Drew Barrymore’s Startling Encounter: Actress Whisked Off Stage as Alleged Stalker Makes a Disturbing Move


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Unexpected incidents frequently steal the show at glamorous Hollywood gatherings, and the speech I gave on Monday night at Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y was no exception.

The 48-year-old talk show host and actress Drew Barrymore was put in a terrifying predicament when a supposed stalker tried to approach her on stage.

Drew Barrymore was seen exiting the stage hastily after the alleged stalker made a disturbing move. This incident took center stage and disturbed Barrymore.

In the world of Hollywood and its gala events, unexpected moments often happen, which sometimes may also steal the spotlight. On Monday in Manhattan at 92nd Street Y, an incident happened, which was no exception.

The talk show host and actress Drew Barrymore was approached by her stalker on stage during the evening event.

The video of this incident was captured by the TikTok account @vidsofceleb. This clip has over 4 million views and has left observers and fans shaken.

What was seen in the TikTok video?

The footage, which has now gone viral, shows Barrymore conversing with Renee Rapp (star of Sex Lives of College Girls). The atmosphere changed when an identified man advanced his steps towards Barrymore.

As per Variety, the name of this man is Chad Michael Busto, and he was heard yelling that he needed to see Drew Barrymore at some point if she was in New York. The stalker claimed that Barrymore knew him.

She, at that time, responded by accepting that she knew him. Side by side, she was also searching the crowd. Renee Rapp and a bodyguard thankfully intervened in the incident.

She was escorted off the stage, and this potential crisis was averted.

The Music and Lyrics star soon returned to the event and was applauded by the audience. They resumed their interview about Snow Angel, her recently released debut album.

As the tension went away, Rapp and Barrymore shared some words, and the latter also joked by comparing the protective gesture shown by Rapp to The Bodyguard, the film.

Barrymore said that she has a new definition of sexiness for Rapp and that she is her Kevin Costner.

History and Identity of the man who is now being called Drew Barrymore’s stalker

Drew Barrymore
Credits: Sportskeeda

The motive and identity of this stalker who attempted to get close to Barrymore still are behind the curtains.

If the reports are to be believed, then the same man had some outstanding warrants and faced charges of restricting officers after he was apprehended in Santa Monica in 2009.

The Post obtained some police reports in which charges such as trespassing, disorderly conduct, and other offenses were also registered against this man. Other charges surrounding this individual are inappropriate behavior and obsession.

Claims also suggest that there is a history of harassment and stalking. In the comments, fans raised concerns about the safety of Barrymore. They also praised the swift response by Rapp.

In Hollywood’s shiny and glamorous world, these incidents remind us of the challenges that celebrities face. The way Barrymore handled the situation with poise and grace shows her resilience.

Observers and fans wait for more details about this incident, but one thing is clear amidst chaos: Barrymore, the 50 First Dates star, will continue to shine.

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