‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Alum Stephanie Hollman Alleges Stars Were ‘Starved’ & ‘Overserved’ While Filming


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Bethenny Frankel, in the last month, was seen going rogue after attempting to take on the reality TV entertainment industry. Frankel demanded equal residual benefits and equal pay. The alum of Real Housewives of New York also accused the networks of exploiting the stars of reality TV.

Several other present and past Bravolebrities have also expressed their opinion on the same matter. Frankel conducted an interview with disgraced Rachel Leviss, the Vanderpump Rules star who also alleged mistreatment after not being reimbursed for the backlash faced after her affair with Tom Sandoval and the time spent in a mental health facility.

Bethenny Frenkel’s stories have been backed by the likes of Stephanie Hollman, who has come out in her support. Hollman was seen in the Real Housewives of Dallas, and she said that the cast was served alcohol on empty stomachs to keep the drama rolling.

Stephanie Hollman’s allegation of “over-served” alcohol

Stephanie Hollman, on her podcast, Weekly Dose of BS, told the audience that she disposed of the alcohol so that she wasn’t “sh*t-faced and starving” during the filming of the reality show. She would dump the alcohol by spitting the shots, and Hollman also revealed that she would order white wine so that it could be watered down without getting noticed.

Hollman also revealed that in the boat trip shown in Season 3, the cast was not fed until midnight, 1 A.M. Stephanie Hollman revealed that there was a lot of alcohol and that the cast was being overserved on an empty stomach. This was done to escalate the drama between the ladies.

Stephanie told her in the podcast that to this date, she only remembers the bits and pieces, but if she has to speak generally, then she doesn’t remember anything.

She also said, “I would rather drink poop than be sh*t-faced and starving on TV.” Stephanie Hollman was seen maintaining decorum in the show, which can now be explained by her limited and careful intake of alcohol at the time of filming.

Stephanie Hollman and the Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie Hollman

Hollman is 43 years old, and she was seen in the show for five seasons before it got canceled in 2021. The show was axed in 2021 after a messy fifth season. A spokesperson stated to Variety, “There are currently no plans to bring The Real Housewives of Dallas back next year, and beyond that, nothing official has been decided.”

The fifth season of the Real Housewives of Dallas starred Dr. Tiffany Moon along with D’Andra Simmons, Kary Brittingham, Hollman, and Brandi Redmond.

Cary Deuber, a former cast member of the show, said, “’With the cast, there was no balancing force that held the group together. These types of shows need to have people who stick by one another. Being true to your friends & yourself is vital for an ensemble cast. If you can’t do that, the ship will sink.” This might be another reason why the show got axed after running five seasons successfully.

Redmond and Hollman were the only cast members from the original season, which was released in 2016. The show also starred LeeAnn Locken, Tiffany Hendra, and Deuber. The first Asian American housewife to join this franchise was Moon, and she faced hurdles after Redmond made a racist video.

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