Threads, Meta’s Launches New App: A Potential Competitor to Twitter

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Meta’s newly launched thread has made a lot of fuss since its release, and here’s all about it:

If you are a social media enthusiast, then Zuckerberg’s recently launched app ‘threads’ must have caught your eye. This public conversation app has lately been the talk of the town since its launch and is produced by Meta. It is aimed at giving tough competition to its ultimate rival: Twitter.

Aspirations have been set high for this new text-based conversation platform, with Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg hoping for about one billion+ signed-up users by the end of this year.

But what impact has this application made so far? What are the statistics of people signing up for it? Is it a significant threat to Twitter? Stay hooked until the end because we have covered everything for you.

Meta looks to target Twitter with a rival app called Threads - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Meta’s Newly Launched App: Threads

Threads is the latest conversation app that allows chit-chatting quickly and concisely. Ensured to be private and secure, Meta’s threads have recently made their way to the market from July 6th, 2023.

Having a character limit of 500, it is a medium for viewers to exchange thoughts, opinions, and news effortlessly yet effectively. Allowing sharing of photos and clicks is emerging as Twitter’s very own alternative for its users.

Eventually, Instagrammers have come across threads as the Instagram team created them, and thus, they are being promoted heavily on the platform.

It allows linking with a user’s Instagram account to make connecting with Instagram followers even more conventional.

How Many Users Have Signed In?

Since its launch, Meta’s Threads has made a unique approach to the market.

The application has been launched in over 100 countries, with Ten million users worldwide signing in only in seven hours, as per Zuckerberg—many users and trying their hands on the app, contributing to its success.

Sharing great enthusiasm and zeal over the application’s initial success, Zuckerberg posted on his Threads account: “Glad you’re all here on day one. Let’s build something great together!” gathering about 200 thousand followers in return.

Competing With Twitter:

Since its release, Meta CEO Zuckerberg and his team involved in creating the platform have been gravely enthusiastic about the app’s success. They have held their stakes high, as indicated by the first-ever post made by Zuckerberg.

He expressed his desire for Threads to be a vast platform of a billion users. He stated that even though even will take time, they are looking forward to making it a public conversation app on a large scale, an opportunity that Twitter had but instead missed.

The arrival of threads also invoked Zuckerberg to make his comeback tweet after decades of inactivity. His great tweet was posted as a resembling Spiderman meme, signifying the similarity between Twitter and Threads.

The tweet instantly became famous, with 16 million views and 138 thousand likes.

Here is where you can see the Tweet:

Will Threads Succeed In Overtaking Twitter?

Undoubtedly, Twitter has survived in frequent intense competitions and still held its head high. It has a well-flourished community base of about 250 million users fond of its interface. So, it is taken over in popularity, and usability would not be an easy deal.

Threads must form a loyal customer base with its extensive features and user-friendly tendency. Moreover, it has an advantage over Twitter by having close connections to Instagram, which has over 2 billion users.

By directly logging in through one’s Instagram account, threads users can access all of its data. Instagram’s immense popularity can help Threads gain its desired success.

But still, keeping in mind all factors, efforts need to be put in by Threads if it ever wants to surpass Twitter.


Instagram’s popularity is a significant head start for Threads’ aim to surpass Twitter. It has been a success so far, with countless users signing up for it every hour.

Owing to the similarities between Threads and Twitter, their rivalry is assumed to be long-lasting. But whether this alternative is, a threat to its OG will remain constant unless we see the future user statistics and feedback of Threads.

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