‘The Bachelorette’ Finale: Who Won Charity Lawson’s Final Rose?


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Charity Lawson kicked off her adventure as The Bachelorette on 26th June, a trip that has been filled with ups and downs!

Throughout the season, Charity has sought love among the 25 guys competing as segments of the season 20 cast.

We’ve seen Charity manage the uncertain road that goes along with being the series’ star as she’s grown to know the guys and dwindled down the pitch on a gradual basis over the season.

Charity Lawson’s quest to find love on The Bachelorette is now officially coming to an end after a whirlwind season packed with hectic time shifts, a record-breaking kiss, a fashionable villain, a stunning farewell, a surprising hello, and an unexpected “Men Tell All” special.

What happened on The Bachelorette Season 20 finale?

Do you want to know if Charity got married to Aaron Bryant, Dotun Olubeko, or Joey Graziadei?

And, if so, is Charity still with her fiancé? Do you want to hear how the “After The Final Rose” special went? And how accurate were Reality Steve’s climax predictions? For answers to all these questions, just dive right through!

Who Is The Bachelorette Season 20’s Winner? Did Charity Lawson say YES to Joey or Dotun?

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Joey and Dotun came across and fell for Charity’s dad, David, mom Vickie, and sister, Mia. The openings went well, but Charity’s family was siding with Team Joey, leaving Charity more unsure than ever.

Charity, who was torn between her feelings for both men, implored her family for guidance, but her mother insisted that the decision was hers.

After two emotional final dates, both men spoke with the legendary Neil Lane, and Charity went to a beautiful proposal location in the hopes of breaking someone’s heart and becoming engaged.

When it arrived close to the wire, Charity said her final goodbyes to Joey, who consoled her and assured her that he would always love her.

Charity sobbed uncontrollably when Joey drove away, distraught. Dotun, on the other hand, was all grins when she arrived.

“The kid on my immigration card wouldn’t have imagined where I am today,” Dotun said, overwhelmed by Charity’s compassion and devotion to him.

Dotun plunged into a genuinely lovely proposal that transported Charity down the memories after the two exchanged a hug and took some deep breaths.

She gave a moving speech about her feelings for him, he proposed, and she answered yes! So yes! Charity ended The Bachelorette being engaged to Dotun.

They did, after all, get their fairytale.

Brief summary of The Bachelorette Final Rose Ceremony: Farewell Aaron, Again!

The finale picks up precisely where we finished off, with Aaron and Charity conversing on a Fijian beach.

He’s hoping Charity would accept him back. She isn’t ready to offer any commitments, but she does invite him to remain in Fiji for dinner and further conversation.

Aaron joins Charity in her hotel room later that night.

Their chat just adds to Charity’s confusion, as she claims she came into the week certain about Joey and Dotun but is now doubting everything because she plainly still has emotions for Aaron.

She sends him to his own place for the night to digest her emotions.

There is one last rose ceremony prior to the proposals. None of the guys are aware that Charity had previously sent Xavier home, as well as Dotun and Joey are unaware that Aaron has returned to the fray.

However, it is mainly for naught because Charity does not hand Aaron a rose. But wait a minute! It makes for entertaining television.

Aaron isn’t delighted to be leaving so soon, but he appears to appreciate her candor.

Charity, to her point, claims that there just wasn’t a sufficient amount of time for her and Aaron to build the relationship she’s been fortunate to form with Joey and Dotun…which is understandable.

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