge tale with a pinch of humor and romance in it. The first season was released back in 2017, and those people who had already read the manga series are rushed to watch the next season of the comedy anime series. Since the first season came out, the show has received immense popularity and love all over the world, and fans have been desperately seeking news for the second season to come out. Unfortunately, there is no official update or news about the second season of the show. Even though the first season of the show ended with a cliffhanger and there is still a lot of content that can be turned into a TV series, no news or rumors are out yet.

The main crux or plot of the show revolves around a boy whose name is Masamune Makabe. When he was a small child, the boy fell in love with an affluent and beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki. However, Masamune got rejected by the girl in his childhood because he was an average-looking guy who was also nicknamed Masamune “Piggy” due to his chubby visual appeal. Devastated and hurt by the rejection, Masamune worked very hard to improve and enhance his visual appearance and eventually managed to become an attractive and handsome teenager. With his handsome and grasping appearance, he is quite the charmer in his high school, but the events of his life turned upside down when he was transferred to the same high school in which Aki’s studies.

Having joined the same school, Masamune encountered his childhood crush as his new classmate and makes up his mind to take revenge on her by making her fall in love and then breaking her heart into tiny bits. However, the after events were not that easy, and he found out that Aki was not an easy catch. After many complicated events, Masamune succeeds in befriending Aki and starts getting close to her, where he begins to question himself whether the revenge is actually worth it or not.

The bittersweet tale of this love story is very entertaining and engaging to watch, and fans have been waiting desperately to witness the next season soon.

Peaky Blinders Season 6: Your Razor-Sharp Stop for The Gangsters of Birmingham

The end of Peaky Blinders season 5 left much of the world wanting more. After the much-acclaimed season 4 and the Luca Changretta storyline, fans wondered how the show will bring up itself and what was in store for them for season 5. Season 5 continued the upward trend of the show and maintained its quality, more or less, to keep the fans of the show hooked to their screens whenever Thomas Shelby made an appearance. The end of season 5 was no different from season 4, with the fans still wanting more of the Birmingham gang. BBC confirmed that a sixth season would be coming soon. The question is, when? Let us find out.

Michael and Gina in their element at the pub

When Will Peaky Blinders Season 6 Premiere?

In an ideal world, we should have already been immersed in the story of Thomas Shelby and the gang. The world right now, however, is far from ideal. The previous schedule that the showrunners had planned left something out. What was it? The Coronavirus Pandemic! The pandemic has greatly disrupted all and any schedules the show had. The shooting for season six was stopped on the 23rd day of its 78-day schedule.

Fans aren’t the only ones who are disappointed by this delay, though. In an Instagram Q&A, director Anthony Byrne quite plainly stated that he did not know when the show would resume. The director said the shooting would hopefully start by November 2020 or early 2021 and that a 2022 release date would be “achievable.” The director also shared a message from the much-beloved actor Cillian Murphy. “Sending love and fortitude to Peaky fans everywhere. We will be back as soon as we can, I promise, causing chaos and knocking heads as usual,” Murphy said. This message from the actor is sure to keep the fans on the edge of the seat, waiting for the new series.

Series director Anthony Byrne explaining the shot to actor Cillian Murphy

What Should We Expect from Season 6 – Our Thoughts

There is no need to say that season 5 ended, leaving our hearts in our hands. That image of Thomas Shelby pointing a gun at his own head left an aftertaste that was both nervous and exciting. Thomas’s toughest betrayals came to him in season 5 with Michael Gray (Finn Cole), revealing his plans to take over Tommy’s empire. Amidst a flurry of personal and professional relationships being withered down step by step, it would be interesting to see what Tommy does in season 6. The Return of Alfie Solomons, the Jew who has gotten closer to hearts, thickens the plot further.

We believe that Tommy will again try to assassinate Oswald Mosley or face the dire consequences of a failed assassination. Season 5 developed Oswald Mosley as the main antagonist to Thomas Shelby, and we think that season 6 will follow suit with more characters to up the scale. With the Gangster family more divided than ever, will Thomas receive the support from his family that has kept him going? Or will the lack of it drive Thomas Shelby insane? We sure can’t wait to find out.