Seth MacFarlane Net Worth And Earnings

Seth Macfarlane net worth

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Seth MacFarlane is a famous American writer, producer, singer, voice actor, and comedian. He is the reason why we can watch the top shows such as “Family Guy”, “The Cleveland Show”, “American Dad”, and “The Orville”. Apart from this, he has directed, produced, and written some iconic movies as well such as Ted, Ted 2, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. All of these movies grossed more than 1 billion altogether. In this article, we will reveal Seth MacFarlane’s net worth. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

The Early Life of Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane was born in Kent, Connecticut on October 26, 1973. He has had a passion for making illustrations from a very young age. He used to make cartoons of Woody Woodpecker and Fred Flinstone. When he was five years old, Seth decided to have a career in animation. We can conclude that Seth was not a normal child through that information. Most kids who are five years old don’t even know how to speak, and here, Seth has decided on his full career.

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When Seth was nine years old, he published his debut comic, “Walter Crouton.” This comic book was used to publish weekly in Kent Good Times Dispatch. Seth earned money for the first time when he was nine years old. $5 per week through his comic. It was a very proud moment.

Seth Macfarlane net worth

The Career of Seth MacFarlane

When Seth was in high school, he used to make short films with the help of his parent’s camera. After completing his high school studies, he went to study film, animation, and video at (RISD) is Rhode Island School of Design. In RISD, Seth met Patrick Henry, the brother of Mike Henry. Both Mike and Seth collaborated on many projects. “The Cleveland Show” was possible because of Mike and Seth’s meeting.

After that, Seth pitched the idea of Family Guy to Larry and Steve. He spent almost six months creating the pitch for Family Guy. He was offered $50,000 to prepare that. At just the age of 24, Seth created Family Guy and became the youngest executive producer ever. In the year 1999, Family Guy was released. It started gaining good reviews. But, it got canceled in the year 2002. It is one of the most beloved animated series of all time.

Net Worth of Seth MacFarlane

Now that we have enough information about Seth’s early life and career, it is time to reveal Seth MacFarlane net worth. Seth MacFarlane has a whopping net worth of $300 million. Most of his earnings came from his hit shows. Family Guy aired more than 14 seasons and 300 episodes. It is dubbed in various languages. It generated $1 billion between the years 2005 and the year 2008. Apart from this, his other shows were a huge success too.
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