Justin Theroux Kisses Actress Nicole Brydon Bloom at Dinner in N.Y.C.


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Justin Theroux is most widely recognized for his work in films such as Mulholland Drive and The Girl On The Train, as well as his 3-year marriage to Jennifer Aniston, which dissolved in 2018.

They’re still close, calling frequently and sometimes even going out to eat with their buddies on occasion.

“I prefer all of my personal relationships to remain within the four walls of whatever space we’re in,” he informed Esquire in May 2023, adding that they still communicate with each other. “I’m not attempting to be vague, but I communicate to Jen – I don’t talk about Jen.”

Justin Theroux appears to have a new girl in his life!

Early this week, this 52-year-old White House Plumbers star was seen getting up close and personal with actress Nicole Brydon Bloom on a flirtatious night spent in New York City.

About The Night Out

On Monday evening, the 52-year-old actor was photographed hanging out with 29-year-old actress Nicole Brydon Bloom in New York City.

As per an eyewitness, the pair were not hesitant about demonstrating PDA all through the night, culminating with supper at the famous people hot spot Altro Paradiso, during which they also exchanged a kiss.

In terms of dressing style, Theroux took a page from Johnny Cash’s playbook, going for an all-black combination consisting of a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and Chelsea boots.

He complimented his look with a golden watch. Bloom also wore an all-black costume with a romper with low shoes. She added a splash of color with her red pocketbook and glitter with a ring, chain, and earrings.

Following that, Theroux and Bloom, who starred in season 2 of HBO’s The Gilded Age, proceeded to Ray’s Bar, a well-known bar co-owned by Theroux.

According to the eyewitness, they kept rather close through the night’s events, which finished at Theroux’s bachelor apartment.

This PDA-filled date is the first time the Leftovers actor has been photographed getting affectionate with a woman following his divorce from Jennifer Aniston in 2018.

She’s Previously Been Seen With Justin

Though her outing with the renowned actor in August 2023 was plainly romantic in nature, it did not represent the very first time she was observed having conversations with him.

She was photographed talking him up at the Zero Bond in NYC during a Netflix party in Feb 2023.

Nicole Has A Remarkable Television Career

The stunning 29-year-old actress has a flourishing profession of her own. She portrays Caroline Stuyvesant in The Gilded Age’s 2nd season and has previously acted in Showtime’s The Affair and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Her accomplishment ought to arrive as no surprise given that she confessed in a 2020 interview that she had received extensive acting instruction.

About Nicole Brydon Bloom’s Dad

Bloom was just nine years old when her dad, David Bloom, an eminent NBC News correspondent, died unexpectedly in April 2003 while reporting the ongoing war in Iraq.

A clot that began as a deep vein thrombosis traveled from his leg towards his lungs, where it became stuck in an artery, killing him.

Bloom continues to keep her father’s name alive by sharing homage to him on social networking sites on a regular basis.

On the 20th anniversary of her dad’s death, in April 2023, she tweeted an homage to him, reflecting on their time together.

“My father died 20 years ago today whilst reporting the war in Iraq. Eternally proud of him, enamored by his sense of humor, and admiring his brilliant mind and dedication towards the truth,” she captioned the photo.

“We think about you every day, Dad. Thank you for having been such an amazing father as well as a role model. I am extremely thankful for the period of time we had.”

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