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Hunter Moore net worth

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Here is everything about Hunter Moore’s net worth. Hunter Moore is a very famous American entrepreneur and Internet personality. He is considered the most hated man on the internet because he has created a website, “Is Anyone Up.” This website posts explicit videos and images of people without their consent. There is a Netflix documentary in the process about him and his life. Rolling Stone Magazine has given him the title “The Most Hated Man On The Internet.” An FBI investigation was filed against him, and his whole website was destroyed. This article will reveal Hunter Moore’s net worth and more. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Life of Hunter Moore

At a young age, Hunter was considered an “angry kid.” He was also a high school dropout. As soon as he turned eighteen, he entered the world of the pornography industry. He became a hairstylist to make his connections in the industry. He won a six-figure lawsuit, and through that money, he traveled to Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Hunter considers himself fortunate that the “Is Anyone Up” website happened to him. He saw a girl and wanted to share her pornographic images with his friends. This encouraged his friends to do the same by connecting the victim’s social media account. When he created this website, thousands of visitors shared the victim’s images without their consent. His website soon became a “revenge porn” website.

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Hunter Moore’s Website

Hunter started his website to review clubs and other venues. He created this website after working in many companies and living in another country. After this, his friend encouraged him to post the pornographic picture of his girlfriend on the website. However, people started getting attracted to his website. In a single month, his website generated 5 million viewers and earned an income of $30,000. In 2012, his website shut down after an FBI Investigation was filed against him. After this, Hunter sold his website’s domain.


Net Worth of Hunter Moore

Now we have enough information about Hunter Moore’s early life and his website. It is time to know about Hunter Moore’s Net worth. He has a net worth of $1 million. He had a website business for 16 months. Also, he spent two years of his life in prison. He also self-publish his book in the year 2018 named “Is Anyone Up.” From his book, he earned a reasonable amount of money.

In 2012, he sold his company to James McGibney for $12000. James McGibney is a supporter of anti-bullying.

This was all about Hunter Moore’s net worth. Netflix will make an original documentary on his life and his website.

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