Britney Spears Hit Herself In The Face As A Video Shows During An Incident

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Whether it is about producing buzzy songs or writing enthralling lyrics, Britney Spears have always managed to turn herself into the limelight.

The known’ Princess of the Pop’ has recently found herself amid controversy again, followed by a rash encounter between her and an NBA player’s security guard.

Per her claim, the 41-year-old pop star had been struck in the face over a tap, which she intended to make on the rookie player Victor Wembanyama‘s shoulder. This indeed did not go well with her as she got hit in the face by one of his security guards, alleged by her.

Britney Spears 'hit herself in face' during incident with Wembanyama  News

The incident has succeeded dining gaining the attention of many Hollywood buzz enjoyers with Spears’s filing of the report.

If you are wondering what has become of the incident, read the article until the end.

What Was The Incident All About?

The incident happened in Las Vegas, at a restaurant near the Casino complex where Spears had the intention of congratulating Wembanyama over his latest accomplishment.

The Rookie Player is all set to make his NBA debut after being picked up as the no.1 in the previous month’s NBA draft.

Spears shared that she had acknowledged Victor some time ago at a different spot. Still, after bumping into him again at the Casino resort, she approached him to congratulate him on his success.

Video shows Britney Spears inadvertently hit herself in the face in  encounter with Victor Wembanyama, video-shows-britney-spears-inadvertently- hit-herself-in-the-face-in-encounter-with-victor-wembanyama

She also said that the player’s guard battered him by almost knocking her to the ground, causing her guards to fall off. She added that he did not even look behind to know who she was before striking her in front of a crowd.

Spears also added that she anticipated an apology from the player’s team or at least the guard responsible for hitting her.

She made it clear that she was still a great fan of Wembanyama and that it was not his fault that the guard assaulted her.

Spears then filed a police complaint for battery, after which an investigation occurred.

The Survellience Video And Aftermath of The Investigation:

After digging deep into the matter, the Las Vegas police clarified that no charges would be filed against the guard or anyone involved.

According to the police, the guard is not in the wrong here, as he did not unlawfully cite any violence against the singer, but she ‘hit herself in the face’ instead.

According to the Las Vegas Police Department, Sparks knocked herself in the face when the guard pushed her hand off the player as she tried to approach her. Thus, no arrests were made.

A surveillance clip has also been circulating that contributed to the police’s decision. The footage shows Spears on her way to tap Victor Wembanyama’s shoulder.

Followed by touching the player, she hits her hand into her face resulting from a push-off by the guard.

A talk with Victor Wembanyama also revealed that he did not know that the person grabbing him at the back was no other than Spears.

He was made aware of her identity a couple of hours later, with someone else telling him about it, as he did not look back even once when the incident occurred.

The investigation and the surveillance clip clarified that the incident was accidental. With this, the quest for the incident shut down, with no arrests or law abided actions by Victor’s security team.

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