BTS’ RM’s Clarification: Addressing the ‘Bad Religion’ Controversy


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The BTS Boy Band is again suffering the dark clouds of backlash and controversies. This time, the center of attention is the 30-year-old BTS leader, RM, aka Kim Namjoon.

Earlier this month, RM posted the lyrics of “Bad Religion” on his Instagram story. This sparked a ton of backlash on social media within a matter of a few hours. Some people are even asking the BTS leader to apologize for his Islamophobic act.

“No such intention, believe my words” says BTS’ RM

The world-renowned BTS leader had to create a clarification video due to the increasing hate and trolls on the platform. He confessed that he respects all religions and the Instagram story was purely unintentional.

He further requested the BTS army to believe his words. RM also made a bold statement that he is not insulting any religion and, therefore, not apologizing for his actions.

He said, “Okay, guys, I know what you are talking about. You just keep telling me that I insulted a religion, but I didn’t. There was no intention or purpose to insult a religion. I respect every belief and every religion that’s all I could say. So please don’t. I know what’s going on on my Instagram; I can see. But I never…there was no such purpose or at least one percent of my heart or intention to insult a religion, okay? Guys (shakes his head), it’s a song, okay? I am not apologizing, I am just saying.”


“I have my own soul. I am 30 years old. I can express my truth. Please, a word is a word; believe my words from me, not just guess, pretend, and assume, okay? I know I can’t, I know my limits; even if I am telling my truth, I know I can’t convince and persuade every person. Maybe some people would think of me like, ‘Oh no, you still lie. You had that intention and purpose to insult’, which I didn’t, I never. Guys, I understand what you are saying, but I just can’t lie to you. I am just being honest.”

The song “Bad Religion” is a bold song released in the year 2012. It depicts unfulfilled love while making an indirect reference to homosexuality.

BTS leader further added,

“I am fine, there are no problems. But I heard that there are some problems and the noise is all around. So I just had to say about that because some people keep chatting with me about that. Yo, okay, just believe me. Yeah, let’s change the topic. I didn’t want to say about this, but some people just made me say about this. I just can’t stand right now. I have been holding my things in my heart for ten years. But now I can’t deal with this. I just have to say. If it’s me, believe my own words…Problems happen, but I am a strong man.” 

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