The Idol Finally Pokes Fun At Kanye West For Following Hitler

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It might be a nightmare for Kanye West to wake up with his support for Hitler being shown in such a popular series. In the final episode of The Idol, there is a scene in which the singer’s support for this monarch has been used as a pun. Who would like that? I’m sure Kanye West might be furious.

The final episode titled “Jocelyn Forever” was disappointing in many ways, but the best thing must be the comment passed upon the singer. During a conversation, his name, along with his support, was mentioned.

The Idol' finale takes jab at Kanye West's praise of Adolf Hitler

While Finkelstein and Chaim (Joss’s manager) were talking in the middle of the seductive performances given by Tedros’s pals, they discussed Jocelyn’s mental health issues.

Joss was seen thrusting one of Tedros’s pals while performing her new song. Andrew, after seeing this, questions whether she is sane or not.

To this, Chaim replies that she had her fair share of problems. Andrew responded by quoting Kanye West, that he, too, was filling his stadiums until one day, he decided to show support to Adolf Hitler.

The Idol was initially supposed to be a six-episode series; however, after Amy Seimetz left control of the series, Sam Levinson cut it short to just five episodes.

Looking at its reviews and plot, it should not have been made in the first place. Initial episodes promise to show you many things, and they fail miserably. God knows what they had in mind while deciding the finale episode.

Returning to Kanye West, his infatuation with Hitler started during his College Dropout era. The man is a native of Chigaco, and his obsession with this ruthless monarch dates back to when his debut album was launched.

Two unmanned sources even came forward and confirmed that the West took inspiration from Hitler’s methodology of mass control.

This information is a well-kept secret in the singer’s inner circle. One individual also said that the moves he has been making regarding his career bring clarity to the inspiration he took.

An ex-employee sued Kanye West multiple times the last November over his appreciation for Hitler and Nazis in numerous business meetings. The 46-year-old Yeezy founder settled the issue and denied the claims made by him.

Later, it came to light that the dinger wanted to name his 2018 album Hitler. Call it a supernatural force, but somehow he changed his mind. He also commented that “slavery was a choice.”

The Idol came to an end, but it didn’t leave in peace. After throwing shade at Kanye West’s opinion, many articles are circulating now. This controversial series from HBO has compared Jocelyn and Kanye West. During the Sunday finale of the show, many of us noted the same.

Despite backlash from fans and critics, The Weeknd continued to defend and support his show. He said in an interview with Variety that this reaction was expected.

He said they played with genres and did exactly what they wanted. In defense of the fans, I must say that this show was a complete disaster.

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