Paul Feig Pays Tribute To His Friend Laura Ann Who Has Been Killed For Displaying A Pride Flag At Her Shop


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Paul Feig, a known Filmmaker, requests that intolerance to end for the LGBTQ+ community after Laura Ann Carleton (also known as Lauri), his wonderful friend, was shot and killed outside Cedar Glenn, California, her clothes shop for the mere act of displaying a rainbow Pride flag.

Paul Feig, the Hollywood director, is devastated after his friend Lauri was killed following an argument over the Pride flag she displayed outside her shop. The Bridesmaid filmmaker requested the LGBTQ+ intolerance to end after his friend was killed on Friday in Cedar Glenn, California.

Ghostbusters director Paul Feig reveals California store owner gunned down  for hanging LGBT Pride flag in store was his friend | Daily Mail Online

The 66-year-old Laura Ann Carleton was found dead at her Mag Pi clothing shop with a bullet wound. The police were called afterward to the reports of a shooting.

As per San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the suspect made various downgrade remarks about the rainbow flag that was outside the store before shooting Laura Ann Carleton.

The identity of this 27-year-old male is unknown, and he fled the scene armed with a shotgun. As per the authorities, later, the suspect was fatally shot in a confrontation with the officers.

The Tribute Post for Lauri Carlton

As a tribute to Feig (who also made Freaks and Geeks), the post by the Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ+ community read that their friend Lauri Carlton was murdered in Lake Arrowhead in her store by a 27-year-old man who didn’t like the fact that she hung a large pride flag outside her shop.

When he ripped the flag down, Lauri confronted him, and in response, he shot and killed her.

The tribute post continued and said that the man was devastated for Bort (Lauri’s husband), and her family, and they urged that this intolerance has to come to an end. People using hateful words against the LGBTQ+ community need to realize that these words matter and that they can motivate violence against innocent people.

Also, people should keep moving forward with love and tolerance. The post also urged not to let Lauri’s death go in vain.

Various Actors on Lauri Carlton’s Death

Jill Kargman, actress and author, said that she was enraged and furious about the incident. She called this event a senseless murder and wrote that the hatred and the guns are a tragedy of our times.

Timothy Omundson (actor) also wrote that the hatred and violence shown towards the act of support and love for the marginalized community was horrific. He added that every shop in Arrowhead Village should hoist the pride flag to honor the death of Lauri Carlton.

Lauri didn’t identify herself as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, but she advocated for and helped everyone in the community. LGBTQ group Lale Arrowhead paid tribute to her via their Instagram page.

Laura Ann Carlton’s friend Feig paid tribute to his wonderful friend by posting a picture of them while relaxing by a lake and drinking wine. Bridget Everett (comedian and Somebody Somewhere star) also paid tribute to Carlton.

As per the Mag Pi website, Ms. Carlton was married to her husband for 28 years and was the mother to nine children.

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