Nia Long Files For Full Custody of Her & Ime Udoka’s Son Nearly One Year After Cheating Scandal


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Nia Long, Ime Udoka’s ex-wife, has claimed full custody of her kid. She requested the entire custody of her son, who was 11 years old at the time of the request, around a year after the Ime Udoka cheating case went public and came to the surface.

Nia Long, who got engaged to Ime Udoka, called it quits after 12 years.

What occurred, and with whom did Ime Udoka betray Nia Long? People’s brains must be racing after reading the news concerning the Ime Udoka cheating incident.

If so, let’s go further into the facts and provide additional information. Scroll down your screen and look at the next part. Keep going.

The Custody Battle

Nia Long
Credits: Los Angeles Times

Nia Long seeks sole legal and physical custody of Kez, her 11-year-old son, with former fiancé Ime Udoka.

According to court records acquired, Long, 52, filed a request in Los Angeles County Superior Court prior this month for the complete custody of Kez.

In addition, the actress is demanding that Udoka, 46, be granted a “reasonable” visiting schedule in Kez’s “best welfare.”

Long said in her complaint that Udoka, who is presently coaching for the Houston Rockets, “has failed” to give monetary assistance to Kez following their divorce.

Udoka has not officially replied to Long’s allegations or petition for custody. A decision on the request has yet to be issued by a court.

About The Scandal

According to The Root, the pair will divorce in Dec 2022 after 13 years of being together. The breakup occurred after the Boston Celtics revoked Udoka for having a “consensual intimate involvement” with a woman who served for the team.

In April, he was appointed as the new head coach for the Houston Rockets after leaving the Celtics.

Long chastised the Celtics for the manner in which they handled the matter when it made news, accusing the team of failing to safeguard her children.

I believe the most devastating thing regarding all of this was witnessing my son’s reaction when the Boston Celtics organization opted to turn a personal matter public,” she explained. “It was and still is upsetting.”

He still has occasions when things are difficult for him.

If you’re inside the industry of safeguarding women, I’m sad to say that no one from the Celtics organization has even contacted me to check on me or my children. It’s quite disappointing.”

Long’s profession has remained active despite the fact that the entire world is scrutinizing and scrutinizing her personal life.

She was most recently seen in the film Missing and will be seen again in the short series The Best Man: The Final Chapters. She’s additionally at work on a book on “career, motherhood, plus activism, in addition to unheard tales and personal insights.”

Nia Long Hinted At A More Complicated Story Behind The Scenario That Hasn’t Been Revealed

Credits: Black Enterprise

When information surfaced that Ime Udoka was actually involved with a Boston Celtics member of staff, it shook the NBA world. And the situation quickly escalated, causing complications for Nia Long and her kid.

She recently addressed the Boston Celtics’ part in this, pointing them out while also implying that there is much more to the matter that she could perhaps divulge in the future.

I have no idea why the Celtics chose the option of taking my family’s business public. Everything could have been addressed internally. I’m aware of why, but I can’t discuss it. Perhaps one day I will. You know, fear is what drives idiocy, and I’ll leave it at that.

Ime Udoka has been teased and mocked for his involvement in causing the crisis, and he and his family are anticipated to recover from it in the end. The choice about their son is currently in the hands of the legal system.

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