Kim Kardashian’s Role In American Horror Story: Fans Roasted Him For Playing A Creepy Role


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Kim Kardashian is turning towards reality TV for horror drama inside Season 12 of Ryan Murphy’s anthology show American Horror Story.

FX unveiled the official debut date (Sept 20) and posters for the forthcoming series the previous day, 15th Aug, and viewers have been responding to Kardashian’s character, who is featured wearing a platinum blond wig, heavy black lashes, along with red lipstick.

She also has a massive spider pinned to her chest and stomach.

Kim Kardashian turns into creepy blonde in American Horror Story teaser -  Daily Record

Kardashian is set to appear in the upcoming season, titled AHS: Delicate, in addition to Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne.

It is being referred to as a feminist update of Rosemary’s Baby and centered on Danielle Valentine’s thrilling novel Delicate Condition, which implies a woman who starts to believe a sinister figure is willing to go to every extent to end her pregnancy.

Fans’ Reactions To Kim Kardashian’s Appearance In American Horror Story

The teaser presented Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, plus Kim. Fans were startled to see Kim participating, and some fans were disappointed with Kim’s presence on the show and resorted to social media to vent their displeasure.

Many folks enjoyed the eerie imagery or shuddered from the spider. However, not every person was a fan. There were two types of answers.

The first were those who believed Kim was absurd alongside American Horror Story. Kim is a reality television celebrity, model, entrepreneur, human rights activist, and aspiring lawyer.

The announcement received varied reactions, with one user writing, “We didn’t ask for this.” Another user said, “Ugh, I guess I’m dropping this season.” One person added, “Well, this is the demise of ahs.

“Despite her fateful debut on SNL, most people do not consider her an actor. That being said, perhaps the purpose here is to alter views.

Kim takes great pleasure in debunking her critics. In her defense, viewers are occasionally profoundly incorrect about an actor’s ability. Why? They were well-known for something else.

To be clear, not all answers were unfavorable. Many people are looking forward to seeing Kim with Emma Roberts and Cara Delevigne. Fans expressed their amazement in the comments section.

“This is the 2023 plot twist I didn’t see coming!!!” one fan remarked, while another added, “Just when you assume she’s done it all, she’s back for more (clap emoticons).” Kylie Jenner, Kim’s sister, replied to the post using fire emojis.

Even those of us who dislike AHS are intrigued to see how Kim carries it out. We are quite cautious about ruling out any aspect of Kim. She is a determined individual.

Plot Of American Horror Story: Delicate

In classic American Horror Story fashion, the teaser oozes a generally gloomy vibe that prepares viewers for what to expect from the anthology when fresh episodes are revealed.

Season 12 will be based on Danielle Valentine’s novel “Delicate Condition,” and will revolve around an actress called Anna Alcott. Anna tries to have a child in the hopes of filling a void in her prosperous but unfulfilling existence.

Fearing that someone is attempting to hinder her from becoming a mom, the actress undergoes IVF treatment, only to miscarry.

However, things get much more disconcerting for the actress when she begins to suspect that something is still developing inside her, sending her on an uneasy quest for the truth. According to the narrative, she can still “feel the baby shifting inside her, see the toll that it’s taking on her fading body.”

At the same time, Emma Roberts came back to American Horror Story Delicate subsequent to a four-year sabbatical. She has earlier roles in 1984, Coven, Cult, and Freak Show.

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