Babylon 5 Animated Movie Cast Released By Warner Bros?


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Warner Bros. has disclosed fresh details about the approaching Babylon 5 animated film, as assured by Babylon 5 founder J. Michael Straczynski a week ago.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the most recent Babylon 5 animated film is named Babylon 5: The Road Home, which picks up where its predecessor television series left off. Straczynski will function as an executive producer and penned Babylon 5: The Road Home.

The animated feature is directed by Matt Peters (Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons). Rick Morales is the venture’s supervising producer, while Sam Register is also an executive producer.

Babylon 5 Animated Movie: Cast

Babylon 5: The Road Home animated movie to bring back live-action cast-  Cinema express

Several members of the initial Babylon 5 cast have returned to provide their voices to Babylon 5: The Road Home. Bruce Boxleitner portrays John Sheridan, Peter Jurasik portrays Londo Mollari, and Claudia Christian portrays Susan Ivanova. Bill Mumy portrays Lennier, Tracy Scoggins portrays Elizabeth Lochley, and Patricia Tallman describes Lyta Alexander.

Some original Babylon 5 cast actors have died since the show’s final episode was broadcast in 1998, but their roles will reside in the next film.

Anthony Hansen as Michael Garibaldi (in place of Jerry Doyle), Andrew Morgado as G’Kar (in place of Andreas Katsulas), Samurai Jack’s Phil LaMarr as Dr. Stephen Franklin (in place of Richard Biggs), and Rebecca Riedy as Delenn (in place of Mira Furlan) will also appear in the movie.

Piotr Michael will portray John Sheridan’s unnamed son, David, while Mara Junot will play a reporter alongside a computer voice.

Babylon 5 Animated Movie: Expected Release Date

The anticipated release date of Babylon 5: The Road Home has yet to be announced by Warner Bros. Animation. They are nevertheless aiming for a summer debut.

BABYLON 5 ANIMATED MOVIE is coming from Warner Bros. Studio & WB Home Entertainment!” Straczynski posted last week, accompanied by a snapshot of the screenplay. “Classic B5: raucous, deeply felt, never-ending fun through the dimensions of space and time, as well as a love letter to the fans.”

The movie’s title, release date, and additional details will be revealed one week from now. To be clear, this fresh new original animated film is already done and in production. So it’s entirely accurate, occurring, and emerging very soon.”

Babylon 5 Animated Movie: Expected Plot

Babylon 5

The first image portrays the aptly named space station, Babylon 5, in its animated splendor. The station was destroyed in the final episode of the series “Sleeping in Light,” however, because the attack occurred after a twenty-year time leap, the film will most likely be carried out before the collapse or in another world entirely.

The film’s logline reveals the narrative, which invites viewers to “travel across the galaxy with John Sheridan as he unintentionally finds himself propelled through multiple timelines and alternate realities within a quest to find his path back home.”

Along the journey, he re-encounters some known faces while learning cosmic new truths about the Universe’s history, significance, and meaning.”


Babylon 5 originated as a film that debuted on television in 1993, as the ratings seemed high enough that Warner Bros. authorized a five-season, 110-episode show.

Straczynski has continued to develop the plot of Babylon 5, a 5-mile-long space station viewed as a neutral location for diverse alien races to communicate against the backdrop of war danger. It inspired several feature-length TV programs, comic books, as well as novels, as well as the offshoot series Crusade.

Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment will release the upcoming animated picture this summer. Prepare yourselves, Babylon 5 enthusiasts. Your ship is going to arrive!

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