BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Park Jung Min In Talks To Star In New Zombie Drama


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BLACKPINK is one of South Korea’s most successful as well as influential girl groups, and they are presently on their BORN PINK global tour. Although there is some exciting information for the BLINKS in the midst of the trip.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK will supposedly appear in a forthcoming Zombie K-drama along with Park Jung Min. Yes, you heard that correctly!

On Thursday, YTN revealed that Jisoo would make a K-drama reappearance in an entirely distinct category from the previous one, as well as a co-star in a new series named Influenza with the Bleak Night actor.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Will Star With Park Jung Min 

According to speculations, BLACKPINK’s oldest member would return to the K-drama industry following Snowdrop alongside the Shooting Stars actor. Influenza is a K-drama in which a zombie apocalypse happens before a couple chooses to split up.

The actor will play a soldier who has just broken up with the woman he was dating. It is centered on Han Sang Woon’s book.

This drama’s screenplay was penned by Han Jin Won, well known for the Oscar-winning movie Parasite, and Jin Jo Jin. Yoon Seong Hyun, renowned for his work, such as Time to Hunt, will helm the K-drama.

Given Jisoo’s massive international audience, YG Entertainment has also revealed that she has been handed the part in the drama and is contemplating it. The SEM Company has yet to comment on the reports.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Coming Back To Television After Nearly Two Years

According to sources, Jisoo, a 28-year-old actress as well as singer, is scheduled to make a comeback to the smaller screen after a nearly two-year absence. The eldest person of the female group, Blackpink, was performing on the Born Pink global tour.

The trip concluded on 30th August 2023 at LA’s Dodgers stadium.

Jisoo, on the other hand, made sure that her admirers had something to look forward to till the group’s next global tour. The news that Jisoo will appear in the next K-drama Influenza broke online on 31st August 2023, and those who follow her were overjoyed.

Influenza: Everything We Know About The K-Drama

Jisoo and Park Jung Min of BLACKPINK are being considered this suspenseful drama revolves around a soldier named Jae Yoon (reportedly given to Park Jung Min) who splits up with his lover Young Joo (reportedly made available to Jisoo).

Young Joo is recuperating from heartbreak as well as being fresh to society after being shielded for most of her childhood.

She wants to visit her ex-boyfriend but is interrupted by a zombie, causing her to undergo a significant change as she must survive this circumstance. Meanwhile, Jae Yoon, a 26-year-old male, is looking for work in the defense business.

He clung to his fiancée because he was worried about his future, but he eventually chose to break up with her. Faced with a Zombie horse, Jae Yoon aggressively leads a team to escape the apocalypse regardless of his weakness and insecurity.

Netizens Responded Negatively To Jisoo’s Future Project, Claiming She Is A Bad Actor

Jisoo’s admirers lost their cool as soon as the rumors went viral. However, despite all the well-wishers, some disagreed with the casting revelation of Jisoo inside the K-drama.

Some proceeded to go so far as to criticize the singer’s acting ability and bring up her previous endeavor, Snowdrop.

We’re looking forward to Jisoo’s part in the forthcoming K-drama Influenza. Are you on the exact same page as we are? Please let us know.

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