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No Way Up is an upcoming action-thriller movie that the audience is excited about. Their wait is almost over, and the fans will be getting answers about the film’s official release date, which has been shot in and around London. No Way Up is directed by Claudio Fah, who is known in the action world.

The series’ producers are Molly Conners, Annalise Davis, Mayson, Will Clarke, and Runagall. The movie’s screenplay is written by Andy Mayson, who specializes in writing disaster stories.

Release Date of No Way Up

No Way Up" Release Date Status: Who Is Starring In It?

The release date of No Way Up is hard to predict currently. According to the Instagram posts of Altitude Film Sales’, the production started in the spring of 2022 on the island of Malta, and the filming was wrapped in May 2022, as per the reports from Deadline.

Assuming the weather in this area, we can say that the movie will take place in summer or spring. It would be safe to think that No Way Up will be coming in the summer of 2023, giving the film an ideal time to become a blockbuster. The fans will have to wait until the official release date gets announced.

Trailer of No Way Up

There has been no official trailer yet, but some teasers have been released to keep up the fans’ enthusiasm. Till the trailer comes, they can enjoy the teasers.

The Cast of No Way Up

As per the reports from Hollywood Reporter, Phyllis Logan (who was also seen in Downton Abbey) and Kelsey Grammar (seen in Frasier) will be playing the lead roles in the series. But Kelsey Grammar left the show because of scheduling issues, so Colm Meaney took over her part. The movie will bring together people from different backgrounds under the banner of No Way Up. Right now, we don’t know much about their roles.

Meaney is known for the various Star Trek projects like Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation. He was also seen in Get Him to Greek and Law & Order TV show. Logan, on the other hand, is seen in various comedies and dramas. The actress is known for playing Lady Jane Felsham in Lovejoy and Mrs. Hughes in Downton Abbey. Different casts of No Way Up include Sophie McIntosh, Will Attenborough, James Carroll Jordan, Jeremias Amoore, and Manuel Pacific.

Expected Plot of No Way Up

No Way Up" Release Date Status: Who Is Starring In It?

An unlikely alliance is seen being formed between Phyllis Logan and Colm Meaney’s character after their plane unexpectedly crashes into the Pacific Ocean. They have to get into survival mode and do everything to sustain their lives. With a limited air supply and the aircraft on the verge of sinking, the chances of survival are next to zero.

This is a high-concept disaster movie in which characters from different parts of the world come together after facing a crisis in the Pacific Ocean; the film depicts the nightmare they must endure. Danger surrounds them from all sides, and struggle is their only hope.

No Way Up’s release date has yet to be announced, and fans can stay up to date with its developments by following the official social media pages of the people behind it. As we get more information, the same will be posted.

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