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Numerous legendary Dragon Isles, playable dragons, rideable dragons, and the highly desired hair hue combinations are all included in World of Warcraft’s ninth update. The game will debut on Nov 28.

This new expansion has been avidly anticipated by players and for a good cause. The Waking Shores, On’ahran Plains, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus are the four new zones that Dragon Isles will have in this edition. Every region will have a distinct motif related to one of the legendary dragons from World of Warcraft.

DRAGONFLIGHT Launch Time and Release Date

World of Warcraft Dragonflight

On Nov 28, 2022, the Dragonflight update will be released. Battle.net will offer it on Mac and Windows; pre-orders are presently open. On Oct 25, 2022, the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion’s Pre Patch Phase 1 was available.

You can try out fresh quality-of-life elements from the Dragonflight update during Pre-Patch Phase 1. On Nov 15, 2022, the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion’s Pre Patch Phase 2 will go live.

During Pre Patch Phase 2, players can access the new race/class Dracthyr Evoker. In addition, the Forbidden Reach, a new beginning area for the Dracthyr Evoker competition, will also be unveiled in this Pre Patch.

DRAGONFLIGHT New Area and Storyline

The Dragon Isles, the home of dragon kind, is the new region included in the Dragonflight update. Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, Azure Span, and the historic Thaldraszus—where the new capital city Valdrakken is located—are the four new zones that make up the area. 

You’ll be flying head-first into all of the old mysteries of the Dragon Isles, which have always been an enigmatic aspect of WoW mythology. Blizzard stated that the Dragon Isles was the center of the dragon realm when the world was young during the reveal broadcast.

However, long ago, when Azaroth was divided into its continents, magic fell into an inactive condition, forcing dragon kind to flee the Isles—no credit for figuring out that dragons’ elemental force won’t remain dormant for very long. 

On the Isles, you’ll encounter several different human species besides dragons. The dragons have long-standing rivalries with the half-giant elemental Djaradin. The walrus-like Tuskarr is also making a comeback. Blizzard also refers to a long-gone Centaur society that existed in the Isles.


World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

You’ll be able to perfect the skill of dragon riding in this update. Four new Drakes can be found as you investigate the Dragon Isles; each is highly customizable, so your steed is unique. The more you discover the Dragon Isles and accomplish their tasks, the more personalization choices for your Drake become available, including options for a snout, horns, tails, armor, and more!

Unlike other soaring animals in the game, you and your Drake will learn new tricks over time. You can develop your dragon-riding abilities by looking for old symbols scattered throughout the island. You can plunge to pick up speed and pull off maneuvers in the air.

New ability system, dragon-riding talent, and challenges in Dragonflight

Additionally, WoW Dragonflight updates the game’s current skill system for every character and adds a brand-new one. According to Blizzard, players can make “meaningful and creative talent choices without compromising their effectiveness,” thanks to the new system.

Additionally, characters can now acquire a new ability to go along with this. As they advance through the update, players can design their own Dragon Isles Drake, which they can use for Dragonflight. 

The update also includes eight (!) new dungeons, four of which are level-up dungeons and four of which require you to reach the game’s new level limit of 70 to complete.

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