Andie MacDowell’s Grey Hair: Aging Gracefully At Daughter Margaret Qualley’s Wedding


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Andie MacDowell’s grey hair trend:  looks gorgeous with her natural grey hair on the marriage ceremony day of her youngest kid. The actress, 65, wore her now-signature grey hair to her daughter Margaret Qualley wedding with Jack Antonoff in New Jersey this Saturday evening.

MacDowell, whose family includes daughter Rainey along with son Justin with ex-husband Paul Qualley, donned a green and aqua floral-print maxi dress to the wedding. The actress accessorized her weekend outfit with a floral pendant around the waist.

Andie MacDowell Embraces Gray Hair at Cannes Film Festival 2021

Andie MacDowell’s Complete Look

For the event, the 65-year-old star carried her long, wavy grey hair free about her shoulders along with a beautiful green and blue extended-sleeved printed dress.

She accessorized her exquisite ensemble with a pair of comfortable shoes, opting for little makeup so that her daughter could shine through.

The Groundhog Day star kept her accessories to a minimum, opting for a delicate silver necklace as well as a similarly small silver bracelet on her wrist.

Andie, who was once recognized for her deep brown hair throughout her lengthy Hollywood profession, opted to embrace her currently natural grey hair at the star-studded event.

Andie’s Thought On Her Grey Hair

MacDowell, who has been embracing her greying hair in recent years, spoke with the media about aging in the limelight shortly before the Cannes Film Festival a few months prior this year.

“Men are considered as really gorgeous when they begin getting wrinkles,” MacDowell stated to PEOPLE, noting that women aren’t always as optimistic. “I admire all of those phrases that we employ when referring to older men.

I’d want to stick with those conditions in mind. I aspire to be dashing. So why not? What a lovely phrase.”

“There is this point in the time duration between 40 and 60 that I believe women in the workforce may have difficulty because they are unsure of what to do,” the mother of three continued, pointing out that it’s solely in the last few years that she has felt confident enough to take ownership of what was once seen as a disadvantage to a woman, especially inside Hollywood.

They’ve been viewed in one light, but not as I am today. I was suffering, and I’m a lot happier with where I am today. I enjoy being a woman of my age. It truly appeals to me. And it’s not any less seductive.”

“I don’t have to act as if I’m young any longer since, of course, I’m not,” she continued.”And I simply believe that will assist me, and you should dive into and build your characters to be much more complex in addition.”

You must fight and wrestle with them for the purpose of creating them. You must battle for what you believe in. As an older woman, I battle for what I believe to be true.”

About The Wedding

Margaret’s wedding was a small occasion attended by celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Zoe Kravitz, and Lana Del Rey.

Qualley donned a modest white halter dress as well as complementing white Mary Jane flats to her wedding with singer Antonoff, 39, during the weekend, whereas her newlywed husband chose a traditional black suit with tie.

The couple’s intimate circle of relatives and friends had earlier gathered in New Jersey for a practice dinner last Friday night, prior to the Sanctuary star and “Some Nights” singer’s ceremony the following day.

Margaret was the couple’s 3rd child, born on 23rd Oct 1994, eight years following the couple’s marriage, after her two older siblings, Justin & Rainey Qualley.

Inside the 2021 Netflix movie Maid, Andie played Margaret’s mom onscreen for the very first time. ‘I’ve always wished to be able to work with my mom…And it immediately hit me that [Maid] would provide me with a really wonderful chance,’ the brunette star said to the Washington Post in 2021.

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