Spanish Actor Gabriel Guevara Arrested on Alleged Sexual Assault Charges During Venice Film Festival


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Gabriel Guevara, on the charges of an alleged sexual assault, has an active international warrant out of him.

Popular for the Amazon Prime Spanish teen film franchise Culpa Mia, the Venice Film Fest confirmed that the actor wasn’t arrested for any issue related to the event.

The 22-year-old actor best known for his role in My Fault actor was arrested during the Venice Film Festival.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the charges of an alleged sexual assault in France had led to an active international arrest warrant on him. The court of appeals will carry out a ruling on his case before starting with the proceedings.

When was Gabriel Guevara arrested?

Gabriel Guevara was arrested on September 2. This was a day before he was going to receive the Best Young Actor Award, given by Filming Italy.

After the organization learned about his arrest, they canceled the award, stating it to be a “precautionary measure” until the outcome of the case came out.

His arrest, as per Variety, took place on the Lido, and as per The Post Internazionale, the Venice Police confirmed his arrest.

As per the other reports, he was due to attend the awards ceremony and press conference at the Venice Film Festival. Gabriel Guevara is currently in protective custody as he was picked up by the police at the festival.

What was the Venice Film Festival’s remark on the incident?

The Venice Film Festival also stated the incident, which read,

“Following the news articles which have been emerging on various websites regarding the Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara being arrested in Venice, the Biennale hereby clarifies that his presence in Venice was not linked to any events or productions related to the 80th Venice International Film Festival.”

More details on the arrest of the actor on assault charges are awaited. The Venice court of appeals will have to rule out the young actor’s case before he can be handed over.

The exact charges against Gabriel Guevara are not known.

Who is Gabriel Guevara?

He was born in Madrid and worked as a model while he made his debut in Skam, a Spanish adaptation of a famous Norwegian teen drama. In June, Gabriel Guevara had more than six million followers on Instagram.

He starred opposite Nicole Wallace in My Fault, a romantic drama that is based on a Wattpad trilogy. This book was later published as a trilogy.

In My Fault, Gabriel Guevara played the role of Nick and was seen engaged in a forbidden romance with his step-sister.

His chemistry with Nicole Wallace in the film became the talk of the town ever since the release of the Amazon Prime film.

On the work front, he will be seen in My Fault films, which has increased his fame tremendously. Gabriel Guevara is set to reprise his role for the upcoming sequels of My Fault, which are Your Fault and Our Fault.

The success of My Fault confirmed that the other two parts of this Spanoish film will also be made. In the sequels, Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara will be seen reprising their roles.

The actor’s other projects include How to Screw it All Up, Red Flags, You’re Nothing Special, Dangerous Mom and Charter, and HIT.

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