Oppenheimer Star Emily Blunt’s Face Looks Like She Has Got Botox Over Her Face

Emily Blunt

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Oppenheimer star Emily Blunt is recently receiving a lot of backlash as she is accused of getting Botox on her face.

Emily Blunt has amused generations with her iconic roles in movies such as The Young Victoria, Into the Woods, and The Girl on the Train. One of the roles which stands out is that of Miranda Priestly’s senior assistant in the superhit movie The Devil Wears Prada.

Emily Blunt Before and After: From 2004 to 2021 - The Skincare Edit

Twitter is finding it hard to digest the fact that there is a visible difference in the photographs of her recent press tour. 

Fans are speculating that she has recently undergone plastic surgery and has been receiving a ton of criticism ever since.

One fan asked, “Is it just me, or does Emily Blunt’s face look different?” 

Another Twitter user commented, “I’m more concerned with Emily Blunt and the filler she put on her face. It looks like Madonna.”  

“Did Emily Blunt have some sort of surgery?” another Twitter user jumped in. “Her face looks different…”

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Trolling doesn’t stop here. Thousands of comments were being made about the British actress’s spotless skin. Several Twitter accounts accused her of using “too much Botox” and that she had lost her original charm.

One person went on to compare her with the queen of fillers, Madonna, whose face has considerably changed over the years, and she was barely recognizable in recent photographs.

Emily’s slight resemblance to Madonna was a point of fascination for some people.

Emily Blunt has earlier stated how she loves imperfections, and she has never admitted to using injectables to mask her flaws.

“I appreciate that every line on someone’s face bears a story and is the result of experience.” She said in an interview.

 “In Hollywood, people are suffocated by plastic surgery, but striving for an impassive perfection isn’t something I ever found beautiful or have tried to achieve myself.”

She further added, “I believe in taking care of your skin and your general health, but women who spend too much time trying to look perfect lose some of the magic about them.”

Through this remark from 2019, Mary Poppins star hinted at the fact that she has never settled for plastic surgery.

She has recently announced taking a break from acting, which caused dissatisfaction among her fans. 

Emily Blunt’s Red Carpet carpet look was a terrific mix of boldness and chic. While she wore a vintage mint-green Balmain dress for the Paris premiere of Christopher Nolan-directed film Oppenheimer, she was seen in a gorgeous sequined tassel gown at the London premiere.

Even though no one can beat her in fashion, and she looked absolutely stunning on her recent press tour, her noticeable wrinkle-free face was quick to gather attention.

Some people believe that she has undergone rhinoplasty, but the accusations don’t seem credible as there isn’t a slight difference in her nose between old photographs and new photographs.

Emily Blunt is also rumored to have her lips augmented, which is not true, as her lips appear to be the same in her old and new pictures.

Though Blunt has never addressed the rumors, a plastic surgeon from Miami, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, believes that she has a little work done on her lip, chin, and cheek. Her chin looks prominent nowadays, and her lips are fuller.

No matter how Twitter reacts to her new look, her face looks sharp, and her facial features are a lot more defined. The Devil Wears Prada actress is slaying her new look unbothered by the Twitter audience.

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