Steve Harwell, Smash Mouth Frontman, Enters Hospice Care for Liver Failure


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Lead vocalist of “Smash Mouth,” Steve Harwell, allegedly has a few days to live and is currently receiving hospice treatment.

The 56-year-old is in the terminal stages of liver damage and is receiving treatment in a hospital, a representative for Steve’s band informed Entertainment Weekly.

According to TMZ, Harwell, who has battled alcoholism all of his life, is “on his deathbed” and has reached the last phase of liver failure. Up until just recently, the “All-Star” singer was receiving medical care at a hospital.

Fox News Digital received confirmation of the devastating news from a manager for Harwell.

Steve Harwell Early Days

Even though Steve Harwell started playing music in 1990, he had little recognition for it. In 1994, his musical group, Smash Mouth, was established.

The band’s members were guitarist Greg Camp, drummer Kevin Coleman, vocalist Steve Harwell, and bassist Paul De Lisle.

Because of songs like Walkin’ on the Sun from 1997 and All-Star from 1999, they quickly rose to fame. They still get on well, and their most recent CD, Magic, came out in 2012. They have so far put out 7 albums.

Steve Harwell has explored a profession in acting alongside his musical efforts. He participated in the television series The Surreal Life, which ran from 2003 to 2006, and the 2001 movie Rat Race.

Even though he hasn’t received many awards, his songs have helped him gain a global following.

Steve Harwell Music Career

In 1994, Harwell, who had previously been a member of the rap group F.O.S. (Freedom of Speech), founded “Smash Mouth.”

For “All-Star,” “Smash Mouth” received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Song by a Duo or Group. Later, the song developed cult status and was included on the soundtrack for the 2001 animated feature “Shrek.”

“Never do we enter by the front door. To have our music heard, there is always an alleyway, an open window, or some other method, according to Harwell.

The band was most known for their cover songs, but they also produced successful tunes, including “Walkin’ on the Sun,” “All-Star,” “Then The Morning Comes,” and a version of “I’m a Believer” by The Monkees.

In addition to his songwriting, Harwell has appeared on radio and television programs and acted in the 2001 movie Rat Race.

Steve Harwell’s Earlier Health Condition

After a problematic concert at an upstate New York music event when he muddled his words, threatened the crowd, and made obscene gestures to fans, Harwell made the decision to leave his position as lead vocalist.

A person close to the artist claimed that while on stage, he experienced one of his “episodes” connected to his ongoing medical problems.

Harwell has had acute Wernicke encephalopathy and heart failure after receiving a cardiomyopathy diagnosis ten years ago. The latter illness has significantly compromised his speech and memory, as well as his physical abilities.

The Post noted at the time that many of Harwell’s problems were caused by his addictions throughout the years.

Steve Harwell Family

Nobody is aware of Steve Harwell’s relatives. Steve Harwell is a reserved guy who has kept his family’s identity a secret. Only his wife’s family is known to the general world. He’s been wed to Michelle Laroque for a long time.

Additionally, Presley Scott Harwell was his sole kid. In July 2001, Steven Scott Harwell tragically experienced a horrible personal tragedy when his baby son unexpectedly passed away at the age of only six months from acute lymphocytic leukemia.

Because losing a kid is an agonizing and very emotional event, Harwell and his family undoubtedly suffered greatly as a result of this unfortunate tragedy.

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