Kevin Costner Took His Daughter To Taylor Swift’s Concert At The Eras Tour

Kevin Costner

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Everyone, including celebrities, is seen attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Kevin Costner was recently seen enjoying the Tour with his daughter. The actor even posted on Instagram that he is officially a Swiftie.

Kevin Costner Is 'Officially A Swiftie' After Taking Daughter To Taylor Swift's Eras Tour |

Kevin Costner has been in the news because of his public divorce. Apart from this, the actor’s departure from Yellowstone was also very dramatic. Costner has been in the news but for all the wrong reasons.

His personal and professional life has been the subject of public scrutiny. However, the actor recently decided to spend a day with his 13-year-old daughter. What better place to bond than Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour? From the looks on his Instagram, he has now officially become a fan.

Kevin Costner With His Daughter At The Eras Tour

Kevin Costner spent a great day with Grace Avery, his daughter, at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, enjoying Taylor Swift’s concert. The actor took to Instagram to describe his experience of the show.

He posted some small clips, and in one of them, we can see him singing Swift’s hit track, 22. He was also seen humming I don’t think you should Blame Me for This from the album Reputation (released in 2018).

Costner was seen watching Swift perform her iconic song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” does this mean he found his breakup anthem? Per the video shared by Page Six, the actor was spotted wearing a white shirt while standing next to his daughter. Grace was seen jamming to the track from the hit album “Red.”

Kevin’s outing comes amid his split from Baumgartner. He shared three children with her: Hayes (14 years old), Grace (13 years old), and Cayden (16 years old). Last month, it was seen that a judge ruled out that Costner would have to pay $129 755 per month for child support.

The amount was far lower than Baumgartner had initially requested, i.e., $248,000 monthly. The actor was also ordered to pay $100,000 as costs for forensics and $200,000 as attorney’s fees.

Era’s Tour Becoming The Hang-Out Spot For Celebrities

The roster of celebrities attending Taylor Swift’s concerts is increasing, and Kevin Costner recently became a part of this group. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour started in Arizona on March 17.

The celebrities who attended her Tour include Gigi Hadid, Paula Abdul, Vince Vaughn, Josh Gad, Mark Zuckerberg, Eddie Vedder, Simu Liu, Max Greenfield, Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner, Mindy Kaling, Karlie Kloss, and Julia Roberts, with other names.

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner (soon-to-be ex-wife) submitted their divorce papers together on May 1. This initiated the process of ending their 18-year-long marriage. In the two months following May, trucks were spotted leaving their Santa Barbara estate valued at a whopping $145 million. The couple shared the house.

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